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Prof. V. G. Vogralick. Energy transfer Modern idea about mechanisms of interaction between material objects is related to the dual state of the substance.

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1 Prof. V. G. Vogralick

2 Energy transfer

3 Modern idea about mechanisms of interaction between material objects is related to the dual state of the substance. First, there is chemical interaction under condition of contact between objects; second, there is influence of one object on another with the help of electromagnetic radiation, and in this case influence can occur on distance without direct contact of the objects. The second type of interaction in conditions of low-intensity radiation is possible exclusively in the case of the coincidence of objects own frequencies.




7 Founders Kozhemjakin Alexander Mihajlovich, Ph.D. in physical and mathematical sciences. He is corresponding member of the Russian academy of medico-engineering sciences. He worked in the defense industry and private sector during the last 15 years. Tkachenko Yury Aleksandrovich, Ph.D. (the co-chairman of the International scientific organization "Microvawe International Group", the vice-president of the Reflexotherapeutist's Russian Society) received his medical undergraduate education and completed his Ph.D. work in immunology. He co-founded two other medical device companies in Russia.

8 CEM ® -TECH This device provides natural electromagnetic exposure that has beneficial effects on cells, organs and systems of the organism. CEM ® - TECH produces an electromagnetic spectrum identical to the electromagnetic spectrum of the affected area, which then performs the role of an antibody. When electromagnetic radiation similar to the infectious agent is administered, an effect of vaccination or therapeutic effect is achieved.

9 Current Distribution & Awards The CEM ®- TECH device is authorized by Health Ministry of Russian Federation and clinically approved. More than 8,000 doctors throughout Russia and Confederation of Independent Countries use this device as well as select clients in the United States, Canada, Australia, and EU. In the past, the device was sold mainly to medical professionals but it is currently distributed by a Russian company with sales exceeding 2,000 units a month. More than 1,000,000 patients in Russia used or use CEM device. The CEM ® -TECH device is recognized with certificates of Rospatent, silver medals from the exhibitions Eureka- 2000 in Brussels and INPEX in Pittsburgh, and a gold medal from EWEI exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria.

10 Our prizes:

11 The undoubted priority of Russia is the two century development of the concept of natural and artificial EM wave influence on Earth biologic environment and human health


13 This scientific branch is associated with great Russian scientists Tsiolkovsky, Vernadsky, Chizhevsky

14 Циолковский Константин Эдуардович (1857-1935 гг.) Tsiolkovsky C. E. (1857-1935)

15 Вернадский Владимир Иванович (1863 -1945 гг.) Vernadsky V.I. (1863 -1945)

16 Чижевский Александр Леонидович (1897-1964 гг.) Chizhevsky A.L. (1897-1964)




20 The appearance of prophylactic and therapy method by means the technology of materials with controlled energy materials (СЕМ) is the result of fundamental researches in Russian scientific centres: 1.Vinogradov E. A. Semiconductor microcavity polaritons //Uspekhi Fizicheskikh Nauk, Russian Academy of Sciences. 45 (12) 1213 – 1250 (2002) 2.Chidichimo G., Beneduci A., Nicoletta M., Critelli M., Renata De Rose, Tkachenko Y., Abonante S. Selective Ingibition of Tumoral Cells Growth by Low Power Millimeter Waves. Int. J. Anticancer Research, 22: 1681- 1688, 2002

21 3.Votoropin S. D., Kozemjakin A. M. MIA-ME99, Novosibirsk, 1999 – P.V64-V67. 4.Complex therapy of chronic opisthorchiasis patients / Manual for physicians. Ministry of healthcare Russian Federation. Tomsk Science and Research of Balneology Physiotherapy. Siberian State Medical University. Tomsk, 2005. 5. Eric C. Dykeman, Otto F. Sankey Low Frequency Mechanical Modes of Viral Capsids: An Atomistic Approach // PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 2008 Jan 18;100(2):028101

22 Eric C. Dykeman, Otto F. Sankey Low Frequency Mechanical Modes of Viral Capsids Displacement: pattern of virus particle changes

23 Eric C. Dykeman, Otto F. Sankey Low Frequency Mechanical Modes of Viral Capsids Displacement: arrows indicate the center of mass motion of each peptide in the full virus

24 The mechanisms of vaccination, consisting in creation of maximum specific cellular and humoral immunity against viruses and bacteria, are well investigated since times of L. Paster. In simplified form it could be presented as struggle of specific antibodies and cells of organism immune against alien antigenes. This method has a number of serious lacks, the main of which relates to poorly predicted immunity changes with possible allergization, long period of immunity formation, impossibility for steady immunity formation at fast mutation of viruses and bacteria.


