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Whole family nutrition, heart health & meal planning: focus on differing needs and limited budget Ruth Charles Consultant Paediatric Dietitian Ballinderry.

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1 Whole family nutrition, heart health & meal planning: focus on differing needs and limited budget Ruth Charles Consultant Paediatric Dietitian Ballinderry Clinic, St. Francis Hospital, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

2 Life ages and stages Ruth Charles MINDI

3 StageKey drivers for nutritionNutrition related issuesKey nutrients Infant 0-12 months Growth: linear and weight gain Bone Health Blood Health Anaemia Food refusal Calories Iron Calcium Vitamin D Fibre Toddler 1-4 Family Diet Independence Physical activity Food refusal Dental health Child 5-13 Linear Growth Peers Sport & hobbies Overweight & obesityCalorie quality Teen 14-18 Growth spurt Puberty Menstruation Bone Health Fad diets Imbalance Drugs and alcohol Role models +/- Calorie quality Iron Calcium and Vitamin D Adult 18-51 Weight:height Waist circumference Pregnancy & lactation Physical activity Overweight Metabolic Syndrome Irritable bowel syndrome Cancer Stroke Coronary Heart Disease Calorie quality Folic acid Calcium and Vitamin D Over 51Muscle mass declines BMR drops Anorexia Physical activity Osteoporosis Fractures Calorie quality Calcium and Vitamin D Ruth Charles MINDI

4 Nutrient requirements Ireland Infants Ruth Charles MINDI NEW RECOMMENDATION Vitamin D 3 supplement: Children 0-1 year: 5µg/200 i.u.

5 Nutrient requirements Ireland Ruth Charles MINDI







12 Food refusal Common Learned behaviour thats repeated if the desired result is obtained Keep trying! 10-15 new food exposures required before acceptance Do you eat the food? Be a good role model. Eating at the same time. Eating new foods together. Sitting together at the table. Ruth Charles MINDI

13 Iron deficiency Anaemia Adults: Red meat 2-3 times a week Infants & children: Include red meat in the weaning diet from 6 months onwards Avoid giving tea Avoid too much formula/milk (>6oomls reduces appetite for other food) Follow on infant formulae

14 Bone health: Calcium (Phosphorus) Dairy: 3-5 servings per day for children. 5 servings a day for teenagers. Pregnant/breastfeeding women 3 servings. Serving= glass of milk (1/3 pint or 189 ml), 1 pot of yogurt or a matchbox-sized (1oz) piece of cheese. There is relatively no difference in the calcium content between full fat, low-fat and skimmed milk. Ruth Charles MINDI

15 Bone health Vitamin D Active form cholecalciferol D 3 needed. Non Food sources: 5–30 minutes of sun exposure between 10 AM and 3 PM at least twice a week to the face, arms, legs, or back Dietary sources: Most margarines Some fortified brands of soya milks, yogurts and desserts – check the label A few fortified breakfast cereals – check the label Dried skimmed milk Fortified yoghurts Eggs Oily fish: mackerel, herring, tuna, salmon Ruth Charles MINDI

16 Dental Health Ruth Charles MINDI

17 The facts Report of the National Taskforce on Obesity 2005 : 1 in 5 children were overweight Growing Up in Ireland - Overweight and Obesity Among 9-Year-OldsGrowing Up in Ireland - Overweight and Obesity Among 9-Year-Olds 2011 370,000 Irish Children are Obese. GirlsBoys Overweight ObeseOverweightObese 11.6% 13% 10.5%9.2% 1 in 4 nine year olds are overweight/obese. This number increases by 10,000 annually. The World Health Organization (WHO 1998) report shows that the prevalence of both adult and childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions worldwide.

18 Ruth Charles MINDI The changing shape of Irish children

19 What is the Metabolic syndrome? Ruth Charles MINDI Your body becomes resistant to its own Insulin Your own Insulin becomes ineffective

20 Waist circumference >37M, >32F Ruth Charles MINDI

21 Mixing a high with a low GI food reduces the overall GI Ruth Charles MINDI Low glycaemic indexHigh glycaemic index

22 Heart Health Ruth Charles MINDI

23 Heart Health Ruth Charles MINDI Risk factors Male Family History Smoker Stress Blood pressure LDL cholesterol Weight Cardiovascular fitness

24 Making sense of cholesterol and triglycerides Ruth Charles MINDI

25 What are omega fats? Cannot be made by the body Must be eaten: omega 3 & 6 Reduced risk of coronary heart disease: Reduce the stickiness of blood Thin the blood Protect blood vessel walls Reduce Triglycerides Reduce Inflammation Maintain healthy bone joints Ruth Charles MINDI


27 How healthy is your bowel? What colour is normal? Ruth Charles MINDI Whats normal ?

28 Foods for gut and bowel health Ruth Charles MINDI

29 Are you getting enough to drink? Water Milk Pure Juice Diluted squash (Alcohol) (Tea/Coffee) (Fizzy drinks) Ruth Charles MINDI

30 Where are we getting our calories from? Ruth Charles MINDI

31 Calorie quality: carbohydrate Ruth Charles MINDI

32 Calorie quality: Fat Saturated Polyunsaturated/ Monounsaturated Oily fish 2-3 times per week. Ruth Charles MINDI

33 Calorie quality: alcohol Low risk weekly guidelines for adults are: up to 14 standard drinks (980 kcals)in a week for women, and up to 21 standard drinks (1470kcals) in a week for men. 1SD=70calories Ruth Charles MINDI


35 At least one hour of moderate intensity every day Ruth Charles MINDI

36 Common recurring themesA role in More wholemeal, wholegrain, oatsBowel health, Cholesterol reduction Satisfying hunger, Low glycaemic index More seasonal multicoloured fruit and vegetables.Natural antioxidants: cancer and heart health Soluble fibre for bowel health, Water soluble vitamins, Low glycaemic index Value for money More fish especially oily sourcesOmega fats for heart health Choose lean red meat cutsHaem iron for blood health More pulses, nuts, seedsFibre for bowel health, Good source of protein and minerals, Low glycaemic index More fresh home cooked food Basic cooking skills Weight management, Low fat cooking methods, Reduced salt Life skills, Value for money More waterHydration, Dental health, Satisfying hunger Dairy is goodBone health, Low glycaemic index, Dental health. Good source of protein. Value for money. Physical activityAgility, co-ordination, mood, heart health, weight management Ruth Charles MINDI

37 Common recurring themesA role in Less top shelf food pyramid 1-2 per week Improved: Weight management, Heart Health & Dental health Cost of living Less processed food, ready meals, takeaways.Reducing salt intake, Improved Weight management & Heart Health Cost of living Less added sugar, less added saltDental health, glycaemic index,Blood pressure Alcohol in moderationImproved Weight management & Heart Health & general health Cost of living Learn to read food labelsMaking better food choices Ruth Charles MINDI


39 Free resources _booklet_final.pdf _booklet_final.pdf Ruth Charles MINDI

40 Thank you

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