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Opportunity ASEAN Mitchell Pham International Development Director AugenASIA / Augen Software Group

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1 Opportunity ASEAN Mitchell Pham International Development Director AugenASIA / Augen Software Group

2 Business background Visible areas of opportunity in Vietnam and the ASEAN region Examples of specific opportunities Examples of networks for business development Some lessons learned Some helpful organisations A day in the life… some photos Q & A AGENDA

3 AugenSOFT (since 1994) Servicing other businesses in the software sector, including: - Software Product Companies - Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Companies - System Integrators AugenGENERAL (since 1993) Servicing businesses in many sectors, including: - Banking - Construction - Finance - Insurance - Manufacturing - Professional Services - Transportation & Logistics - Utility Services Project Countries AugenHEALTH/NGO (since 1995) Serving community healthcare providers of: - Disabilities Services - Rehabilitation Services - Mental Health & Addiction Services - Social Services Related to Health & Wellbeing New Zealand – Australia – Malaysia – Singapore – United Kingdom – Vietnam Business Development Solution Delivery Product Development Augen Software Group – Our IT Business

4 ASEAN: Population = 0.6 billion / GDP = $2.7 trillion USD. China: Population = 1.3 billion / Economy = $5.9 trillion USD. Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi: Ease of access to ASEAN, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southern & Eastern China. Short flight distances. Small time zone difference. Relatively low cost telecommunication and high internet connectivity. Regional Interests & Capabilities

5 From Software Services to Business Development in Asia AugenGENERAL: 1993 onwards AugenHEALTH/NGO: 1994/2002/2007 onwards AugenSOFT: 1998/2004 onwards AugenASIA: 2006/2010 onwards Recent change in environment: Global Economic Recession New area of opportunities: Clean & Green Technologies (CGT) Market-driven approach: Asia problem/opportunity domains Engagement models: Long-term strategies, in-market partnerships, opportunity-driven PULL vs PUSH approach Business Evolution – Adapting to Change

6 ASEAN = Region of many challenges… Clean Air, Water, Food and Energy Clean Shelter & Environment Healthcare & Education Safety & Security Climate Change & Natural Disasters Opportunity: Understanding of problems & connecting to solutions Enabler: Technology and Innovation Objective: Speed-to-market Strategy: Collaboration Vehicles: Partnerships ASEANs Challenges = NZs Opportunities

7 Energy crises: Population size & economic growth rates Demand for & supply of energy – growth rates Grid coverage, power cuts and price increases Clean/green/sustainable/renewable energy supply – solar, wind, bio-mass, micro-hydro, geo-thermal, wave, etc. Power saving & usage optimisation – hardware, software, services Industrial developments: Green/eco industrial parks Green buildings Specific Opportunity Examples

8 Provincial developments: 58 competing provinces – population & economic growth Agricultural, industrial, tourism, SMEs Healthcare, education, entertainment, lifestyle Government computerisation International partnerships: Clean Energy Solutions: With Vietnamese company of 35 years of building and constructing solutions in the electricity industry; later expanded partnership to Indonesia ICT Solutions: With Australian and Vietnamese companies; providing whole solutions including hardware, software and services Networks of distributors, resellers and referral partners in Australia and ASEAN markets Specific Opportunity Examples (cont.)

9 Vietnamese diaspora business networks: Strategic Alliance Vietnamese Ventures International (SAVVi): Focused on business & investment opportunities in technology & innovation; clean energy, environmental protection and social development Business Association of Overseas Vietnamese (BAOOV): Focused on investment in development and business opportunities in all sectors across the Vietnamese economy Regional & global networks: Asia Societys Asia 21 Network: Asia-Pacific wide network of leading entrepreneurs World Economic Forums YGL Network: World wide network of leading entrepreneurs KEA: New Zealands global network of entrepreneurs and professionals Business Network Examples

10 Some Lessons Learned Presence + Engagement = RELEVANCE Market-driven approach: PULL is better than PUSH Collaboration: Partnerships = shortest path to success Sharing both risks and revenues not always simple – needs to be clear up-front, but also has to remain flexible, reviewed periodically and fine-tuned over time – expect teething periods Local partners may have good will and right connections/channels, but may not be ready to engage due to lack of processes Many paths are not direct; many relationships are not formalisable Supply chains absolutely critical – and must be formalised Frequent / full-time presence: Depending on partnership structure, partners local capabilities and their line of business ASEAN requires deliberate, serious and long-term commitment!

11 Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam Level 21 Grand Plimmer Tower, 2-6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington. Tel: (04) 473 5912; Fax: (04) 473 5913. Email: New Zealand Trade & Enterprise (NZTE) Web Site: Phone: 0800 555 888 Connect Auckland (or Connect New Zealand) Web Sites: Phone: (09) 309 2031. KEA New Zealand Web Site: Phone: (09) 302 3100. Email: Some Helpful Organisations in NZ

12 Vietnamese proverb says: Crossing river easier than crossing road, but crossing road more fun! A day in the life… CEO Peter Vile

13 Vietnamese staff say: Work hard – Eat harder! A day in the life… some staff at work

14 James Kember (NZ Ambassador) Lisa Davies (TVNZ – ASB Business) Russell Brown (ICT/Business Journalist) Visitors say: Vietnamese Augeneers – Same same, but different! (Augen staff in Vietnam are very Kiwi in their ways.) A day in the life… some Kiwi visitors

15 Augeneers say: Seize the day! A day in the life… some staff at play

16 Opportunity ASEAN – to be continued… Questions & Answers

17 Asia Office T: +84 8 5437 1219 F: +84 8 5437 0122 Australasia Office T: +64 9 307 1460 F: +64 9 307 1461 Web Sites

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