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Farmers Market: Processed Food Vendors Food Safety and Successful Marketing through Customer Connection.

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1 Farmers Market: Processed Food Vendors Food Safety and Successful Marketing through Customer Connection

2 Food Processor Vendors are: Those licensed under the Department of Agriculture to sell bulk or packaged products at refrigerated or room temperatures, not intended for immediate consumption. For example: Bakers, Brewers, Cheese-makers…

3 Food Safety 1. Obtain License: Annual fee $175- domestic, $249- commercial a. For Hillsboro: Kent Widdicombe: 503-681-9756 b. For Beaverton: Steve Wong: 503-641-2348 2. Test your products shelf life a. Refrigerated or shelf-stable? 3. Selling Bulk products: a. Ingredient list available upon request -sub ingredients -specific allergens listed: MILK, EGG, WHEAT, FISH, SHELLFISH, TREE NUTS, PEANUTS, SOY Benefit to selling Bulk Products: less packaging cost, possibly less labor cost, opportunity to set up a memorable creative display Downside of selling in Bulk: Generally Shorter shelf life, more weight of marketing to your customer falls on the people staffing your booth & other tactics

4 Packaged Products 1. Proper Labeling a. Product Name and your Company Name b. Ingredient list including sub ingredients and allergens c. Product weight in standard & metric d. Address, phone number, & website, facebook, twitter e. Enjoy by date or sell by date (not required to list the production date) f. You are not required to get a Nutrition Fact analysis Benefit to packaged products: Generally a better shelf life than bulk, More opportunity to market to your customer, the pick-up benefit Downside to packaged products: Added cost from the packaging and labels, Likely added labor cost

5 Sampling Sampling is a great way to lure in those customers, and Id encourage anyone that can to do so! 1. Sample the product in line with how a customer would eat it at home. a. Bleu Diamond samples their Blue Cheese dressing with pretzel and veggie sticks b. Kuys Cambodian Sauce samples their sauces on a small plate of chow mein noodles c. PaoBread samples their Brazilian cheese bread hot out of her portable propane oven! Food processors are not licensed to SELL hot food, but we are allowed to SAMPLE hot food! Proper Handwash Station: 1. Clean water in a receptacle with a spout, water must pour freely without having to hold the spout on with the other hand 2. Drop bucket to catch the soapy water 3. Hand soap 4. Paper towels

6 Successful Marketing Connect with your customer! People that shop at Farmers Markets want to feel more connected to the food they eat. They want to know who you are, where youre from, and whats your story.

7 Tell your story Who are you? Your business name & where you are from & what you are selling should be loud & clear to anyone glancing at your booth, even from a distance. A few big & easy-to-read words or symbols in your banners will create your customers first impression The rest of your story can be conveyed through Knowledgeable staff Business Info. Signage Product display & product labels Email marketing & Promotional Materials

8 Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff People that shop at the farmers market want to get to know you and your staff. The more that staff are actually involved in the production of your product-the better! Choose folks that are outgoing, people-people. If you are the one that will be at the booth, take a hard look at yourself to make sure you are right for the job. Introduce yourself to customers and remember your regular customers names. Discourage the use of cell phones in the booth, step out of the booth if you have to make a quick call. Make sure you and your staff also know general market information like where the restrooms are, the hours of the market, & where the information booth is.

9 Signage: with more detail as the customer comes in closer The more your customers know about you and your products, the more they be willing to pay for them. In addition to knowledgeable staff, A sign, chalkboard, or photo album is an easy way for your customers to learn more about you & your products Product Menus, Brochures, and Business Cards are also a nice way for customers to get to know you better.

10 Create a display with Impact A more impactful display will draw customers closer, hold their attention longer, and theyll be more likely to buy!

11 Tips for an impactful display 1. Color & Color breaks 2. Full, Front & Centered 3. More real estate= More sales 4. More variety = More sales 5. Clear, Easy-to-read Signage

12 Tools to Keep in Contact with Customers 1. Email List (Mail Chimp) 2. Facebook & Twitter 3. Punchcards The more interactive you can be with your customers, the better!

13 Good Luck & Have Fun!

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