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Diet by Design Eat Smart. Live Better. Successful Weight Loss Diet by Design weight loss program is.... Easy to Follow Based on Sound Nutrition Produces.

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1 Diet by Design Eat Smart. Live Better

2 Successful Weight Loss Diet by Design weight loss program is.... Easy to Follow Based on Sound Nutrition Produces Successful Results You can become the Slimmer, Healthier Person you want to be!

3 Diet by Design Weight Loss Program is much more than just a diet Diet by Design Weight Loss Program is the last weight loss program you will ever need! Diet by Design offers you a total weight loss program and the knowledge to help you keep weight off for the rest of your life! You'll... Lose Pounds! Lose Inches! Lose Excess Body Fat! and keep it off!

4 When visiting Diet by Design you will receive A Personalized Diet by Design Weight Loss Program Step-by-Step Dieting Guides Customized Diet by Design Gourmet Cuisine along with Delivery Weekly weigh-ins Special One-on-One Counseling Reviews of Daily food lists Body Measurements (every week) Body Composition Analysis (every week) A monthly supply of our special Herbal Fiber and all the support, motivation and education needed to help you lose pounds, inches and body fat!

5 Your Program also includes Behavior Management Program You'll learn about: Nutrition - Making wise food selections Behavior Modification - Learning good habits to change your life Self Direction - Starting to trust your judgment Stress Management - Using Relaxation/ Visualization techniques Sensible Exercise - Activity tips for good health All the information you need to keep that Slim figure for the rest of your life!

6 Blood Sugar Levels are important By following Diet by Designs well balanced diet, your blood sugar level remains more stable, within a certain well defined range, so your body can Burn More Fat for increased energy. With your blood sugar level stabilized you also should not experience the traditional hunger and irritability associated with dieting. As a Result You'll maximize your weight loss and improve your health!

7 Diet by Designs Special Herbal Fiber Many clients feel this is the secret to their weight loss success! This Special Herbal Fiber: Helps make losing weight easier Helps curb hunger by helping stabilize blood sugar level. Has the ingredients which help metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates most effectively. Provide needed energy during your diet Improves hormonal functions

8 By following our Diet by Design Weight Loss Program... You will Lose Weight You will Eat Healthy You will Have Energy You will Feel Terrific

9 You will lose pounds, shed inches and drop sizes! A woman, on the average, can lose approximately 6 pounds in two weeks and approximately 14-17 pounds in just six weeks with the Diet by Design weight loss program. All dieters lose, on the average, 1 inch per Pound! And you can lose this weight naturally with no hunger!

10 Lose excess weight from body fat, while protecting lean muscle tissue! At Diet by Design a Body Composition Analysis will be performed to help prove you're losing fat and keeping lean muscle tissue. This is a more accurate measurement of healthy weight. This will augment your customized Diet Menu also. Reaching a Healthy Weight and Reducing Fat becomes Easier because we'll consistently adjust your program according to your documented progress. Diet by Design recommends an average body fat range of 17-24 percent for women up to the age of 30, and 20-27 percent for women over the age of 30.

11 Diet by Design Weight Loss Program is Proven Effective and Healthy By following the program, most dieters lower their: Cholesterol Triglycerides Blood Pressure

12 Lets take a look at our Diet by Design Weight Loss Program With this program you can lose weight In Style, through the use of our proprietary Computer Software! Our software will develop a personalized program just for you using a perfect combination of calories, personal food preferences, activity levels and more to help you achieve maximum weight loss! Diet by Design provides you with: Personalized Calorie Level Special Meal Plan and Meals Delivery Wholesome and Nutritious Food Behavioral Guidance Exercise Tips This program helps you with proper food selection and portion control...Teaches you healthy eating habits to last a lifetime! Eat healthy, Lose Weight & Keep It Off!

13 Phase out Pounds, Inches and Body Fat! Diet by Design Four Phase Weight Loss Plan 1. Conditioning Transition from your previous eating patterns and gives you a jump start on your weight loss. 2.Reducing Continue losing pounds, inches and excess fat until you reach your goal weight. 3.Stabilization Gradual introduction of a greater variety and quantity of foods and careful monitoring of your weight. 4.Maintenance Continued support and guidance to ensure lost weight stays off.

