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Delivering SEE.

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1 Delivering SEE

2 Best Practices at Tapal Tea

3 Presentation Overview
Introduction to Tapal Case Study: Tapal Danedar Hard Pack Launch Synergize Market and Consumer Research, Plant Change over, Alignment of Production, Supply chain, Sales & Marketing and the launch event. Empower Individual ownership at each level of the organization Engage Internal and External Consumers, Stake holders and trade…. SEE

4 Tapal Tea (Pvt.) Ltd. Serving Tea to a Nation since 1947
The House of Leading Brands such as, Tapal Mezban, a Leader in the Dust Category, Tapal Danedar crowned as the “Biggest Tea brand in Pakistan”* Tapal Ice Tea, the first Ice Tea brand to be marketed in Pakistan. * As per the Brand Elections 2010 research conducted by MEMRB Pakistan SEE

5 Tapal Danedar …A Journey from Soft Pack to Hard Pack
Available in Jars, Pouches, Teabags and Soft packs Hard Pack format launched in August 2008 SEE

6 Synergize Total Quality Lead Team consisting of Production, Supply Chain and Sales and Marketing. All Agencies, Vendors, Suppliers, Technical and Production Staff, Distributors, and Other Support Departments aligned as ONE. TIMS – Tapal Integrated Management System as the lead Process Owner SEE

7 Empower Production Team Plant and Machinery Sourcing and Installation
Upgrading Capacity Plant and Machinery Sourcing and Installation Training and Development Test Runs Production SEE


9 Logistics and Supply Chain Team
Pack Designs Packing Materials Vendors Machine Ability – Compatibility of Packs with Machines Logistics and Distribution Warehousing SEE

10 SEE

11 Sales Team Sales Planning and Forecasting Internal Consumer Alignment
Briefing of Plan to Distribution Force Storage, Distribution, Shelf Space and Display Market Dry-Out Smooth Rollout with Minimal Stock Returns SEE

12 Marketing Team Transformation of Soft Pack to Hard Pack with the use of following vehicles Sales Briefing Sessions Pack Revealing Ceremony Press Conference Press Advertisement Tactical TVC Airing Radio Commercial Airing POS Support Bill Board Advertisement Shop Signages Moving Pack Dummy Float Instore Branding SEE

13 SEE

14 Extract of Launch Ceremony Planning Grid

15 Consumer Promotion on the New Hard Pack
A CP was rolled out to facilitate the transformation from Soft Pack to Hard Pack The CP was put forward with the following Support Tactical TVC Airing Radio Commercial Airing POS Support Bill Board Advertisement SEE

16 Engage SEE

17 Karachi Lahore Islamabad SEE

18 SEE

19 SEE

20 The Achievements The Synergized conversion made the process much faster as all effort were timely synchronized with the ultimate objectivity of enhancing The Consumer’s end experience By Empowering, Each process executer, at all levels, took Ownership to achieve results beyond expectations By Engaging all stake holders, Excellent pool of Ideas and cost saving measures were developed which made the process outshine SEE

21 SEE

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