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Out Of Warranty Service Contract Options

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1 Out Of Warranty Service Contract Options
17th May 2013

2 Who We Are: Optinergy are an independent O & M provider based in Co. Cavan Ireland Formed as a result of principals frustrations with the service offered by OEM’s and lack of strong independent O & M providers in the market Strive to fill the gap between OEM’s and traditional “nuts & bolts” O & M providers

3 Related Companies: International Wind Farm Developer & Consultant in Ireland, UK, France, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Kenya & South Africa. 500MW+ of own Projects in Development Provider of Development & Construction Management Service Both in Ireland & UK

4 Market:

5 Fault Statistics:      

6 Fault Timing:      

7 Overview: Turbines not aware of night or day
Flexibility required from your O&M service provider Direct contact to technicians Increased possibility to provide interim solution Quick response to site including evenings and weekends Maximise availability Down time = Lost income!

8 O&M Service Levels: Level 1: Services at a fixed price and call outs as you decide Level 2: Services, call outs, & minor spares in a fixed price, major component work as you need it Level 3: All in Warranty with Availability Guarantee Other services: EOW Inspections , Insurance tests, Spares Supply, Blade Repairs, Major Component Overhaul…

9 Risk Decision: Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3

10 Experience: Optinergy currently maintain & support the following turbines Vestas V27 Vestas V39 Vestas V42 Vestas V47 Vestas V52 GE 1.5 Bonus 37 Optinergy have developed an independent supply chain for these turbines

11 Example: Project constructed in mid nineties
Optinergy took over maintenance in early 2011 from OEM On takeover over half the turbines were not running Initially completed emergency maintenance on all turbines Immediately worked closely with project owner to develop a preventative maintenance programme

12 Results: Windfarm availability now back to “as new” condition
In excess of 99% availability Fault rate on all turbines substantially reduced Project returns much improved due to: - Increased technical performance - Less Downtime - More cost effective Ongoing plan still in place: - Blade cleaning/repair - General Cabling overhaul - General preventative maintenance

13 Aiden Watters Optinergy Ltd Cootehill Enterprise Park, Cootehill, County Cavan. Mobile: +353 (0) Office: +353 (0) Web:

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