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Key success factors in International Student Recruitment Presented by Christine Whittaker.

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1 Key success factors in International Student Recruitment Presented by Christine Whittaker

2 INTRODUCTION International Education Link, better known as, Edulink, is a student recruitment company. The company operates out of Johannesburg, South Africa and recruits throughout the SADC region. The companys background spans 24 years of trading, marketing and recruitment activities in and out of Africa beyond the globe to many partners.

3 OUR GLOBAL PARTNERS England, Scotland and Wales - Highly ranked Universities and Colleges Ireland - Medicine School Canada – Universities and High Schools USA – Foundation Colleges and Universities Dubai – Modern University linked to Highly ranked Scottish University Hungary – Medicine School Cyprus – Affordable University South Africa – A Level Colleges, International High Schools with boarding facilities, Flying Schools Le Cordon Bleu Schools – Worldwide

4 AFRICAN MARKET Some Statistics about this Market: The population of Africa has grown exponentially over the past century, and consequently shows a large youth bulge, more than 40% of Africas population is under the age of 15 and this is our growing market! Education is vital to grow and sustain the development of the African continent. The population doubled in the period 1982– 2009 and quadrupled from 1955–2009, according to United Nations estimates

5 SADC - MARKET SIZE AND POTENTIAL / SOME ASTOUNDING FACTS... THE SADC REGION This region offers huge potential and boasts a population of 237million which is far greater than the population of West and East Africa combined. When observing the map above, you will be able to appreciate the sheer size of the SADC region.

6 THE SADC REGION IS VERY DIVERSE AND IS MADE UP OF MANY DIFFERENT CULTURES This diversity stems from colonial days, and besides the local dialects spoken the main languages of communication are: Angola – Portuguese Namibian – German, English and Afrikaans Botswana – English Zimbabwe – English Zambia – English DRC – French and English Malawi – English Tanzania – English Mozambique – Portuguese and English Swaziland – English Lesotho – English South Africa – English, Afrikaans Our marketing teams are able to relate to all these various cultures

7 UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET The market is diverse Understand what your target student market requires- affordability and good academic teaching Understand what your tertiary institutions can offer.

8 KEY ELEMENTS TO PROVIDE TO STUDENTS - INSTITUTION WISE.... A mixed selection of institutes globally which offer a selection of study styles, courses and destinations to cater to all students needs Not every students is an academic and include institutions which offer a lower entry criteria, i.e. colleges and foundation colleges Highly ranked universities are always a strong draw card and add credibility Affordability is important – include affordable institutes in the portfolio

9 STUDENT SUPPORT IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT STUDENTS ARE OFFERED A FULL SUPPORT SERVICE 1.Free counselling to students and parents – most importantly it is parents who will be funding the studies and whose concern it is for the students safety and correct study choice. 2.Treat every student personally and make them feel important – a university choice is probably the first most important decision a student will make 3.Assistance with student loans and scholarships where possible 4.Assistance with visas 5.Assistance with travel plans 6.Orientation – crucial – this is a new experience for students 7.Keep in contact with your students to ensure they have settled in well, the student liaison role is key, as happy students are your best ambassadors 8.Graduate employment links to students once they have graduated

10 STAFF Create a work team who relate well to students and understand your brand Include a cross culture in your team so that all students can identify with them A young dynamic recruitment and marketing team is key – they will make the application process appealing to prospective students Team spirit amongst your staff is crucial Engage a Student Liaison Officer to support students in the application process and beyond

11 MARKETING TOOLS Social media marketing is the new trend– take your marketing to your students level Make the application process a fun and rewarding experience to students Provide creative marketing material Give to Get – prizes, competitions, quizzes, study aids

12 ENGAGE YOUR TEACHERS 1.Develop a strong bond with your teachers – they deal with your prospective students each day and form a strong referral source 2.Train your teachers 3.Engage your teachers in new developments 4.Send out newsletters to your teachers 5.Reward your teachers – outings and pamper days

13 CREATE AWARENESS TO YOUR BRAND Advertise Hold promotions Run presentations at schools Attend all School Career Days Marketing teams to be constantly out in the marketplace

14 STRATEGIC PARTNERS Engaging a strong working relationship with strategic partners is crucial Schools Ministries of Education in countries targeted Banks – to provide student loans Providers of scholarships Visas - Border Control Agencies

15 BACK OFFICE SUPPORT A strong back office is crucial to your success and to ensure that students applications are dealt with promptly, efficiently and professionally Competent admission staff Visa assistance and travel assistance support

16 KEEP IN CONTACT WITH STUDENTS ABROAD Keep in touch with your students regularly Remember them on their birthday and at special holiday times, this is the time they might get homesick. A happy is always welcomed! Appoint a SADC Student President at universities you work with to provide student welfare Ask students for their news and latest photos and post these on your website for new potential students to view

17 GRADUATE SUPPORT Link up with large multinational companies who scout for promising graduates and create a link for students to gain employment once they have graduated. Develop and engage your alumni market – this is one of your most valuable recruitment aids.

18 MOST IMPORTANTLY ! To be truly successful, run your operation as a commercially driven business, strategize and think globally Be passionate about the vision for your business There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela

19 GIVE BACK TO YOUR COMMUNITY, YOUR COUNTRY AND WATCH IT GROW! Education forms the vital foundation to build our countries on... If you are planning for a year – plant a crop, If you are planning for a decade – plant trees, If you are planning for a century – educate people

20 THANK YOU Hope you have found this presentation interesting It has been a pleasure sharing it with you Phone: / /2

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