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M2-Limitations of Market Research

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1 M2-Limitations of Market Research
D2 Make recommendations to improve the validity of market research

2 Starter What is market research What are marketing plans
How is market research used to help develop marketing plans

3 Lesson Objectives Explain the limitations of market research used to contribute to the development of marketing plans for Tesco Outcome Carry out some market research to identify the limitations of market research Write up findings of research , explain how these limitations will effect Tesco marketing plans

4 Task Get into groups of 4 Allocate roles- market researcher, data collector, question designer,sample Read the task Identify what you have to do Prepare market research Carry out research Analyse findings

5 Questions Using the amrket research you carried out answer the following questions Which brand was most popular Which brand was least popular Which brand was preferred by women Which brand was preferred by people over 20

6 Findings Were you able to answer all the questions?
Which ones weren’t you able to answer? Why

7 Limitations of Market Research are
Reliability of data collected- were the same questions asked of each person, was the sample big enough and reflective of the people who will use/buy the product would the same results be obtained from a different set of people Validity of data collected- does it measure what it claims to measure, is it accurate. Cost effective- are the costs of carrying out the research going to be worth while

8 Task Write up your findings in the powerpoint
What are the limitations of market research What are the limitations for Tesco of using market research to inform it’s marketing plans

9 Plenary

10 Starter Think for a minute what is the meaning of the following words
Validity is Reliability is Cost effectiveness is The research measure what it is supposed to Estimates the degree to which an instrument measures the same way each time Worth spending the amount to get the information

11 Lesson Objectives Make recommendations for improving the validity of marketing research used to contribute to the development of marketing plans Outcome Carry out research to find out how to improve the validity and reliability of Market research

12 Working in groups of 3 to 4 carry out research to find out how the :-
Validity Reliability Costs of Market research can be improved Make notes of your findings In a group decide the 3 most important ways for each area then write them on the flip charts

13 Writing Up Your Research
In your power point make recommendations for how Tesco can improve the validity of the market research used in forming market plans.

14 Plenary Write down 3 things you have learn’t today.
2 things you don’t quite understand 1 thing you will use again

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