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Cadre 8 Training, October 9, 2012 DIETS & Drivers.

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1 Cadre 8 Training, October 9, 2012 DIETS & Drivers

2 503.431.4005

3 All over the road! Weve inspected the whole vehicle: – RTI Essential elements – Core – Change But not HOW to maintain your car and keep it running smoothly for years… Where Weve Been

4 For too long we have focused on the what and not paid enough attention to the how of implementation Rob Horner

5 Good Intentions Actual Supports Years 1-3 Outcomes Every Teacher TrainedFewer than 50% of the teachers received some training Fewer than 10% of the schools used the CSR as intended Every Teacher Continually Supported Fewer than 25% of those teachers received support Vast majority of students did not benefit Aladjem & Borman, 2006; Vernez, Karam, Mariano, & DeMartini, 2006 Longitudinal Studies of a Variety of Comprehensive School Reforms Failure to Improve

6 Implementation Gone Wrong Insert video of the robbery

7 Integrated & Compensatory The How of Implementation: Drivers © Fixsen & Blase, 2007 Staff Competence Organization Supports Leadership Coaching Training Selection Performance Assessment (Fidelity) Systems Intervention Facilitative Administration Decision Support Data System Student Benefit Technical Adaptive

8 DIET-DB District Implementation Evaluation Tool– District Based (DIET-DB) District Implementation Evaluation Tool– District Based (DIET-DB) Indicator to Monitor Progress and guide planning Completed by district TEAM with guidance from OrRTI Coach 2X/year

9 DIET-DB: Selection

10 DIET-DB: Training

11 OUTCOMES (% of Participants who Demonstrate Knowledge, Demonstrate new Skills in a Training Setting, and Use new Skills in the Classroom) TRAINING COMPONENTS Knowledge Skill Demonstration Use in the Classroom Theory and Discussion 10% 5% 0% + Demonstration in Training 30%20% 0% + Practice & Feedback in training 60% 5% + Coaching in Classroom 95% Joyce and Showers, 2002 DIET-DB: Coaching


13 DIET-DB: Performance Assessments DIET-DB DIET-SB Elementary Schools Coaching Feedback Document Elementary Schools Coaching Feedback Document Elementary EBIS Team Planning Survey Fidelity and Walk Through Tools

14 DIET-DB: Performance Assessments

15 Decision Support Data System


17 Facilitative Administration Provide staff with support PEP – PIP Eliminate barriers Ensure fidelity

18 Facilitative Administration

19 DIET-DB: Systems Intervention Engage and grow champions Celebrate Success Access external support

20 DIET-DB: Systems Intervention

21 DIET-SB Measure the degree to which ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of RTI are being implemented fully at each elementary school

22 DIET-SB 1.Leadership 2.Teaming 3.Research-Based Core (Tier 1) 4.Research-Based Interventions (Tier 2 & 3) 5.Screening 6.Progress Monitoring 7.Professional Development 8.(Coaching*)

23 End of DIET

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