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ALBUQUERQUE TRIVIA How Well Do You Know the City in Which You Live? Take the Challenge!

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1 ALBUQUERQUE TRIVIA How Well Do You Know the City in Which You Live? Take the Challenge!

2 Albuquerque Trivia When was the University of New Mexico established in Albuquerque? ANSWER: UNM was founded in 1889 and held classes in a building at Railroad Avenue (now Central) and Edith. NM History

3 Albuquerque Trivia Was the Ku Klux Klan ever present in Albuquerque? ANSWER: Yes. On September 5, 1923, the KKK staged a cross burning east of UNM. The cross was reportedly 25 feet tall. NM History. COLLINS

4 Albuquerque Trivia What was Albuquerques first bottled water? In the 1880s, Adolph Harsch began bottling and selling water from Coyote Springs in the Manzano Mountains. NM History

5 Albuquerque Trivia What two hotels became social centers after 1900? The Alvarado Hotel, completed in 1902 at a cost of $200,000, was considered the finest railroad hotel of its time. It became the center of the city. In August 1923, the eight-story Franciscan Hotel, at 6 th Street and Central, was another center. NM History

6 Albuquerque Trivia When was the first All Indian Pueblo Council? In 1922, the All Indian Pueblo Council was organized. NM History

7 Albuquerque Trivia When did the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center first open in Albuquerque? In 1976, the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center opened for the benefit of Pueblo People and to educate the community about Pueblo Culture. Its main building was modeled after Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon. NM History

8 Albuquerque Trivia Who was the first sheriff of Bernalillo County and Albuquerques first Lawman after American occupation? It was Juan Antonio Aragon, appointed by Governor Bent in December, He served as Sheriff until NM History

9 Albuquerque Trivia What was another name for the Nob Hill Shopping Center? Locals call the Nob Hill Shopping Center Weigelmans folly when it opened in It was the first retail development outside of Downtown, and people thought Developer R.G. Weigelman was crazy to build so far away. NM History

10 Albuquerque Trivia When did Apaches and Navajos begin raiding Albuquerque-area pueblos? Raiding occurred as early as 1450 and continued for nearly four centuries through the 1870s. NM History

11 Albuquerque Trivia Who was Albuquerques patron saint? The founding Spanish Governor chose San Francisco, but the viceroy, after whom Albuquerque was named, wanted San Felipe to honor the new King of Spain, Felipe V. The viceroy got his wishes. NM History

12 Albuquerque Trivia When did Albuquerque get her first suburbs? By 1750, Albuquerque had such satellite communities as Corrales, Los Griegos, Los Montoyas, and Los Gallegos. NM History

13 Albuquerque Trivia When was Albuquerque named an All- American City? The National Municipal League named the city All-American in 1958, based primarily on the spectacular urban growth of that decade. NM History

14 Albuquerque Trivia When Albuquerque celebrated its 250 th birthday in 1956, what special gift was presented by the eighteenth Duke of Albuquerque? The Duke presented the city with a REPOSTERO or tapestry. NM History

15 REPOSTERO from Duke NM History

16 Albuquerque Trivia How many Pueblo Indians were in Albuquerque in 1706? None. In the 1540s, Spaniards found several pueblos in the Middle Rio Grande Valley when they arrived. By the 1580s, many were abandoned, and after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, returning Spaniards found the rest abandoned. NM History

17 Albuquerque Trivia What was the impact of diseases brought by Europeans on Albuquerque? In 1805, 87% of the 6,930 residents had contracted smallpox at some time. In 1810, after a cure was discovered, Dr. Cristobal Larranaga began vaccinating Albuquerqueans. NM History

18 Albuquerque Trivia Who was the first African-American to be elected to the Legislature? Lenton Malry, who represented Albuquerque from , was the first African-American elected to the Legislature. NM History

19 Albuquerque Trivia What New Mexico Senator has a statue in the Capitol Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C. and was also honored with a stamp in the Great American series? Dennis Chavez ( ) was honored with a statue in 1966 and a stamp in NM History

20 NM History Dennis Chavez

21 Albuquerque Trivia When did the first Indian Hospital open in Albuquerque? The Indian Sanatorium was built by the Indian Service in 1934 and provided free treatment to Indian Tuberculosis patients. The Bernalillo County Indian Hospital opened next door in NM History

22 Albuquerque Trivia How did Albuquerque lose her second Marshall? On November 20, 1886, Albuquerques second Marshall, Robert McGuire, was shot dead while trying to apprehend two outlaws. He died a few days later. NM History

23 Albuquerque Trivia How many of Albuquerques founders were of African descent? Of the 22 heads of households who settled here, 5 were identified as Negro or mulato. NM History

24 Albuquerque Trivia Albuquerque was one of the first to pass which civil rights law? On February 12, 1952, after heated debate, Albuquerque became one of the first cities to pass an ordinance barring discrimination in public places because of race, creed, or ancestry. NM History

25 Albuquerque Trivia What is the state motto of New Mexico? CRESCIT EUNDO which translates to It Grows as it Goes and was used on the first Great Seal of NM History

26 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

27 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

28 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

29 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

30 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

31 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

32 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

33 Albuquerque Trivia NM History

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