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Nutrition Information Literacy

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1 Nutrition Information Literacy
BMS 105 Nutrition Information Literacy

2 Nutrition Subject Guide:
(listed under Biomedical Sciences) Your Description Goes Here

3 Links to fad diet websites:
Comprehensive overviews of many fad diets! Your Description Goes Here

4 Diet Overviews/plans:
Use the explanation of the diet to determine some keywords in addition to the diet’s name. Finding information by just searching a diet’s name will be limiting. Example: The Atkins Diet’s main approach is low carbohydrate intake. When searching for articles, you can try “Atkins Diet,” but if you don’t see many results, try “low carbohydrate diet.”

5 CINAHL database: Example: “28 Day Detox Diet” is a raw vegan diet
raw vegan diet + detox = 20

6 PubMed:

7 In PubMed,if you find an article that fits what you’re looking for, note the “related citations” off to the right:

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