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Study Guide Chapter 5 The Constitution.

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1 Study Guide Chapter 5 The Constitution

2 What is a group of people from each state who elect the President called?
Electoral College

3 What political party supported the constitution and a powerful central government?

4 What political party opposed the constitution and feared a powerful central government?

5 Who led Shays’ Rebellion?
Daniel Shays

6 What plan was drafted by James Madison?
Virginia Plan

7 Which type of government has officials elected by the people?

8 What is the Northwest Territory?
Land north of the Ohio River and west of Pennsylvania

9 What is federalism? System in which state and national governments share power

10 Who was the leader of the Continental Congress when the first constitution was written?
John Dickinson

11 Separation of powers- Different branches of government have different responsibilities

12 Great Compromise Compromise regarding state representation in Congress.

13 Which politician wanted a system of government similar to England?
Alexander Hamilton

14 Explain the difference between Unicameral and Bicameral.
Unicameral- one house legislature (NJ) Bicameral- two house legislature (VA)

15 Under the Articles of Confederation, who chose the members of Congress?
State Legislatures

16 How could a small state have equal representation under the Articles of Confederation?
Each state got only 1 vote

17 Northwest Ordinance- Provided a plan for governing the NW Territory

18 Land Ordinance of 1785- Provided a plan for distributing western lands

19 What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention?
To revise the Articles of Confederation

20 VA Plan gave power to the
Central or Federal government

21 NJ Plan gave power to the

22 Which compromise gave more power to slaveholders?

23 Checks and Balances System the prevent any one branch of government from becoming too powerful.

24 Bill of Rights First 10 Amendments Protects individual liberties.

25 Name and describe two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.
1. Congress had no power to tax the states. U.S. had to repay debts to Britain, France, and veterans of the American Revolution

26 2. Congress couldn’t regulate international trade.
Britain flooded the American market with cheap goods and American businesses couldn’t compete

27 Compare the NJ and VA plans.
NJ Plan: Written by William Patterson Unicameral legislature No one president Power given to the states VA Plan: Written by James Madison Bicameral legislature Powerful Executive Power given to the federal government

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