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Unit 3 Message of the Land Contemporary College English Book I.

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2 Unit 3 Message of the Land Contemporary College English Book I

3 Contents Warm-up 1 Background Information 2 Text Appreciation 3 Language Study 4 Extension 5

4 Try to match the nickname and its corresponding country Warm-up 1

5 Lesson 3-Message of the Land Land of the Rising Sun Land of the Rose Land of the Shamrock Land of Golden Fleece Land of Thistle Land of the Stars and Stripes Scotland Japan U.S.A Ireland England Australia

6 Lesson 3-Message of the Land Try to figure out the Land idioms 1. land fit for heroes (to live in) a country, nation that can reward those who have fought in its defence with good conditions of life and work as civilians

7 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 2. land flowing with milk and honey/land of milk and honey a place in which life would be pleasant, with plenty of food and chances of success and happiness

8 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 3. land/house of Bondage Egypt: also any place or condition of great hardship or oppression

9 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 4. land of promise/promised land/land of covenant any state of future happiness

10 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 5. land of the living the place of living men; this present existence

11 About the Author: Pira Sudham Background Information 2 He is considered Thailand's leading English language writer, who was nominated for the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature. His literary works are concerned with social-economic-political changes occurring in Thailand. Widely read and highly acclaimed (praised), his books have given an expedient (practical) voice to the poor and the voiceless.

12 Where is Thailand ?

13 Lesson 3 - Message of the Land Bangkok To be continued on the next page. Bangkok, population 8,538,610 (1990), is the capital and largest city of Thailand. The city is located on the east bank of the Chao Phraya River ( ), near the Gulf of Thailand. Bangkok is one of the fastest-growing, most economically dynamic and socially progressive cities in Southeast Asia. Although the major infrastructure is not well developed, it is also considered as one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Buddhism is Thailands main religion. 94% of Thai people are Buddhist. The city contains many Buddhist temples (known in Thai as Wats), among the best known being Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

14 Lesson 3 - Message of the Land Monks in Thailand Monks are more suited to reach enlightenment because they follow a strict way of life far from material attachment. Their life is based on 227 monastic rules and 5 major precepts, i.e. no sex, no lies, no robbery, no alcohol, no killing. In a temple, some men have been monks for decades but there are also some men who became monk only a short time ago. They do it in order to bring merit to their parents ("THAM BUN"). A boy is not a man if he hasn't been a monk once in his life. Even the King of Thailand Rama 9 had been a monk for one month. In old days this period was three months. Now it can be only a few weeks or a few days. To be continued on the next page.

15 Text Appreciation 3 Style of the text Style: essay (in a very broad sense) or interview The interviewees: a farmer and his wife (note: Since the World War II it has become popular for writers to interview people, record what they say and, after some, not too much, editing, publish these peoples stories in book form.)

16 Lesson 3-Message of the Land Features of colloquial language 1. straightforward language 2. short and simple sentences 3. small and easy words

17 Lesson 3-Message of the Land Structure of the text Part I the wifes speech (paras. 13) (paras. 47) Part II the farmers speech (paras. 811) The wife tells us briefly about her family and how all her children left. This part focuses on the changes that she finds she cant adjust to. The farmer tells about what he thinks are the root of all evils and what joys he finds in life and farming.

18 Lesson 3-Message of the Land Changes in family Changes in the village The wifes complaints The farmers complaints None of the children will come back to inherit the land. Greed, anger, and lust are the root of all evils. No young man will care what message the land gives. the loss of traditional values and the way of life All four children went away. Children wear jeans instead. no barter, but cash no pay-free help plastic things instead only the old on the land no practice of the old customs no respect for the old

19 Lesson 3-Message of the Land My husband moved into our houses as is the way with us in Esarn. (1) (When we got married) my husband came to live in our house. It was the tradition here in Esarn that the bridegroom should come to live with the brides family. As introduces a defining relative clause and functions as its subject, representing what is stated in the main clause. To be continued on the next page.

20 Examples: 1.As is often the case, the boy was late for class. (assubject of the clause) 2.As was only to be expected, the election was very close. (assubject of the clause)

21 Lesson 3-Message of the Land The rest, two boys and two girls, went away as soon as we could afford to buy jeans for them. Our other childrentwo boys and two girlsleft as soon as we had the money to buy them jeans. to have enough money to buy or to do appositive of the rest the remaining people; the others

22 Lesson 3-Message of the Land Its easier for my husband. He has ears which dont hear, a mouth which doesnt speak, and eyes that dont see. (2) News about my childrens problems doesnt make my husband as sad as me. He doesnt bother about what is happening around us and to our children. He never says anything about them. parallel structure is used here

23 Lesson 3-Message of the Land He has always been patient and silent, minding his own life. (2) present participle phrase as adverbial take care of; attend to Hes always been patient and talks little. He just does his duty and carries on his life.

24 Sickness comes and goes, and we get back on our feet again. to exist or happen somewhere for a short time and then go away. to be/ become in a healthy condition after an illness or injury Example: The doctor says shed be back on her feet again in a couple of days.

25 Words and Expressions: forefather infancy pierce now and then a bag of bones mind ones own barter for spring up occur to Language Study 4

26 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 1. forefather n. (usu. pl.) the people, especially men, who were part of your family a long time ago in the past Synonyms: ancestor forerunner

27 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 2. infancy n. a. early childhood Examples: 1. In the past, many children died in infancy because of the bad medical conditions. 2. The family came to England in his infancy.

28 Lesson 3-Message of the Land v. a. to make a small hole with a sharp point b. (of cold, pain, sound) to force a way into c. to force a way through something Examples: She had her ears pierced in order to be able to wear earrings. Her shrieks pierced the silence. Her memories sometimes pierced her heart. Our forces pierced through the enemys lines. 6. pierce

29 Lesson 3-Message of the Land now and again; occasionally Examples: Now and then we heard shots in the woods. He loses his temper now and then, but not often. I hear from him every now and then. 1. now and then To be continued on the next page.

30 a bag of bones a very thin person Example: After her illness, she became a bag of bones.

31 Lesson 3-Message of the Land to take care of ones… Examples: 1. Will you mind my bag while I buy my ticket? 2. I was minding my own work when he rushed in. 2. mind ones own… To be continued on the next page.

32 Lesson 3-Message of the Land 4. barter… for to exchange (goods, property, etc.) for other goods, etc. without using money Examples: 1. I had to barter with the locals for food. 2. In the local market, meat and vegetables are bartered for electrical goods. 3. The prisoners tried to barter with the guards for their freedom.

33 Lesson 3-Message of the Land to appear, develop, grow, etc. quickly or suddenly Examples: New houses were springing up all over the town. Dozens of websites have sprung up to provide information for travelers. New dot-com companies are springing up all the time. 5. spring up To be continued on the next page.

34 Lesson 3-Message of the Land if an idea or thought occurs to you, it suddenly comes into your mind Examples: I suppose it didn't occur to you to phone the police. It never seems to occur to my children to contact me. It had never occurred to him that he might be falling in love with her. 9. occur to

35 Extension 5 Group performance: Imagine the farmer and his wife and their four children get a family reunion during the New Year, what would they talk about the changes in their village?

36 Thank You!

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