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Way Forward; Uganda - by Pure H 2 O A/S. Pure H2O A/S | BlueBox Water Purification Systems Pure H2O A/S is manufacturing and commercializing mobile water.

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1 Way Forward; Uganda - by Pure H 2 O A/S

2 Pure H2O A/S | BlueBox Water Purification Systems Pure H2O A/S is manufacturing and commercializing mobile water purification plants. The BlueBox concept consists of 2-4 man- portable units and larger plants for squad and platoon sized operations as well as hospitals, refugee camps, first responder humanitarian aid, anywhere, where people are located without safe drinking water access. The company has extensive know-how and capability to service the need for drinking water for rapid drinking water deployment, for humanitarian camps, hospitals, and civil protection programs. Founded in 2001 and part of OXPO Holding A/S, the company has seen its water purification systems operating successfully in 25+ countries around the world. CONTACT INFORMATION Pure H2O A/S Staerkendevej 43 DK-4000 Roskilde Denmark Tel: +45 8020 8020 E-mail: Web: Pure H2O references: SWEDISH DEFENSE DANISH CIVIL PROTECTION NORWEGIAN CIVIL PROTECTION UNICEF Customer statement Their technical capabilities and know-how is big. They are passionate about their solutions, and they deliver on follow-up and attention, which make them a desirable partner. Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, Norway Field operations: Sudan Liberia Afghanistan Pakistan Haiti 25+ countries

3 BlueBox track record - by country BlueBox track record - by country

4 Renewed approach to East Africa 2011: Participation in Zealand/Africa project, hosted by Væksthus Sjælland and Håndværksrådet Scope: Internationalisation readiness Growth and market approach strategy Market knowledge Cultural understanding 2013: Initiated DANIDA Business Partnership program; preparation phase. Danish Embassy in Kampala Objectives: Feasibility study Partner search Proof of concept/business idea Pure H2O has the solution! … or do we?

5 The importance of - the DANIDA Business Partnership model The financial support has given Pure H2O opportunity to: Analysing the feasibility of market potentials Finding the most suitable go-to-market model - being thorough in finding the right local partners Testing and adapting our business plan based on real market feedback In summary: We got an opportunity to doing things right from the first time, with the aim to creating a winning market entry. Creating mutually beneficial partnerships, based on a sound, comercially sustainable business platform. Local partnership collaboration with potential to create local growth and empowerment through the promotion of environmentally sound solutions (non-chemical water purification based on solar power) Creating drinking water by solar power

6 Market: Weve got news for you! Pure H2O mobile, best-in-class drinking water solutions Are they suitable solutions for the Ugandan market? YES! BUT, not for a commercially sustainable business We have tested our solutions to new market segments: Schools Universities Hospitals Production facilities Hotels We have been able to test the above segments and have learned about the challenges, the need, and what must be done to become successful. Not all segments have shown equally promising. We now know where to focus our effort and that or our future local partners. Meeting the users. Great feed-back. Victoria Lake demonstrations

7 Technology: Location and Use From best-in-class purification to user-friendly solutions We have asked ourselves how do we treat: Victoria Lake water? Borehole water with high salinity or fluoride content? Harvested rainwater dams? We have learnt to ask: How to create a meaningful solution to the end-user! For instance: Water shop business Drinking water for students at schools and universities Drinking water for Blue Collar employees Running drinking water for housing projects Rural community drinking water access. From a technology driven company to market driven sales organisation! Example of a rural drinking water solution.

8 Cultural Understanding -IT IS NOT ONLY ABOUT THE CULTURAL DIFFERENCES! In essence, we have to understand that we are placing ourselves in a cultural context, which – like ours – has been fomented over centuries of history. We have to submerge into that culture to understand it, and to adapt to it. Relying on e-mail communication is not enough – you have to be there and show that you are in it for the long run. Patience and personal engagement to build up trust and confidence in your commitment with your stakeholders is very important. You need a local presence/collaborating with local partners who know how to navigate and make business relationships You need to be there to support your business and your solutions! We are learning that the Ugandan market requires a considerable effort to enter, but doing so is our only way to become successful. Meeting with residents in the Kibera Slum district of Nairobi, Kenya.

9 Pure H2O: Way Forward.. Uganda We have been blessed with positive market response We possess the technical capabilities to capture necessary new market segments We have recently had our first commercial success in Uganda, and a strong reference Our equipment is already operating across the border in South Sudan We have come very far in a short time thanks to the various programs, which have supported Pure H2O in investing in Uganda. Pure H2O has also received much openess from Ugandan state and regional government bodies. We are thankful for this interest, and we will work to become a trusted technology partner in programs for improvement of access to drinking water in Uganda. We could not have come this far without our local contacts and team of dedicated professionals, who are our mentors on business excellence in Uganda. Beautiful Victoria Lake view Pleasant people

10 Thank you for listening to our business case. Feel free to contact us for further information. by Uffe Thrane Hejlesen Chief Commercial Officer E-mail: Pure H2O A/S E-mail:

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