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City of Oakland: Road Diet Experience

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1 City of Oakland: Road Diet Experience

2 Four Lanes to Three Lanes
Typical Road Diets Four Lanes to Three Lanes

3 Six Lanes to Four Lanes with Turn Pockets
Typical Road Diets Six Lanes to Four Lanes with Turn Pockets

4 Road Diets in Oakland Historic Examples: High Street (30,000 ADT)
Grand Avenue (6 Lanes to 5) Broadway (Auto Row area, 6 Lanes to 5)

5 Road Diets in Oakland (cont’d)
Market Street West Street * Bancroft Avenue Foothill Blvd. (35th to High Street) Lakeshore Avenue *

6 Road Diets in Oakland (proposed)
MacArthur Boulevard, 82nd to 90th (SRS) Claremont Avenue Redwood Road/35th Avenue

7 Road Diets in Oakland Lakeshore Ave: before and after

8 City Council Policy Directives
Technical study guidelines Traffic counts Collision history Intersection LOS (current and future) Parking removal (if any)

9 City Council Policy Directives
Outreach Mailer to neighbors Community meetings Council office support

10 Mailer to neighborhood

11 Mailer to neighborhood

12 City Council Policy Directives
CEQA review Categorical exemptions Section 15301(c): minor alteration to existing roadway Section (h): creation of bicycle lanes on existing rights-of-way Environmental Impact Report (City of Oakland Bicycle Master Plan)

13 City Council Policy directives
City Council Resolution and Report Removal of travel lanes Removal of on-street parking

14 Implementing Road Diets
Resurfacing program coordination Other projects (e.g. sewer rehab, slurry, streetscape, etc.) Stand-alone projects

15 Lessons Learned Federal Projects: Watch out! CEQA ≠ NEPA
Transit issues Fewer gaps for peds/vehicles crossing or entering main street Turning movements Diversion/cut thru traffic: parallel routes? (e.g. Claremont Avenue example)

16 Lessons Learned Community buy-in People are seeking But concerns over
traffic calming Pedestrian/bicyclist safety But concerns over Possible congestion Emergency vehicle responses Fear of change

17 Lessons Learned CONCLUSION:
When Considering a Road Diet Proposal, Make Sure You Have a Process To: Evaluate your proposal & identify impacts (technical study, LOS, parking, etc.) Communicate the details, inform the public and policy makers To receive feedback and answer questions To evaluate the statutory requirements To formally approve proposed road diet

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