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MINING THE DATA WAREHOUSE Chapter 8 Page 87Kimberly Carr.

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1 MINING THE DATA WAREHOUSE Chapter 8 Page 87Kimberly Carr

2 Ben & Jerrys BI Software – Business Objects Database – Oracle They track all the ingredients and the life of each and every pint of ice cream BI software allows Ben & Jerrys officials to… Access and analyze Sales, finance, purchasing, and quality-assurance

3 California Pizza Kitchen A leader in premium pizza market 130 full-service restaurants 26 states, D.C., and 5 foreign countries Before BI tools Used spreadsheets to plan and track the financial statements and line items Finance team had difficulty with the volumes of data and complex calculations It would take several weeks to prepare one version of the financial statements

4 California Pizza Kitchen After BI tools from Cognos Quarterly forecasting cycles have been reduced from 8 days to 2 days The finance team can now focus on interpreting the financial statements instead of spending all their time preparing the statement

5 Noodles & Company 70 restaurants Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin Before BI tools from Cognos IT and finance professionals spent days compiling the reports requested by other departments Sales, marketing, human resources, and real estate

6 Noodles & Company After BI tools from Cognos Reports are being accessed daily online through Noodles & Companys web site This provides users with a single 360-degree view of the company at that point in time Users are benefiting from the flexible query and reporting capabilities Allowing them to see patterns in data and adapt their strategies

7 Question #1 Explain how Ben & Jerrys is using business intelligence tools to remain successful and competitive in a saturated market. Ben & Jerrys is using BI tools to track all of their ingredients so when a customer calls with a concern or question they can look up that specific pint of ice cream and where all the ingredients came from and correct the issue. They are using BI tools to meet the needs of their customers and to constantly improve their products.

8 Question #2 Identify why information cleansing is critical to California Pizza Kitchens business intelligence tools success. I think that information cleansing is important for California Pizza Kitchen so they can provide the most important information in real time for their stores. Since there are 130 restaurants all over world BI tools provides the fastest and most accurate way for the restaurants to communicate with each other.

9 Question #3 Illustrate why 100 percent accurate and complete information is impossible for Noodles & Company to obtain. It is impossible for Noodles & Company to have 100 percent accurate and complete information because there are over 70 restaurants throughout the U.S. and the likely hood that all of those restaurants reporting 100 percent complete and accurate information is every unlikely; therefore, the information accessed through their website will always have a certain margin of error.

10 Question #4 Describe how each of the companies above is using BI to gain a competitive advantage. Ben & Jerrys is using BI tools to ensure that they have the best ingredients in their ice cream and if in some rare case their ice cream isnt perfect they can correct the problem quickly. California Pizza Kitchen is using BI so all of their restaurants can have access to the most up to date information for forecasting as well as the financial state of the company Noodles & Company is using BI to connect all of their restaurants, so every manager can access the latest sales, marketing, human resources and financial information available for the company.

11 Current Information Ben & Jerrys Environmental and Social Causes Still tracking all of their ingredients California Pizza Kitchen In the frozen pizza market Investors can access all the financial information from their website Noodles & Company Is still growing throughout the U.S.

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