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The Laser Industry in Lithuania An overview 2010 © Laser and Light Science Association and Technology.

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1 The Laser Industry in Lithuania An overview 2010 © Laser and Light Science Association and Technology

2 We are… Strong player in global market Highly-qualified specialists Fast-growing industry

3 million EUR Sales

4 Despite the world economic crisis, in 2009 our sales We grow more rapidly than the global market : Fast-growing industry since 2003 the sales have increased by almost 150%. have increased by 4%.

5 Export 86 % Sales in 10 % 90 % Lithuania Share of export Strong position in global market

6 Lasers for industrial applications – material processing Our products take up nearly 10 % of the global market of lasers used for scientific research. & machining – also have a great potential for expansion. We hold more than 50 % of the world market for Strong position in global market highenergy pico-second lasers and ultra-fast parametric light generators.

7 Europe 86 % 47 % Asia & Australia North America Others, 1 % 31 % 21 % Strong position in global market Structure of export

8 Export to over 100 countr ies around the world. Rapidly growing Asian market is another target. 3/4 of total production is sold in Europe & North America. Strong position in global market

9 Laser equipment (price over ) sold in the global market Strong position in global market

10 High competence Number of employees

11 High competence Every tenth industry professional holds a PhD. 15 laser technology companies, employing over 400 highly qualified specialists, operate in Lithuania.

12 million EUR ,1 2,5 2,6 1,9 2,9 1,5 High competence Companies expenditure on R&D

13 Today 11 science and laser technology research In Lithuania research in laser physics is conducted for more than 40 years. centres carry out fundamental research. High competence

14 Vilnius University Laser Research Center Research on ultra-short pulse lasers & OPA started in Carrying out teaching and research in High competence 7 laboratories.

15 The Institute of Physics Research in laser physics since 1977 Nonlinear optics and spectroscopy laboratory High competence The Laboratory of Applied Research Molecular compounds physics laboratory

16 Research is also carried out by: High competence Military Academy of Lithuania Department of Apllied Sciences VGTU Faculty of Mechanics Department of Machine Engineering Institute of Oncology Laboratory of Biomedical Physics Kaunas University of Technology Institute of Piezomechanics Vytautas Magnus University The Department of Physics Kaunas University of Technology Institute of Materials Science Semiconductor Physics Institute Optoelectronics Laboratory Vilnius University Institute of Applied Research

17 Companies profiles

18 We make the light You know how to use it Established: Staff: Sales: Export: ,4 mn EUR 7,1 mn EUR

19 World leading producer of TOPAS series of optical We are… Producer of PHAROS single-unit integrated femtosecond parametric amplifiers and frequency mixers. laser system – new leader among femtosecond lasers.

20 Main products laser PHAROS Mature ultra-fast tool for the industry, medicine, research Femtosecond Ytterbium

21 Main products Femtosecond and picosecond The industry standard Over 600 units installed worldwide! optical parametrics amplifiers

22 Export Our products are sold in 35 countries worldwide. 94 percent of all products are exported. Our main clients are universities, research centers, industrial enterprises.

23 Stanford University Osaka University Tokyo University Argonne National Labs Oxford University National Institute of Standards and Technologies Harvard University Australian National University Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics Freie University Berlin and many others… Main clients Cambridge University Lawrence Berkeley National Labs


25 Innovative laser technologies Established: Staff: Sales: Export: mn EUR 5,7 mn EUR

26 Manufacturer of high performance solid state We are… Our products are used for various basic research, OEM and lasers, optoelectronics & laser systems. satellite ranging, material processing, micromachining. industrial applications : spectroscopy, material research,

27 Main products Solid state lasers & Extensive range of solid state laser systems lasers and systems for R&D

28 Main products Laser Spectroscopy Complete and ready to use systems for various spectroscopy applications

29 Main products Flash Lamp Drivers & Laser & Optoelectronics Cooling Units Components

30 Main products Industrial DPSS lasers Versatile tool for the variety of industrial material processing applications.

31 Export Our products are sold in over 40 countries. 94 percent of all products are exported. Distributors in more than 20 countries.

