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Kingsmead Project Pigeon Kingsfield Lofts Science.

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1 Kingsmead Project Pigeon Kingsfield Lofts Science

2 Balanced Diet What is a Balanced Diet? What makes up a Balanced Diet? Why is it important to have a Balanced Diet?

3 Feed the Birds !!!!!!! Feeding the Birds is one of the most important aspects of racing pigeons? All living things need to eat to get energy for movement and for their body to function correctly. There is not only energy in food! There are many things in the food we eat and also what animals eat that allow the bodies to perform different functions. On the next page are all of the food groups and pictures of how they help us in everyday life See if you can match up the pictures to the food group

4 Protein Carbohydrate Fat Fibre Vitamin & Minerals

5 Protein Carbohydrate Fat Protein is used by the body to repair and build tissue in the body that has been damaged. After any exercise muscle tissue is damaged and this is how all animals build up stronger muscle as the protein in the diet allows new stronger muscle tissue to replace old damaged tissue. Carbohydrate is used by the body as an immediate energy source. If it is not used within a few hours it is turned into fat. Carbohydrates are important as they are burned by the body to allow the body to function. This can be in many ways such as energy to supply the digestive system to digest food or energy supplied to the muscles to race 100 miles in a pigeon race. Remember - Your body needs energy to perform all of its functions! Fat is energy that has not been used by the body during exercise or normal everyday body functions. The body can convert Carbohydrates that have not been used into fat to be stored at and used at a later date. Also the body can take in fat from the food you eat and this can also be stored energy just like a battery.

6 Vitamin & Minerals Fibre Fibre is used by the body to help with the digestion of food. All food types need to pass through the digestive system to be used by the body. Fibre helps the digestive system work by helping the different food groups get into the red and white blood cells in the blood stream where they can be transported all around the body to be used where needed. Vitamins and Minerals do different things to keep your body healthy and there is no one food that contains all of them! It is important that you have a good mixture of both vitamins and minerals as they are a major part of any Balanced Diet.

7 Now its your turn! Below is a pie chart with the correct amount of nutrients each animal needs to stay healthy

8 Your job is to come up with a balanced diet not only for you but also for the pigeons at Kingsmead You must create a balanced diet for both using the information you have gathered so far. On the next Page there are the different food groups to that we have already talked about. Some of the foods are for Humans and some are for Pigeons!!! GOOD LUCK V Human Meal Must have precisely 350g of food! PIGEON Meal Must have precisely 100g of food!

9 Protein Carbohydrate Fat Fibre Milk BreadRice Pasta Chocolate Fried Food All-Bran Apple Cabbage Maple Pea Sunflower Seeds Split Pea Meat & Poultry Nuts Cheese Yellow Maize Barley Safflower Seed Vegetable Oil or Seed Oil Wheat Broccoli Carrot

10 What did you come up with? Ok now you must feedback to the class about what you have produced for both the PIGEONS & HUMANS and why it is a balanced diet ! Use the chart to Peer asses each other to see if other groups have got the right balance

11 HUMANS – 350g Protein = 59.5g Fat = 52.5g Carbohydrate = 217g Fibre = 17.5g Salt = 3.5 Answers Pigeons – 100 g Protein = 17g Fat = 15g Carbohydrate = 62g Fibre = 5g Salt = 1g

12 Conclusion What is a Balanced Diet? What makes up a Balanced Diet? Why is it important to have a Balanced Diet?

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