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Northland Foundation Kathy Keeley October 19, 2010 Keeley1.

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1 Northland Foundation Kathy Keeley October 19, 2010 Keeley1

2 Why Marketing Definitions and more Definitions Marketing – Five Key Steps Effective Tools Tips Keeley2

3 Nation of Consumers Technology Competitive Environment Generational Demographics Community Engagement Keeley3

4 Awareness and Recognition Clients – Outreach Image Fundraising Educating Donors Asking Donors Closing the Ask Keeley4


6 Produce and Message Results Build and Develop Relationships Demonstrate Stewardship of Resources Keeley6

7 7

8 Marketing Branding Messaging Marketing Plan Public Relations Promotion Advertising Social Marketing Social Media Guerilla Marketing Viral Marketing Marketing Metrics Blogs Twitter Web Hits and Page Views Video Marketing Keeley8

9 Communication vs. Marketing Keeley9

10 Market Research – data to inform your marketing Target Market – who is the very specific audience Marketing Metrics – what are you measuring Marketing Plan – objectives, activities, timeline, budget Keeley10

11 name, term, design, symbol, or other feature identifies one as distinct from those of other organizations Brand Identity Brand Image Logo, name, tag line all together- Trademark Keeley11

12 Advertising – Ads to sell something Public Relations – media press releases, promotion, name awareness activities, Promotion – media, trade booths, outreach activities, presentations Keeley12

13 Creating a Campaign Define the Purpose Community Engagement Message - Theme Call to Action National Statewide Local Cause Related Marketing Keeley13

14 Website Blogging Email Blasts Facebook Twitter LinkedIn What is the purpose? Experience for the visitor? Demographics of Target Market Fundraising Goals Networking Policies Keeley14

15 $ $ $ = fundraising Keeley15

16 Keeley16

17 Define – Plan – Execute – Measure- Review/Renew 1. Define: Your Brand and Message 2. Plan: Develop Marketing Plan 3. Execute: Get the Marketing Mindset 4. Measure: Work the Plan and Measure 5. Review: Evaluate, Learn and Adapt Keeley17

18 Be Consistent Reflect Your Image Speak to Your Target Audiences Keeley18

19 Name Logo Colors Font Design and Placement Image Keeley19

20 Keeley20

21 Keeley21

22 Keeley22

23 Keeley23 Brand Image=Brand Message Tag line consistently used Marketing Activities Creating visibility and awareness of the brand: Sets an organization apart from its competitors Presents a clear, consistent message Delivers a unique, enduring value that creates preference Provides focus Increases a sense of connection or affiliation Keeley23 Concepts

24 Keeley24 Focus Groups Surveys Interviews Industry Competition - Comparison Keeley24 Market Research

25 Keeley25

26 Yet Another Plan Organizes your goals and provides measures Informs the budget Ensures impact for the dollars spent Keeley26

27 Outline 1. Marketing Purpose/Rationale 2. Dashboard 3. Services/Program Description 4. Marketing Objectives 5. Target Market 6. Strategies to reach target market 7. Action Plan – calendar Keeley27

28 Marketing Metrics Numbers of What you Going to Do Examples 20% increase in referrals 25% increase in donors, members, etc. 3 Newspapers articles Lunches with key individuals (4 per quarter) Event Tickets – sold out Keeley28

29 What do you want to accomplish? What is your real objective? Increase referrals from medical personnel, counselors, and case managers. Increase awareness and name recognition among prospective donors and current donors. Increase donations from current donors. Keeley29

30 Multiple Constituencies = Multiple Messages Clients Referrals Current donors Prospective Donors Community Awareness Keeley30

31 What are you going to do to achieve goals? Develop 30- and 60-second PSAs Add Donate Now button on web site Create email blast –monthly Note: Where does Social Media fit into your strategy? Keeley31

32 Keeley32

33 Its an Attitude! Keeley33

34 What does the client, consumer, donor experience when they enter your door? Keeley34

35 It is everything you do! o Location o Office o People o Web site o Materials o Business cards Keeley35

36 A clear understanding of what the customers value Donors Partners Clients Families Stakeholders Keeley36

37 Market Research Understanding what the customer wants and needs Target the Market Be Aware Multiple Constituencies Marketing Plan – Everyone is responsible Promotion Activities Networking Keeley37

38 Brand Image=Brand Message Tag line consistently used Elevator Pitch Marketing Activities Creating visibility and awareness of the brand Keeley38

39 What can you do this week? What can you do this month? Keeley39

40 Keeley40

41 Measure what happens Be Deliberate Keeley41

42 Keeley42 12 month workplan for program Quarterly individual workplan Keeley42 Marketing Activities

43 Keeley43 Activity JanFebMarAprilMayJuneJulyAugSept

44 Keeley44

45 What works and what did not work? Revise plan quarterly Timing Was the dollar investment worth the return? Keeley45

46 1. Define 2. Plan 3. Execute 4. Measure 5. Review/Renew Keeley46

47 Keeley47

48 People have to see something seven times Build it and they will come – unlikely Timing is key Everyone is our Market – not Targeting – niche society Consistency Keeley48

49 Target Market Consistent Brand Simple Marketing Plan with Calendar Tie to Fundraising Social Media Appropriately Keeley49

50 Market segmentation Nonprofits Social Media Newsletter Keeley50

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