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Presented By The Energizers: Sneha,Suma, Sumit&Suhas

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1 Presented By The Energizers: Sneha,Suma, Sumit&Suhas
NUTRITIOUS DIET Presented By The Energizers: Sneha,Suma, Sumit&Suhas

2 REFERENCES PRINTED MATERIAL ICSE Biology [Selina publishers]
Fundamentals of food and nutrition by S. Mudambi WEB SITES VISITED & MS OFFICE - CLIPART ]

3 What is a balanced diet? A diet which contains all the principal constituents of food in proper quantity.

4 A balanced diet should contain all classes of food substances.
Energy giving foods Body building foods Protective foods. Water Roughage

5 Energy giving foods Carbohydrates Starch & sugars Fats & Oils
These are the principal energy sources in the body. Eg.Cereals,Sugar,potatoes, Butter,oils,ghee,etc.

6 Body building foods These contain proteins that provide chemical material for the growth and repair of body cells and tissues. In time of emergency they release energy. Eg.Pulses,peas,milk, milk products,eggs,fish and meat.

7 Protective foods These contain vitamins and mineral salts which help to maintain a healthy body and protect us from various diseases. Eg.Vegetables,fruits,milk,eggs and fish

8 WATER Water is needed for proper digestion and proper bowel movements.

9 ROUGHAGE It is the undigestible portion of the diet and prevents constipation. Eg.Leafy vegetables,fruits,and whole pulses

10 IDEAL DIET A balanced diet can be an ideal diet provided the following factors are considered.

11 NUTRITIONAL NEEDS Nutritional needs of all family members must be met keeping in mind age, activity, health and occupation.

12 AGE Growing children require a protein rich diet.
Ageing people require a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. An infant’s diet should include milk and soft food.

13 ACTIVITY A sports person should have energy-giving & protective foods.
A person doing desk job should avoid starchy & fried foods. A person doing manual labour should have more carbohydrates in his diet.

14 A nursing mother would require a totally balanced diet.
HEALTH An ailing person should have easily digestible food- like porridge and soups A nursing mother would require a totally balanced diet.


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