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Antioxidants An Arden Grange Presentation Leander International Pet Foods Ltd.

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1 Antioxidants An Arden Grange Presentation Leander International Pet Foods Ltd

2 Antioxidants Introduction The inclusion of many natural dietary supplements in every recipe is a major selling point for Arden Grange. Benefits of the Arden Grange range: SUPERIOR DIGESTIBILITY EXCELLENT PALATABILITY HIGH QUALITY INGREDIENTS The inclusion of these natural supplements is another key area in which Arden Grange excel, making our diets truly Super- Premium.

3 Antioxidants A holistic approach The benefits of dietary antioxidants are becoming much more widely recognised in the human health context. As often happens, advances are made first in human medicine and nutrition, and these may then be proven in other species. This presentation shows the different types of antioxidant, their role and how those included within the Arden Grange range may have positive effects on the health and well-being of our canine and feline companions.

4 Antioxidants Health and Well-being As with ALL the dietary supplements used in the Arden Grange range, the antioxidants included are: SAFE NATURAL EXCELLENT QUALITY BIOAVAILABLE (easily utilised) PRESENT AT EFFECTIVE LEVELS Arden Grange provides optimal nutrition at affordable prices.

5 Antioxidants Protecting the body Antioxidants are substances which PROTECT the cells of the body from unstable molecules known as FREE RADICALS. Antioxidants interact with and stabilise these free radicals and thus prevent some of the damage they might cause if allowed to accumulate.

6 Antioxidants Oxidative stress Antioxidant enzymes occur naturally in the body, but… low levels or inhibition of these enzymes can affect the bodys ability to detoxify and to repair cell / tissue damage. This results in OXIDATIVE STRESS which in both humans and animals is associated with ill health. This is why both we and our pets naturally possess complex antioxidant systems to protect our cells.

7 Antioxidants Natural antioxidants There are lots of naturally occurring substances with antioxidant properties. These include: VITAMINS (E, C & beta-carotene) MINERALS (selenium, zinc, copper and manganese) ENZYMES Some of these antioxidants work alone (e.g. zinc and copper), whilst others form part of the bodys antioxidant systems.

8 Antioxidants Risks to the body The body is constantly under attack from free radicals, and the following factors may all contribute to excessive levels: ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTANTS RADIATION EXCESSIVE SUN PHYSICAL STRESS PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS / ANXIETY AGEING POOR NUTRITION

9 Antioxidants Limiting the risks There is little that can be done to limit environmental risks, and we know we cannot reverse the ageing process! However…Poor nutrition is something that every cat and dog owner can avoid. Given the considerable number of potential causes of free radicals, and the fact that the production of naturally occurring antioxidant enzymes may well be lower than a cat or dogs requirements, additional antioxidant protection by means of DIET is the sensible solution to the free radical problem.

10 Antioxidants Targets SENIORS Antioxidant supplementation improves the older dogs antioxidant defence mechanism. Zicker (2001) Landmark discrimination in aged dogs is improved by feeding an antioxidant enriched diet. Milgram N W, Estrada J, Ikeda-Douglas C et al (2000)

11 Antioxidants Targets WORKING DOGS High performance dogs require higher levels of vitamin C (an antioxidant vitamin) due to increased demands resultant from oxidative stress Baskin et al (2000) Piercy et al (2000)

12 Antioxidants Targets PREGNANT & LACTATING BITCHES / QUEENS PUPPIES & KITTENS DOGS & CATS RECOVERING FROM SURGERY OR ILLNESS OVERWEIGHT OR UNDERWEIGHT DOGS & CATS CATS & DOGS SUFFERING FROM STRESS A wide variety of circumstances can affect the pets need for antioxidant protection… For this reason, youll find dietary antioxidants in EVERY Arden Grange recipe from our Weaning Puppy / Kitten food through to Senior.

13 Antioxidants Dietary antioxidants – vitamins Vitamin E – scavenger that converts free radicals to stable compounds; protects cell membranes; important for detoxifying processes in the liver. It cannot be synthesised by the dog or cats body and is therefore the most important nutritional antioxidant supplement. Vitamin C – regenerates vitamin E; reduces free radicals in cells; thought to destroy free radicals involved in carcinogen (cancer causing agents) metabolism. Beta-carotene – direct scavenger of free radicals and the most powerful of antioxidant nutrients. Folic acid (Vitamin B9) – important in red and white cell formation and has antioxidant properties. ALL PRESENT IN EVERY ARDEN GRANGE RECIPE

14 Antioxidants Dietary antioxidants – minerals Selenium – closely interacts with vitamin E (its antioxidant properties are related to this interaction); active involvement in glutathione metabolism (one of the bodys antioxidant enzymes). Zinc, Copper & Manganese – these work together in the production of the bodys most important antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. ALL PRESENT IN EVERY ARDEN GRANGE RECIPE CHELATED MINERALS FOR IMPROVED BIOAVAILABILITY

15 Antioxidants Dietary antioxidants – taurine Taurine – an essential amino acid for cats and is necessary for proper bile formation, reproduction, healthy vision and heart function. It is also beneficial to dogs in respect of cardiac health. It is lesser known for its antioxidant properties, and it helps to protect the cell membranes from damage. Taurine is naturally present in the meat, fish, yeast and eggs used in the Arden Grange recipes, but it is added to the feline range and to the Performance canine food to provide a boosted level.

