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July 3 rd, 1883 – June 3 rd, 1924 By: Elizabeth Ung.

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1 July 3 rd, 1883 – June 3 rd, 1924 By: Elizabeth Ung

2 Place: Prague, Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia) Family: Jewish Descent Members: Hermann (Father), Julie (Mother) Siblings: Many deaths in the family, including those who perished in Concentration Camps (Franz Kafka Online. Web. 2012)

3 Pressured by Fathers desire for social advancement Quiet and Withdrawn due to familial deaths Avid reader and writer German Schools rather than Czech ones Juggle between his passion for literature and success in school (Franz Kafka Online. Web. 2012)

4 Doctorate in Law on June 18 th, 1906 Spent time working at Workers Accident Insurance Institute & took over job for brother at fathers wish Depressing atmosphere as he could not concentrate on his writing Met lifelong friend Max Brod, who encouraged his writing greatly (Hornek. Franz Kafka Biography.Web. 2012)

5 Had relationships with various women including Felice Bauer, Melina Jesenk, & Dora Diament The most bizarre aspect of his sex life, though, was that sex was absolutely repulsive and disgusting to him. Hence, the very idea of normal married life with a respectable woman was too much for him. Coitus as the punishment for the happiness of being together, he wrote in his diary… Franz and Felice Dora Diament (Hornek. Franz Kafka Biography.Web. 2012)

6 Temporarily retired in 1922 due to his growing tuberculosis Spent time with his favorite sister, Ottla Dora Diament spent the last moments at his beside in Berlin – wrote the Talmud from her influence Died at Kierlin Sanatorium in Vienna (Hornek. Franz Kafka Biography. Web. 2012)

7 "Writing is a deeper sleep than death. Just as one wouldn't pull a corpse from its grave, I can't be dragged from my desk at night. (Nervi. The Kafka Project. Web. 2012)

8 Kafkaesque – A term deriving from Kafkas complex, grotesque writing style A Country Doctor (2007); Japanese Animation film by Koji Yamamura; taking visual/artistic liberty to perceive the story, yet very true to the short storys Kafkaesque nature. rOcEcM&

9 Gregor withdrew his head from the door, and turned to look at his father. He really hadnt imagined him the way he was; admittedly, he had been distracted of late by the novel sensation of crawling, and had neglected to pay attention to goings-on in the rest of the flat, as he had previously and so really he should have been prepared to come upon some alterations. But really, really, was that still his father? The same man who had lain feebly buried in bed, when Gregor had set out formerly on a business trip… (Norton Anthology, 965-6) Themes of isolation & conflict of man vs. society Anxiety of a world purposely and cruelly pitting Gregor against the odds; leading into hopelessness Presenting a threat to the order of the world, Gregor is enforced to change himself; the characters around him also change, such as his family Finding a way to obtain relief from the troublesome situation

10 A Country Doctor. Screenplay by Koji Yamamura. Dir. Koji Yamamura. Shochiku, 2007. Biography of Franz Kafka. Franz Kafka Online. 2012. Web. 10 April 2012. Franz Kafka. Good Reads. Ed. Jessica Donaghy. 2012. Web.10 April 2012. Hornek, Daniel. Franz Kafka Biography. Franz Kafka Website. 2005. Web.10 April 2012. Kafka, Franz. The Metamorphosis. The Norton Anthology of World Literature. Ed. Peter Simon. New York: Norton, 2009. 943-977 Nervi, Mauro The Kafka Project. 2011. Mauro Nervi. Web. 10 April 2012.

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