32 Berkeley University SOREQ National Research Centre Japan Nuclear Research Centre Mitsubishi Research Centre Naval Research Laboratory Max Planck Institute IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center NASA China Institute of Engineering Physics CERN and many others… Main clients Lomonosov Moscow State University Cambridge University


34 Established: Staff: 1987 > 100

35 Manufacturer of opto-mechanical products. We are… We have our own industrial base that includes CNC turning, milling and grinding machines.

36 Main products Opto-mechanical products Optical tables Brackets & rails Optical mounts Base positions and many others

37 Main products Lasers & measurements Lasers & accesories Spectroscopic instruments Light test & and many others measurement instruments

38 Our products are distributed to more than 60 countries. Export Our products are represented by more then 25 companies worldwide.


40 Technical flexibility serving Your Photonics needs! Established: Staff: Sales: Export: OPTOLITA Ltd mn EUR 2,3 mn EUR

41 Manufacturer and global supplier of precision components We are… More than 25 years of experience in the photonics. used in lasers, laser systems & optical instruments.

42 Main products Optical components

43 Main products Nonlinear & laser crystals

44 Main products Opto-mechanical components

45 Main products Optical systems

46 Main products Femtoline components

47 80 percent of all products are exported. Export Our products are sold in over 50 countries. 28 distributors and representatives worldwide.


49 Established: Staff: Sales: Export: ,9 mn EUR 1,5 mn EUR Discover more alternative solutions with ALTECHNA

50 Supplier of laser optics, crystals, equipment, lasers and We are… Our products are designed to meet your requirements in microfabrication systems. research and industrial production.

51 Main products General & polarization optics Advanced dielectric coatings Custom design and mass production capabilities techniques available

52 Main products Laser & laser systems Laser accessories & equipment

53 Main products Workshops of Photonics New Altechna R&D brand represents: coming on October 1st Microchip DPSS lasers, high power Femtosecond laser micromachining laser diode drivers

54 Over 1500 clients in 45 countries. Export Key markets cover the European Union, India, the USA, as well as Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Switzerland and others.


56 Established: Staff: Sales: ,5 mn EUR

57 The largest optical coating company in Lithuania. We are… We develop and manufacture broad range of optical various laser systems and optical devices. components as well as custom coatings suitable for

58 Main products Anti-reflection coatings Filters Beam-splitting coatings High reflection coatings Polarizers


60 General Optics Laboratory Established: Staff: Sales: Export: ,5 mn EUR

61 Our mission – innovative solutions in pulsed-laser We are… photonics and spatial imaging.

62 Main products Analogue holography studios High power and beam Pulsed RGB lasers with coherence quality pulsed lasers length

63 Main products Digital holographic printers Digital holograms (i-Lumograms TM )


65 Established: Staff: Manufacturer & supplier of custom precision optical components Rimkevicius and Gintautas Company


67 Established: Staff:

68 Manufacturer and global supplier of THz emitters and We are… Our clients are research centers and laboratories. detectors, THz spectroscopy systems.

69 Main products THz emitters THz detectors

70 Main products THz spectroscopy Based on the use of systems THz emitter & detector

71 We export 100 % of our production. Export We sell our products in the USA, China, France, Finland, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland and others.


73 Established: Staff: Aštuonetas Ltd.

74 The company provides laser engraving, marking, We are… fine welding and cutting services.

75 Main products Engraving Cutting Welding


77 Established: Staff: Producer of high precision optical interference coatings


79 Established: Staff: By using laser technologies we create positive emotions Lazerinės idėjos Ltd.

80 The company provides services related to We are… the implementation of laser technologies in advertising and entertainment industries.

81 Main products Lasers for lighting Lighting of the monument for the Lithuanian National Anthem and author V. Kudirka

82 Main products Lasers in entertainment Lasers in cultural projects

83 Main products Laser light spectacles in big spaces


85 Established: Staff:

86 Producer of laser equipment for research and We are… Member of the International Laser Display Association. advertisement and industry.

87 Main products Laser shutters Freezing point analyzer

88 Main products RGB lasers for advertisement Laser projectors for industrial and scientific applications


90 Laser solutions for industrial Established: Staff: ELAS, Ltd and scientific applications

91 Developer of laser micro machining processes with We are… ultra short pulse lasers. Manufacturer of laser micro machining equipment for science and industry.

92 Main products Micro machining workstations with Small batch production. ultra short pulse lasers. Laser micromachining related services: Feasibility studies Micro manufacturing process development Prototype production


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