16 Antioxidants Dietary antioxidants – plant extracts Cranberry Extract – primarily included for its benefits to urinary tract health, but is also an abundant source of plant pigments with powerful natural antioxidant properties. Yucca Extract – may help to reduce faecal and body odour; it contains several physiological active phytochemicals and is a rich source of polyphenolics which are free radical scavengers (and may also aid in suppressing inflammatory responses). BOTH PRESENT IN EVERY ARDEN GRANGE RECIPE

17 Antioxidants Dietary antioxidants – plant extracts Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – an all natural, ultra-pure form of organic sulphur derived from pine bark. Its beneficial properties include the relief of pain and inflammation. It may also improve mental alertness and relieve stress. Studies suggest that it may also have antioxidant properties (although this is still to be proven). PRESENT IN EVERY ARDEN GRANGE RECIPE

18 Antioxidants Dietary antioxidants – special plant extracts in Arden Grange Performance Quercitin – Plant-based chemical called a flavonoid. Powerful antioxidant properties. Thought to also be an anti-histamine. May also be anti-inflammatory. Green tea extract – 20x more antioxidant-active than vitamin C! High levels of polyphenols. Both antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Grape seed extract – Source of oligomeric proanthocyanadins. (Water soluble plant pigments called bioflavonoids). Helps strengthen the blood capillaries. Extremely powerful antioxidant, and possibly the only one with the capacity to cross into the brain. Note: whilst grapes in a large volume are toxic to dogs, grape seed extract has no harmful side-effects.

19 Antioxidants The ultimate defence Uncontrolled free radicals can wreak all sorts of havoc to: Polyunsaturated fats. Cell proteins. DNA. The more active the cell, the greater the resultant tissue damage. A COMBINATION of antioxidants limits cell damage in dogs and cats. Heaton et al (2001). Many of the nutrients with antioxidant properties work in synergy (to each others mutual benefit). Antioxidants in food are not interchangeable and many differ in both their site of action and their mechanism. This is why Arden Grange include lots of different antioxidants – A POWERFUL SYNERGISTIC ANTIOXIDANT COMPLEX!

20 Antioxidants Cancer prevention Over time, free radical damage may become irreversible and lead to disease including cancer. Antioxidants are often described as mopping up free radicals. There are a considerable number of studies indicating that antioxidants may slow or possibly prevent the development of cancer.

21 Antioxidants Antioxidants as pet food preservatives SYNTHETIC ANTIOXIDANTS: Used to prevent rubber from perishing. Used in petrol as a stabiliser. Used as food additives (NOT by Arden Grange). COMMON EXAMPLES: Propyl gallate (PG, E310). Tertiary butylhydoquinine (TBHQ). Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA, E320). Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT, E321). Ethoxyquin. There has been much concern regarding the safety of these synthetic antioxidants which are often added to pet foods and simply listed as EU approved or EEC permitted preservatives.

22 Antioxidants Antioxidants as pet food preservatives SYNTHETIC ANTIOXIDANTS – watch out! Other manufacturers sometimes add these to the raw materials before the ingredients are incorporated into the pet food and do not include them in the ingredients listing. NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS ALL Arden Grange recipes are stabilised naturally in order to prevent the fats and oils in the diet from oxidising and becoming rancid. Without a preservative of some kind, the products would have a very short shelf life (a matter of days, which would not be viable for stockists and customers). ONLY mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E) and rosemary extract are used to preserve the Arden Grange raw materials and finished products. The rosemary extract we use is deodorised to remove the camphor – meaning it is safe for epileptic dogs.

23 Antioxidants Summary Oxidative stress is a proven causative factor of many diseases of domestic animals. Research gives evidence that antioxidants do have significant health benefits to our pets. Recent studies have demonstrated that antioxidants are beneficial in cases of: inflammatory bowel disease (Khoo C et al 2007) Boosting immunity (Park J S et al 2007).

24 Antioxidants Summary Caution As with many nutritional supplements, too much of a good thing can be just as detrimental as not enough. Laviano (2007) Feeding a super-premium quality food such as Arden Grange which contains a carefully formulated and balanced selection of dietary antioxidants is the best way to ensure that the levels your dog or cat ingests are appropriate, safe and bioavailable.

25 Antioxidants Summary Good news for dog and cat owners! Red wine and dark chocolate are fantastic sources of antioxidants. Dont forget though that both alcohol and chocolate are poisonous to our pets, so should only be enjoyed (in moderation) by us!

26 Antioxidants Important Note As a responsible and ethical company, Arden Grange fully appreciate the caution that must be taken when discussing the potential benefits of nutritional supplements. It is against the law to make medical claims. Whilst supplements such as the antioxidants included in the Arden Grange range are safe and natural, and may be beneficial to some of the cats and dogs fed on Arden Grange, we must highlight that their inclusion is not a substitute for veterinary intervention in the case of a sick animal. THE END Thank you All of the healthy, happy cats and dogs featured in this presentation are fed and thrive on Arden Grange!

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