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Sponsored by: THE SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS Dr. Stacey Nottingham.

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1 Sponsored by: THE SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS Dr. Stacey Nottingham

2 DOES THE WORLD REALLY NEED ANOTHER DIET? Eat Pasta. Dont eat pasta. Eat high fat. Eat low fat. Diets dont work. This diet works. For every claim, a counterclaim comes back….

3 WHAT DO ALL THE DIET PLANS HAVE IN COMMON????? Eat Right 4 Your Type: Peter DAdamo, ND The Fat Flush Plan: Ann Louise-Gittleman Suzanne Somers Somersize: Suzanne Somers Body for Life: Bill Phillips The South Beach Diet: Arthur Agatson, MD The Carbohydrate Addicts Life Span Program: Rachael Heller, PhD and Richard Heller, PhD Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution: Robert Atkins, MD Sugar Busters! : H. Leighton Steward Eat More, Weigh Less: Dean Ornish, MD Opti-Fast (liquid diet) Fit For Life: Harvey and Marilyn Diamond

4 WHAT DO ALL THE DIET PLANS HAVE IN COMMON????? The Grapefruit Diet The Cabbage Soup Diet Mayo Clinic Diet Scarsdale Diet Diet Center Nutri System The Zone : Barry Sears, PhD Mediterranean Diet OTC supplements and Diet Aids Acupuncture (in the ear) Read -- Hundreds of BOOKS and Attended - Seminars and Lectures HCG Injections and Homeopathic Drops



7 Weight Loss is a Marathon not a Sprint Rare is the habitual overeater who goes on a diet, loses 20 or 50 pounds, and coasts slimly through the rest of their days.

8 Weight Loss is Hard, but not Impossible.

9 Secret of successful weight loss is learning, and understanding: THE SCIENCE OF WEIGHT LOSS


11 THE SCIENCE OF A NATURALLY THIN PERSON: It is about BIOLOGY: 1.It is about your bodys ability to BURN FAT, Becoming a Metabolic Fat Burning Machine. 2.It is about your BRAIN. 3.It is about Balancing the fat producing hormone Cortisol.


13 Energy Our bodies are: energy machines never resting Metabolically active 24 hours a day - Breathing - Heart Beating

14 We need a source of fuel for this metabolic activity, and our bodies source of fuel is SUGAR Everyone knows about the sugars that come from candies, cookies, and cake.

15 The Hidden C Carbohydrates Carbohydrates work like sugar in the body. When you eat a carbohydrate: Bread Rice Pasta Potatoes Do not Drink juice, No smoothies, Must CHEW !!!! Every meal does not need to be a 7 layer Dip !!!! Your body converts it to sugar. ITS SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!

16 Now, here is where we take CONTROL Remember, we are metabolically active 24 hours a day. If we have little to no sugar in the blood, do you think the body is going to sayStop being metabolically active!?...NO!!! The body will find another source of fuel for its energy – FAT. T=ADIPOSE TISSUE.

17 CarbsSugarPancreas gets notified Insulin is released Use for energy Store it Fat = Triglyceride Adipose Tissue Muscle/Liver

18 White Kidney Bean Dose: 500mg (1-2) with meals Carb Blocker White Kidney Bean Extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) The bean extract attains its effect by blocking the alpha-amylase starch-digesting enzymes in the intestine. In order to validate this theory, a study was done where 27 obese adults took either a placebo or the Phaseolus vulgaris extract known to neutralize the amylase enzyme. After eight weeks, those taking the white bean extract lost 3.8 pounds in weight, and 1.5 inches of abdominal fat. Altern Med Rev. 2004 Mar;9(1):63-9. Yao Xue Xue Bao. 2007 Dec;42(12):1282-7.

19 Green Tea – (epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG) Fucoodia – 3 a day An open-label trial demonstrated that after three months, green tea extract decreased body weight by 4.6 percent and waist circumference by 4.48 percent. Chantre et al 2002 Combats Insulin Resistance!

20 CarbsSugarPancreas gets notified Insulin is released Use for energy Store it Fat = Triglyceride Adipose Tissue Muscle/Liver

21 As stated in a 7-Keto ® DHEA study : (Lardy H, et al. 1998), Hepatic mitochondrial sn-glycerol 3- phosphate dehydrogenase…function(s) to bypass electron transport from mitochondrial NADH to ubiquinone. The result is a decreased efficiency of the uncoupling phosphorylation to the oxidations of the carboxylic acid cycle, and decreased efficiency of the uncoupling phosphorylation to the oxidations of the carboxylic acid cycle, and decreased efficiency of food utilization for growth, fat synthesis or work output. 7-Keto ® DHEA increases the expression of hepatic mitochondrial G3PDH in rats. Dombrowski 2000, Alvarez L 1999, Drummler K, et al 1996. Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, aka GPDH aka G3PD aka G3PDH In other words, 7-Keto ® DHEA drives liver cells to burn fatty acids for energy, which causes a lowering of triglycerides in the liver. 7-Keto DHEA-100mg Dose: 100 mg AM; 100 mg Lunch -2 a day-

22 Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg, 50% Chlorogenic Acids – 2 a day Dr. Oz weight loss study: Two week study, 50 women, used the Coffee Bean Extract – 3 times a day. Results: Group that took the Coffee Bean lost about 2 pounds, or double the amount of weight lost by the other half of the group taking a placebo. The group that took lost about 2 pounds and the placebo group lost 1 pound. All the women were asked to keep a food log but make no other dietary or lifestyle changes.