26 Different mechanism for creation of specific immunity is offered - the material with properties of changed energy structure (СЕМ), electromagnetic spectrum of which is identical to electromagnetic spectrum of a virus or bacterium, performs the role of antibody. When the material with the changed energy structure (СЕМ), which has electromagnetic radiation spectrum, similar to the alien infectious agent, is administered into the organism, effect of vaccination or effect of therapy (through the period of temporary disease exacerbation) is achieved.

27 Development of principally new method of vaccination of living organisms from infectious diseases, and also development of principally new technology of therapy for infectious diseases with the maximal antimicrobic and antiviral effects and the minimal influence on the environmental cells are suggested in the given project.

28 Employing the device and its patented technology, a user records the radiation of the affected area through the irradiating head, then subsequently applies the spectrum back into that area. CEM ® -TECH Application for early infection disease stages IRRADIATING HEAD AFFECTED AREA POWER UNIT


30 Most Effective CEM Applications Early stages of infection diseases Pain syndrome of any kind (without rough anatomic changes) Microcirculation disorders of any kind Joints and vertebral diseases Skin and hypodermic cellular tissue diseases (allergy, inflammation of any kind, trauma, insect bites, etc).

31 CEM-TECH: Major Affirmed Methods 1.EHF-therapy during preparatory surgical period of ischemia heart decease treatment. Methodical recommendations #99/193 (approved by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, 25.05.2001). 2.Electromagnetic radiation millimeter range during rehabilitation period of patients with ischemic heart-disease. New medical technology #98/31 (approved by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, 18.06.1998). 3.EHF-therapy for patients with veterobrogennic neurodistrofic pseudocardialgiams (middle scalene syndrome). Methodical recommendations #2002/74 (approved by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, 28.02.2003). 4.Millimeter waves during treatment of patients with neurological back pain. New medical technology #2000/199 (approved by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation in 2000).

32 Major Affirmed Methods 5. Rehabilitation treatment optimization of patients with osteoarthritis and flat-foot. Improved medical technology (registration certificate #FS- 2006/126-u, 14.6.2006, Federal Service in Public Health and Social Development). 6. Electromagnetic radiation EHF-range during rehabilitation treatment of neuroorthopedic disturbance in children and adolescents with lumbar back pain and idiopathic scoliosis. Improved medical technology (registration certificate #FS-2006/039-u, 10.04.2006, Federal Service in Public Health and Social Development, effective till 11.08.2009). 7. Complex physiotherapy of chronic prostate decease. Improved medical technology (registration certificate #FS-2006/023-u, 11.03.2006, Federal Service in Public Health and Social Development).

33 Major Affirmed Methods 8. Rehabilitation treatment for patients with lime-borreliosis physiotherapy factors. Methodical recommendations #2002/75 (approved by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, 28.02.2003, effective till 28.02.2013). 9. Complex treatment of patients with chronic opisthorchiasis. Medical technology, currently, under examination of Russian Health Supervision Commission. 10. EHF-therapy in complex rehabilitation treatment stress conditions. New medical technology (FGU Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Russian Medical Technologies).

34 Major Affirmed Methods 11. Complex use of physiotherapy methods in treatment of patients with uterus myoma. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 12. Complex physiotherapy of male climacteric disorders. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 13. Rehabilitation of sexual and reproductive health, in males with excrete-toxic sterility during sanatorium regimen. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 14. Complex treatment of different forms of psoriasis. Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. Siberian State Medical University.

35 Major Affirmed Methods 15. Optimization of prescribing electromagnetic millimeter therapy for patients with ischemia heart decease in sanatorium and health resorts. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 16. EHF-therapy in complex rehabilitation of patients with exogenic and organic damage of brain. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Mental Health, Tomsk Regional Mental Hospital, Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 17. Anti-stress therapy with use of background resonance radiation. Methodic recommendations: Orenburg Center of Adaptation Medicine Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Novosibirsk joint-stock medico- technical company Academy Siberia.

36 Major Affirmed Methods 18. EHF-therapy of postresection disorders in patients after radical stomach cancer surgery during sanatorium rehabilitation. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, SMGU, Scientific Research Institute of Oncology TNC of Russian Academy of Medical Science. 19. Rehabilitation of females after surgery on uterus and adnexa with use of EHF-therapy. Methodic recommendations: Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation. 20. Use of background resonance radiation therapy for elimination of pain syndrome of during neurovetebrogennic deceases. Methodic recommendations: Moscow Scientific Research Institute of Traditional Therapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation, Khabarovsk County Center of Mental Health, Tomsk Scientific Research Institute of Balneology and Physiotherapy Ministry of Health of Russian Federation.

