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Some facts figures and ideas for the future!!

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1 Some facts figures and ideas for the future!!
Diet and Hydration Some facts figures and ideas for the future!!

2 Protein will make me massive!
Do athletes need to eat more protein than non-athletes? Can you eat too much protein? What happens if you do not eat enough protein? Where can it be found? Firstly What is protein?

3 Present in animals and plants.
20 different types of amino acids (building blocks of protein) 8 of which must be consumed! Protein from animals contain all 20 amino acids.

4 Food Quiz I eat 3 meals a day with no more than 4 hours between meals.
I eat 5 portions of either rice, noodles, bread or potatoes per day. I usually eat 2 pieces of fruit daily. I usually eat at least 2 lots of vegetables daily. I usually eat 2 servings of meat or meat alternatives daily.

5 I eat fried food no more than once a week.
I use non or barely any butter/margarine. I use low fat milk or dairy products. I eat high calorie snacks no more than twice a week. I eat fast food no more than once a week. I eat meat at least 3 times a week. I drink 2 litres of water daily when not exercising.

6 I drink when I am thirsty and when I’m not thirsty.
I do not eat sweets more than twice per week.

7 How did you do? 13-15, excellent. 11-13, room for improvement.
9-12, you just made it. Less than 9, you need to consider how you are affecting your performance through poor diet.

8 Approximately 10g of protein is provided by the following.
Food Quantity nuts 50g Kidney beans 150g Pasta/noodles 2 cups bread 4 slices Skimmed milk 300ml Mixed vegetables 70g beef 1oz

9 Most people eat more than enough protein!!!!
You only need 1.2 – 2 g/kg body weight per day. You must combine with balanced diet and energy intake. Over 4g/kg body weight per day can cause heart disease! Calculate.

10 Daily food consumption for balanced diet (% of daily total caloric intake)
Carbohydrate % Protein % Fat less than 30% (2/3 unsaturated; 1/3 saturated)

11 Carbohydrates This is the most important energy source.
Adequate intake preserves protein stores in muscle tissue. Inadequate amounts of carbohydrate intake before competition may reduce performance. Basic rule of thumb, eat more carbohydrate the closer you get to match.

12 Post match Lots of carbohydrates and protein as soon as possible.
How much weight have you lost?

13 Hydration A well hydrated performer always functions at a higher level than a dehydrated performer. Thirst is not a good measure of hydration!! 5% dehydration results in 30% loss in performance. Water + sports drink help water to be absorbed. Injuries?

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