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©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Health and illnesses.

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1 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Health and illnesses

2 Human body

3 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Head: face, eye, nose, lips, forehead, ear, eyebrow, eyelashes, wrinkles, hair, birthmark, scar, chin, neck, earring, neck, glasses Hand: wrist, palm, fingers, thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, back of the hand, ring, watch

4 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Human organs

5 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Illnesses a cold, the flu cough eye infection fever headache stomachache sore throat toothache sunburn

6 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Other illnesses measles AIDS cancer dry skin insomnia malaria mumps depression diabetes hypertension STD (Sexually Transmitted disease) anorexia anemia dehydration obesity asthma bird flu cardiovascular disease

7 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Injuries and accidents black eye blister broken arm bruise burn cut broken leg twisted ankle/sprain scratch sun burn swelling car accident fall down the stairs electric shock drown

8 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová What do you do when you are ill? stay in bed get plenty of rest go on a diet put on a bandage go to the doctor take some aspirin take some cough drops take some medicine go to the dentist go to the chemists

9 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Keeping fit and healthy 1) good 2) diet 3) lifestyle 4) stay 5) bad 6) food and drinks 7) cholesterol 8) protect my 9) important for my 10) keeping fit is HEALTH HEALTHY UNHEALTHY Match together to make new phrases:

10 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová A questionnaire: How many hours do you usually sleep? a) less than 7 b) 7 - 8 hours c) more than 8 How often do you eat sweets? a) every day b) 3 – 4 times a week c) less than 3 times a week How many energetic drinks do you drink? a) at least 1 every day b) 2-3 every week c) none Do you have breakfast every morning? a) never b) 3 – 4 times a week c) always Do you have a meal a) after 6 - 7 hours b) after 5 – 6 hours c) after 3 – 4 hours Do you exercise (do sports / go to fitness / walk...)? a) never b) sometimesc) 4 – 5x a week How often do you drink alcohol? a) every weekendb) 1x a monthc) never Do you smoke? a) yes, every dayb) sometimes c) never

11 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Results: more "a": your lifestyle is very unhealthy, you're at the risk of being overweight, you're ill more often; if you smoke, you're at the risk of getting cancer, if you drink alcohol more than 1x a month, you're becoming an alcoholic, if you drink energetic drinks often, you're damaging your brain and heart seriously and you're at the risk of dying young more "b": your lifestyle is rather unhealthy, change your eating habits, start exercising and sleep well or one day you can have serious health problems, become overweight or be ill very often more "c": you really care about your lifestyle and you want to be healthy, you're rather fit, you're ill only rarely and you have good physical strength, you're also emotionally ok BE AT THE RISK= riskovat OVERWEIGHT= mít nadváhu CANCER= rakovina HABIT= zvyk DAMAGE = poškodit PHYSICAL STRENGTH= fyzická síla

12 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Talk about: How important is staying healthy for you? –I think that health is... (one of the most important things in life / extremely important / more valuable than money/...) Do you think your lifestyle is healthy? –I think my lifestyle is healthy because… –I feel my lifestyle is unhealthy because...

13 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová What do you do to keep healthy? –I try to protect my health by … (doing sport / eating well...) –I eat (fresh fruit and vegetables / regularly / yogurts /...) –I don't eat (junk food / greasy food / late at night / …) –I (exercise / go running / do sports / sleep enough / …) –I drink lots of water (fresh / sometimes mineral) or tea –I don't drink (coca cola / coffee / alcohol / energy drinks...) –I don't (smoke / take drugs /...)

14 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová What do you think about going to sun tan studios? –I think it´s healthy because... –I think it´s unhealthy because... What is unhealthy in our modern lifestyle? –people are lazy / watch too much TV / spend too much time on PC –do less exercise / smoke too much / drink too much alcohol –drink energy drinks / take drugs / take "disco drugs" –eat junk food / sleep too little / work too much

15 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Give advice how to have a healthy lifestyle. –You should… –You shouldn't …

16 ©Markéta Čeřovská, Lenka Lexová Too thin? Did you know that: Anorexia is a mental illness Over 6% of the population suffer from anorexia or bulimia, that's over 8 million people It's mainly a girls´ problem, but many boys or men suffer from anorexia as well Women with anorexia become infertile Most often teens between 12 – 18 suffer from anorexia Anorexia causes many health problems with: heart, skin, stomach, kidneys, liver, brain etc. People with anorexia can die within 50 – 70 days if they stop eating well 20 % never recover and become chronically ill 10 % die of heart / kidney / liver failure More people are starting to see it as a lifestyle and there are many web sites that support anorexia and bulimia MENTAL ILLNESS = psychická porucha SUFFER FROM = trpět INFERTILE = neplodná RECOVER = zotavit se, uzdravit se FAILURE = selhání SUPPORT = podporovat Source:,, E. and A. Peck: Let's Talk, Fraus, 1999

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