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The IT Job Market & Tactics for looking for work experience Practical and Transferable Skills for Computer Scientists 2011 Careers Consultant from Universitys.

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1 The IT Job Market & Tactics for looking for work experience Practical and Transferable Skills for Computer Scientists 2011 Careers Consultant from Universitys Careers Service

2 Session Structure The IT job market Case studies: what would you do? How commercial aware are you? Tactics for looking for work experience Summary

3 The IT industry for Graduates – what does the future hold? 2009-2019 The governments (2009) Technology Manifesto to create a further 250,000 IT jobs in the 10 years by; Right to government data policy following USA lead Extending superfast broadband making UK hub for the creative industries Publication of government spending and salaries Opening up government IT contracts to SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises, employing 200 or less)

4 The IT industry for Graduates - the current labour market Despite rising unemployment rate (17% for 2009 leavers), higher than average into employment rate. 43.7% of IT graduates working as IT professionals. Despite highest unemployment rates for IT staff since 2004 the demand for IT professionals is set to grow – better news for IT graduates.

5 Constant IT innovations needed in all sectors – Ready for the challenge?

6 Oppor tunities PROBLEMS The Big Society Energy crisis / climate change Ageing population Security and Human rights Transportation Communication SOLUTIONS? Maintaining services Renewable energy/ carbon trading Care in the community Pen testing and enhanced passport control Higher demand challenge Wanting everything NOW

7 As it is… PA Consulting … We still struggle to attract technical IT graduates that can offer the right blend of technical know-how with interpersonal and transferable skills. We want computer science graduates who are technically good but can work well in teams and communicate effectively

8 Key message for computer scientists… It is not what you know but what you do

9 Who will you apply to? Companies who CREATE Technology eg. IBM, Microsoft, Apple, HP, Compaq, Intel, Cisco, Companies who HARNESS Technology eg. Accenture, PwC, Logica, Reuters, Cap Gemini, Deloitte and CSC, Companies who USE the Technology eg. BBC, NHS, Orange/T-Mobile, Oxfam, Astra Zeneca, M&S, UBS, BT, Barclays and Imagination Technologies Some companies overlap or even operate in all 3 zones Small Businesses Yourself - Start your own business!

10 SME and Me plc focus – where to look Growth of SMEs - Small and Medium Sized Enterprises requiring your skills and labour. Regional links; l/manchesternw/it/ l/manchesternw/it/ Promotion of Graduates as entrepreneurs Manchester Enterprise Centre. Manchester Entrepreneurs (student society) University support at…, Resources available in Careers Service See Best Places to work in IT

11 Which employers recruit Manchester Computer Science graduates?


13 Graduate roles Try them out or observe them on placement! Within IT; Project Management Consultancy Design Development Engineering Specialist Technical Support & Training

14 Over to you… -some case studies of typical student queries -You will act as a careers adviser -How will you advise them?


16 Commercial Awareness Quiz 1.Which institution sets the base rate in the U.K.? 2.What is the name of the Group that owns these retail brands? – Topshop, Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge 3.What does GDP stand for? 4.Which countrys currency is called the Dong? 5.Which UK based Building Society is the largest in the world? 6.Which British organisation is the worlds 4 th largest employer? 7.What name is given to a depressed stock market?

17 Commercial Awareness Quiz 8.Who is Tim Cook? 9.Name the First Lord of the Treasury 10.Which of the following is not an oil company: B.P.; AstraZeneca; Total; Gazprom; ExxonMobil; 11.Environmental issues are important to all businesses, what is the name of the one and only MP for the Green party? 12.Which Group owns these brands? Guinness, Baileys, Smirnoff. 13. In which country would you find Nokias head office?

18 Commercial Awareness Quiz 14. If you see the letters LLP after a firms name what does it mean? 15What are FMCGs? 16. If you heard a businessman talking about M&As what would he mean? 17. Whats the current standard rate of VAT? 18. What is the name given to the financial district of New York? 19. Which Act of Parliament was set up in 2010 ensure fair treatment and equality for all in the workplace? 20. What is the FTSE 100?

19 Work Experience: what counts? Industrial placement Summer internship Voluntary work Mentoring Work shadowing Manchester Leadership programme i.e. ANYTHING that demonstrates you have been pro-active in finding out about a career area and/or developing relevant skills 70% of work placements lead to a job offer

20 Tactics - looking for work experience Know yourself Find out whos recruiting Gather evidence of your commitment for this sector, organisation and role? Make an informed decision about applying Seek help for the recruitment and selection challenges Feedback your experiences next year!

21 Do you have any important personal factors? Career or professional development Personal mission (Goals/passions/long-held ambitions) Philosophy (Ethical/environmental/profit/caring/£££/status) Constraints (Location/health/family/work permits) Skills gaps (Personal/technical/commercial) Experience gap (Necessary/advisable/sensible) Commitment evidence (networking/sector/organisation) Timing (Negotiate deferred start/developing skills or experience) Gender (glass ceilings/commitments/constraints)

22 Find out whos recruiting School contacts and Moodle Seek out finalist placement returners Careers Service website for vacancies and much much more Events (presentations and workshops) 3 Fairs in October; Thurs.11 th 2-4 – School careers fair in Kilburn basement, Wednesday 19 th 10.30am-4pm Science, Engineering and Technology at Manchester Central. Also Work Fair at University of Salford on Wednesday 5 th 10.30-3 – details at Directories and takeaways


24 Careers VIRTUAL Services Automate your placement search. Keep track of recruiters on campus. Set up email alerts. Blogs- students, postgraduates, media, international students and volunteering.Blogs Twitter - follow us on ManunicareersTwitter Delicious – information bookmarksDelicious Facebook – New this month, University of Manchester Comp. Science Careers Group Facebook

25 Networking: Good things to ask How did you get into this occupation? What attracted you to this occupation? What is the progression of jobs from entry level to more senior positions? What is a typical day like for you? What skills, abilities and attitude do you need to be successful in this occupation? What changes do you see in this field in the next few years? NW IT Professionals LinkedIn group

26 Time for action – apply from now onwards Deadlines for applications for placements and internships (turn of the year). Youll need to tackle on-line competency- based application forms and take tests Assessment centres from early spring Final interviews and allocation late spring

27 Placements available with small companies (SMES) STEP – Nuturing Talent (since 1986) Provides challenging, definable, structured projects for prefinal year undergrads in SMEs E.g. - Design/implementation of a website –Setting up IT systems, Assessing carbon footprint, Excellent training in business and presentation skills Can last 8-12 weeks during summer vacation (STEP Classic) or 6-12 months (STEP into Industry) Available across the UK Paid placements Applications accepted from September.

28 Looking for Work Experience OVERSEAS Check Careers website for links to over 90 organisations CIEE – internships in USA (list some but impetus on applicant to find a host company) AIESEC – international traineeship exchange programme Leonardo Da Vinci scheme – European work placements 13-52 weeks IAESTE – work experience exchange scheme for technical students

29 The IT Job Market & tactics for looking for work experience - SUMMARY IT Labour market – Open for business Case studies – challenges and motivations Commercial Awareness,Got it or getting it?! Seeking and securing work experience - Choices, choices, choices (sectors, organisations; large or small, home or abroad, roles, personal factors) - Decisions to be made - Challenges in selection to overcome

30 Career Service – Location 1.Crawford House - Booth Street East Appointments Phone : 0161 275 2829

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