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Southwest Marketing Network. Expanding Markets for Southwest Small-Scale, Alternative, and Minority Producers

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1 Southwest Marketing Network

2 Expanding Markets for Southwest Small-Scale, Alternative, and Minority Producers

3 Objectives: Network Inform Train Research Demonstrate Activities: Contacts database Website Newsletter Conference Workshops Research Projects Demo Projects Southwest Marketing Network

4 Steering Committee Partners Colorado State University Extension Farm to Table National Center for Appropriate Technology Navajo Nation Department of Agriculture The Farm Connection Traditional Native American Farmers Assoc. University of Arizona Extension Western Rural Development Center


6 Stew Smith

7 Direct Marketing-Marketing without Barcodes Farm stand Roadside stand Farmers market Pick-your-own CSAs Community Supported Agriculture Mail order Internet

8 Where Do Producers Want to Sell in 5 Years? Consumer Direct: Farmers Markets 60 Onsite 51 Mail 48 CSAs 32 Direct-to-Retail: Natural Food Stores 74 Restaurants 56 Supermarkets 41 Institutions 27 Wholesale: Natural Food Store Buyers 61 Distributors 49 Processors 48 Supermarket Buyers 45 Grower Co-op 39

9 Glorias Corn Field

10 Indian Corn

11 WHY LOCAL FOOD??? Supports local farmers and ranchers. Can preserve open space. Can be more fresh and diverse. Keeps money in local economy. Allows better producer-consumer communication. Uses less energy.

12 Salad Bar Photo

13 Southern Ute Academy Bison Tasting for Farm to School


15 SASCO Sustainability Alliance of Southwest Colorado Farm to School Community Food Assessment Mesa Verde Guide Homegrown Conference Proceedings Local & State Policy Issues Rebuilding Our Local Food System Booklet


17 Rebuilding our Local Food System

18 Apples

19 Grants Greenhouse

20 1976-2005 Temp Trend (F) From Brad Udall, Feb 2008

21 Kennebec Snowmelt




25 Flower----------------------------- -----

26 Energy for a One Pound Can of Corn ( 350 Calories of Food Energy) Farm Production 450 Heat Processing 250 Steel Can 1000 Shipping 500 Bringing Home 300 Cooking/Cleaning 450 Total 2950 Very approximate data interpreted from Pimentel & Pimentel, 1985

27 Estimated Annual Food Purchases by Residents of La Plata & Montezuma Counties

28 Organic & Beyond Organic performs well in: Reducing synthetic chemical use Using on-farm resources Organic is less effective in: Reducing energy use Conserving soil and water Preserving family farms Maintaining local economies Two Strategies: Additional label claims used by producers Organic evolves to be more comprehensive

29 Bob

30 Farm-to-School Wider Benefits Supports local agriculture and food Promotes healthy food choices Furthers public education through children Promotes local AND high quality food Challenges our cheap food policies In time it should promote: Value-added processing Season-extension/preservation Increased local production

31 Dry Farming Areas Present Day

32 Dry Farming Areas 1000-1100 AD

33 Dry Farming Areas 1100-1275 AD

34 Managing Change in a Time of Peak Oil and Changing Climate Build a Resilient Agricultural System –Diversified production and marketing –Based on healthy ecosystems –Emphasizes local/regional food systems –Adaptable Recognize No Regrets Strategies Ensure Social Justice

35 Assessment

36 Packaging Processing Differentiating your Product Is it also Profit- Added? Value-Added Activities

37 Grocery Stores Regional Food Coops Restaurants Schools & Other Institutions Final processors Cooperatives Direct to Retail Marketing

38 Native American Farmers Market Development Working with eight Native American Communities in NM and AZ in farmers market development –Shiprock, NM (2 nd season) –Taos Pueblo, NM (1 st season) –Pojoaque Pueblo, NM (3 rd ) –Jemez Pueblo, NM (1 st ) –Chinle, AZ (will begin 2008) –Tuba City, AZ (1 ST season) –Acoma Pueblo, NM (2 nd ) –Crownpoint, NM (2008)

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