14 Conditioning Phase Core Wellness Diet Center's fast start Shape Up Fast Plan. This 4 week intensive plan utilizes Shape Up Fast menu from our Diet by Design packed with all the essential nutrients but very low fat content and helps take control of your previous eating habits, so you can begin to notice immediate weight loss. The Conditioning phase will provide the essential nutrients your body needs for healthy weight loss!

15 Reducing Phase During the Reducing Phase... Your Diet by Design personalized diet, focuses on a more flexible meal plan based on our Diet by Design Eat It All, Lose It All meals which: Reduces Pounds Reduces Inches Reduces Excess Body Fat This plan will be based, in part, from your Body Composition Analysis results and your specific lifestyle. We'll develop your personalized program using a perfect combination of calories, personal food preferences, activity levels and more!

16 Also During The Reducing Phase Your One-on-One Counselor provides positive reinforcement and guidance. You will continue taking Diet by Designs special Diet Supplement to help metabolize carbohydrates, proteins and fats, while gaining needed energy during your diet! You also will utilize Diet by Designs Customized Meal Plans based on Eat It All, Lose It All menu s reduced calorie diet. Together, these factors are combined to create the most Unique Diet available to you today!

17 Stabilization Phase It is the beginning of real permanent weight control. It will last for two, 3-week periods and includes: Gradual introduction of a greater variety and quantity of foods from our Diet by Designs Healthy For Life menu Continued counseling sessions to reinforce permanent changes in eating habits, exercise and lifestyle All the while closely monitoring your new weight!

18 Maintenance Phase This ensures that your Lost Weight, Stays Lost with: Regularly scheduled visits with your counselor Continued good nutritional eating habits aided with our Healthy for Life menu Increased food choices Monthly Body Composition Analysis (BCA) to monitor your success and keep you on track for healthy eating

19 Success is Made Even Easier Diet by Design has an array of Meals ranging from Continental, Chinese, Italian, Arabic and Pakistani cuisines with Special Doorstep Delivery to make staying on your program Easier Than Ever! All meals are portion controlled and taste great!

20 Nutrition Consultation An initial nutrition consultation with one of our dietitians is required to ensure that the meals we provide you with are individualized based on your needs and requirements. After your initial consultation, you will receive your first meal package within 48 hours. Regular follow-up sessions will be scheduled with your dietitian to monitor your progress, make the necessary changes and address any issues or concerns you may have.

21 We Deliver to your Doorstep All our food packages are delivered to you in refrigerated vans, in insulated boxes to ensure that your food maintains its quality through the day. Our hot entrées can be heated for one to two minutes in a microwave or transferred to a regular dish and warmed in an oven to a desired temperature. Our salads and desserts can be kept chilled.

22 Our Meal Packages Diet by Design offers a range of culinary delights to suit not only your nutritional needs and taste buds, but your lifestyle as well. Full Day Package breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack & dinner AM Package breakfast, morning snack & lunch PM Package lunch, afternoon snack & dinner Executive Lunch Package lunch main entrée & afternoon snack Corporate Packages are also available.

23 Diet by Design Diet by Design menus offer you a variety of choices for breakfast, lunch, Dinner and snacks. All our meals are prepared fresh daily using natural ingredients and are low in fat, salt, sugar and calories. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, maintain a healthy diet or eat healthy, Diet by Design will cater to all your needs. We offer different meal packages to suit your needs and lifestyle.

24 Who Can Join Us? Anyone! Whether you're looking to lose weight increase your energy levels improve your cholesterol control your blood sugar improve your blood pressure enjoy great tasting healthy meals Diet by Design caters to just about everyone, and children too!

25 Diet by Design Offers corporate packages Whilst at work, feel the need to have healthy meals for you and your colleagues, contact us and we can arrange the rest. At Diet by Design we are continuously working on new dishes to provide you with a variety of healthy, tasty gourmet meals.

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