23 Green Coffee Bean Extract 400mg, 50% Chlorogenic Acids – 2 a day Chlorogenic acid supports healthy after-meal glucose levels. Chlorogenic acid increases the signal protein for insulin receptors in liver cells. Increasing insulin sensitivity and decreasing glucose levels. Rodriguez de Sotillo DV, Hadley T, Sotillo JE. Insulin receptor exon 11+/ is expressed in Zucker (fa/fa) rats, and chlorogenic acid modifies their plasma insulin and liver protein and DNA. J Nutr Biochem. 2006;7:63-71.

24 CarbsSugarPancreas gets notified Insulin is released Use for energy Store it Fat = Triglyceride Adipose Tissue Muscle/Liver

25 Fucoxanthin Fucoodia - 3 a day FUCOXANTHIN WITH POMEGRANATE SEED OIL Brown seaweed contains a carotenoid known as fucoxanthin that promotes a youthful metabolic rate by activating a cellular protein called mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1) in fat tissue. Fucoxanthin is converted by developing fat cells into fucoxanthinol, which prevents developing fat cells from growing up into mature fat cells. This carotenoid also reduces the growth of new blood vessels in adipose tissue, which may also block the development of new fat cells. Adding pomegranate seed oil (a rich source of punicic acid) generated greater energy expenditure than fucoxanthin by itself. A 16-week STUDY showed that the fucoxanthin/pomegranate blend resulted in a loss of nearly 15 pounds vs. 3 pounds in the placebo group. INDUCES FAT BURNING, and PreventSyoung fat cells (pre-adipocytes) from developing into mature fat cells (adipocytes). Trayhurn P. The Biology of Obesity. Proc Nutr Soc. 2005 Feb;64(1):31-8.

26 CarbsSugarPancreas gets notified Insulin is released Use for energy Store it Fat = Triglyceride Adipose Tissue Muscle/Liver

27 The Brain: Hunger Center

28 The Appetites of the Naturally Thin When these naturally thin people eat moderate amounts of food, they feel full. They do not understand that we do not feel full. They do not understand our eating experience. This Naturally thin person feels full at the exact right moment, when their body no longer needs more calories. They do not overeat very often because their brain persuades them no to.

29 DO YOU WANT TO FEEL FULL? Do you want to feel what a naturally thin person feels every time they eat? YOU CAN…..

30 Leptin Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells that function to maintain a lean body composition by two mechanisms: 1. Leptin modulates appetite by binding to a specific area of the brain, the hypothalamus, where it signals satiety. 2.Leptin enhances the bodys ability to access and utilize fat stores as energy. Sahu A. Leptin signaling in the hypothalamus: emphasis on energy homeostasis and leptin resistance. Front Neuroendocrinol. 2003 Dec;24(4):225-253. Wang MY, Orci L, Ravazzola M, Unger RH. Fat storage in adipocytes requires inactivation of leptins paracrine activity:implications for treatment of human obesity.

31 Leptin catches the attention of the medical community… In 1995, scientists ran a study; they administered daily injections of Leptin, to obese mice. RESULT: mice shed 30% of their body weight in two weeks. Halas JL, Gajiwala KS, Maffei M, et al. Weight-reducing effects of the plasma protein encoded by the obese gene. Science.1995 Jul 28;269(5223):543-6.

32 Human studies were underway…. Obese individuals were administered Leptin injections. RESULTS – 1.Appetites were NOT suppressed. 2.Weight was NOT lost. Result of the study: overweight people have far more serum leptin than their normal-weight counterparts. In fact, they concluded, the more body fat you have, the more leptin you have in your blood stream. Considine RV, Sinha MK, Heiman ML, et al. Serum immunoreactive-leptin Med.1996 Feb 1;334(5);292- 5.counterparts.

33 Leptin Resistance Scientists believed that the paradox could be explained by an acquired Resistance to Leptin. Since being overweight leads to chronically elevated levels of Leptin, they hypothesized that prolonged exposure to Leptin overload could cause the target tissues to become immune to the effects of leptin, losing the normal capacity to respond to it, aka, LEPTIN RESISTANCE. Hamann A, Matthaei S, Regulation of energy balance by leptin. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes. 1996;104(4);293-300.

