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Can a 100 Mile Diet Be Achieved In Ontario? Rocky Sattaur.

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1 Can a 100 Mile Diet Be Achieved In Ontario? Rocky Sattaur

2 Eating Local There are many different reasons on why one should eat locally. There both advantages and disadvantages to this topic such as: -Food is just as nutritious - Generally easy access to to local food - Can only eat whats in season - Not as much varitey

3 Eating Local Most people think that food that is shipped from far away is more nutritious than locally grown food. The nutrient value of food has many different factors such as growing conditions, ripeness and transport. They tend to loose value when they travel long distances.

4 Eating Local Eating locally, restricting yourself to a certain diet actually hurts the local economy and not benefit the environment.

5 Eating Local Its very hard to achieve a local diet in Ontario as our growing season is only six months where as a climate such as California is much more achievable due to the fact that they have a 12 month growing period.

6 Eating Local An example of getting easy access to foods of the 100 mile diet is Edencrest Farms which is located in Minesing, Ontario which is located only 74 miles north of the city. They provide service to Barrie, Midland, Elmvale, Collingwood, Stayner and Wasaga Beach along with Toronto making the 100 mile diet achievable

7 Eating Local Although farmers markets are a great idea to help Ontario achieve the goal, only 1% of veggies and fruit is sold through them per year according to Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

8 Eating Local The problem with eating locally is that its not always feasible. Food at farms are usually quite costly and transportation along with time to get there and back is also quite costly.

9 Eating Local Eating locally is quite costly as explained before. For a typical family of 4 a $40 food box would not last very long at the very most 2 days. The box would include: one bag local spinach, one bag local mixed greens, one bag local garlic scapes, one bag local kale, one bag local organic surprise veggie, two bags of fair trade organic tea, local swiss card…

10 Eating Local Although eating locally is not for many residents, its a good idea for tourists as they generally like to seek food that is grown within the region theyre visiting.

11 Eating Local … one bag local arugula, one bag local radishes, one jar pickled local asparagus and Ontario organic tofu. Under no circumstance can this feed a family for more than 2 days which makes it quite costly to be able to afford to eat locally.

12 Eating Local I have mixed feelings about eating locally ad the 100 mile diet. I totally support it if it is affordable to the consumer which varies case by case. The only thing that I am not very fond of is only eating what is currently in season which could get tiring due to the fact that it is very repetitive.

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