34 Mangodrene – 500mg; 1-2 a day AFRICAN MANGO: (Irvingia Gabonesis) COMBATS LEPTIN RESISTANCE

35 AFRICAN MANGO Study dose: 300mg a day Irvingia Gabonensis: STUDY: In a double-blind study; 102 healthy overweight volunteers received either 150mg of Irvingia extract or placebo; twice a day (300mg).

36 Results of African Mango (300mg) study… At the end of 10 weeks 1.The African Mango group lost an average of 28 pounds, 2.Shed 6.7 inches from their waistline, 3.Reduced total body fat by an average of 18.4%. 4.Reduced total cholesterol by 26%, 5.Reduced low density lipoprotein by 27% 6.Reduced fasting blood glucose by 32%, 7.Reduced CRP by 52%. Ngondi JL, Oben JE, Minka SR. The effect of Irvingia gabonensis seeds on body weight and blood lipids of obese subjects in Cameroon. Lipids Health Dis. 2005 May 25;412.

37 Mangodrene African Mango mechanisms of action: 1.Increases Leptin sensitivity. 2.Decreases CRP. 3.Increases adiponectin. Adiponectin increases insulin sensitivity, induces a fat burning state. 4.Inhibits amylase, the digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. 5.Inhibits glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase. This enzyme reduces the amounts of sugars that are converted to triglycerides. Oben JE, Ngondi JL, Blum K. Inhibition of adipogenesis by Irvingia Gabonesis extract as mediated via down regulation of PPAR gamma and Leptin genes. Lipids Health Dis.2008 Nov 13;7(1):44.

38 CarbsSugarPancreas gets notified Insulin is released Use for energy Store it Fat = Triglyceride Adipose Tissue Muscle/Liver BRAIN

39 Hoodia Fucoodia – 3 a day Used for centuries now, the Bushmen of South Africa, have been eating the Hoodia plant to not only ward off thirst but to curb appetites and eliminate hunger during long hunting trips in the wilderness. The active compound known as P57, a steroidal glycoside, which sends a signal to the BRAIN -- hypothalamus (hunger center of brain) and tricks the body into believing it is no longer hungry.

40 HOODIA Fucoodia – 3 a day Scientists at Brown University Medical school became interested in P57 because it is an anoretic ; and believed it might shed some light on this question. They found the appetite - suppressing and mood enhancing property – (ten thousand times as active as glucose). The P57 compound found in Hoodia works by increasing the content of ATP in nerve cells in the hypothalamus. When levels of ATP are increased in hypothalamic nerve cells, it appears that those nerve cells fire as if you had just eaten, even when you havent.

41 CarbsSugarPancreas gets notified Insulin is released Use for energy Store it Fat = Triglyceride Adipose Tissue Muscle/Liver BRAIN

42 Stress Hormone: Cortisol

43 Stress produces Cortisol 1.When cortisol increases, Leptin decreases! – our appetites increase because it interferes with the ability of leptin to tell our bodies that we are full – STRESS EATING! Aka COMFORT FOOD! 2.Cortisol stimulates glucose production. This excess glucose then typically is converted into fat, ending up as stored fat – in the BELLY! 3.Belly fat can make us fatter! Belly fat contains an enzyme that activates stored cortisol sending even more cortisol into our bodies!!! 4.Cortisol also aids young fat cells to grow up into mature fat cells.

44 Stop the Vicious Cycle! Lower Cortisol! RELAX Decrease Cortisol Vitamin C Phosphatidylserine Omega 3 Fatty Acid Rhodiola Codyceps Ashwaghanda ……

45 Modern stress is all about perception thats why its constant and unrelenting!

46 Anatomy of FAT Persistent Stress Still Keeps us FAT!

47 Fat is not just the accumulation of excess calories…. Fat is accumulation of excess calories; and/or cortisol; and /or acid. Fat is also protective. The body retains fat as a protection against metabolic (emotional/Stress) and dietary acids. Think of your extra weight as a parking lot to park excess metabolic or dietary acid that is not being eliminated through urination, perspiration, respiration or defecation. You see, fat is saving people from the excess acidity. Fat is alkalizing – takes in the acid.

48 Get you BODY BASIC! If your body is acidic, then it requires more fat to be able to store all the acid. Decrease the acidity and your body begin to realize that it no longer needs as much fat. Less acid means less fat is needed to store it! It is not fat that is keeping us overweight! -- it is acid from our acidic, stressful lives.

49 Get your Body BASIC! Start your day BASIC: Greeniac – powered green Super Food – without LICORICE. L Glutamine – 5g, powered. Protein Powder – Amino Acids.



52 When you Feel Like This…..

53 And You Want To Do This….


55 Thin: Tastes Better


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