37 Publication analysis of clinical studies allows to come to the conclusions that EHF electromagnetic radiation influence of human body makes it possible to:

38 Reduce pain of any genesis and inflammatory effect in pathologic centers; Reduce rehabilitation treatment period of the wide spectrum of diseases; Increase the potential of rehabilitation treatment in the outpatient and home setting;

39 Conduct primary and secondary prophylaxis; Increase the effectiveness of medications as well as reduce the dosage of prescribed medications, in quite a number of cases eliminate their use.

40 All scientific efforts confirmed good tolerance of human body to EHF influence, and the absence of complications and side effects. The same can be applied to long-term observation of recovering patients (1-2 years), the absence or insignificant perception in the point of influence was observed (some patients had a perception of light tingling and goose skin).

41 No contraindications to its use was detected, however, EHF therapy should be avoided in the following cases:

42 Necessity of urgent surgical intervention; Acute disturbance in cerebral blood flow, venous thrombosis, and embolism in acute period; Unascertained diagnosis; Individual intolerance to this type of therapy.

43 This therapy should be prescribed with caution when there is arterial hypotension, and required prescription of medications for increasing vascular tone.

44 In the following table you can see nosologic forms and the main registered effects of EHF therapy:

45 Osteochondrosis, p<0,0001

46 Spine pain syndrome, p<0,05

47 Cerebrovascular pathology, p<0,05

48 Trigeminal neuralgia, p<0,01

49 Syndrome of vegetative dystonia, p<0,0001

50 Traumatic and postoperative syndrome – pain syndrome, p<0,05

51 Traumatic and postoperative syndrome – microcirculation disturbances

52 Traumatic and postoperative syndrome – joint movements disturbances, p<0,05

53 Acute cholecystitis, p<0,05

54 Stomach and duodenal ulcer, p<0,001

55 Psoriasis, p<0,05

56 Psoriasis relapses, p<0,05

57 Tuberculosis, p<0,01

58 Tick encephalitis and borreliosis (mixed infection), p<0,01

59 Heart attack - pain syndrome, p<0,05

60 Heart attack – antianginal effect, p<0,01

61 Heart attack – good clinical effect, p<0,01

62 Heart attack – satisfactory clinical effect, p<0,05

63 Heart attack - left ventricle diastole function, p<0,01

64 Intestine cancer – wound healing, p<0,01

65 ENT cancer – purulent and inflammatory complications, p<0,01

66 Neuropathology 1. Naturopathic manifestations of spine osteochondrosis, including discogenic radiculopathy Evident anesthetic effect, increase in pain threshold in local alogenic zones 2. Spine silicosis in childrenEvident anesthetic effect, increase in tolerance to physical activity, increase in spine excursion 3. Vertebrobazilare deficiencyDisappearance or substantial decrease in headache and vertigo, blood pressure normalization 4. Brain exogeno-organic affections (traumatic, vascular, infectious-toxic and complex genesis) Disappearance of asthenic manifestations, emotional instability, hypertension, headache, vertigo, blood pressure fluctuation, night sleep restoration

67 Neuropathology 5. Cerebral atherosclerosisCerebral blood flow normalization, lipidic metabolism indicators normalization 6. HeadacheSignificant decrease of intensity of headache and duration of attacks 7. Mono- and Poly-neuropathyAnalgetic effect, the speed increase of impulse conduction on nerves 8. Vegetative distony syndrome, including vegetative crisis (panic attack) Vegetative status normalization, decrease or disappearance of headaches, improvement of geodynamics on the basis of rheography data 9. Reactive neurosis and stress reactions – treatment and prevention Decrease or disappearance of irritability, emotional instability, sleep disturbances, increase in efficiency, mood increase 10. Cerebral spastic infantile paralysisDecrease in muscular tone, increase in the range of active motions

68 Joint diseases 11. Degenerative dystrophic joint diseases (deforming osteoarthritis, Perthers disease, psoriatic osteoarthropathy) Anti-inflammatory effect, increase in muscle strength, range of motions in interested joint and tolerance to physical activity 12. Hemarthrosis and hemophilic artropathyAnalgetic effect, hemostasis normalization 13.Atrophic arthritisSignificant decrease in pain and morning joint stiffness, immunomodulatory effect

69 Surgical pathology 14. Traumatic and postsurgical skin injuries of bone and soft tissues, including complicated with suppurative inflammation and sluggish wounds Shortening of all phases of wound process, anti- inflammatory action, regeneration stimulation, suppuration prophylactics, evident analgetic effect, decrease in the dose of analgetic medications 15. BurnsAnalgetic effect, fast formation of granulation tissue and epithelization 16. Posttraumatic osteomyelitisShortening of inflammation exudative phase period and stimulation of the earlier start of reparative processes, normalization of cytomorphologic leukocyte characteristics

70 Surgical pathology 17. Posttraumatic stiffnessAnalgetic effect, normalization of microcirculation and trophic disturbances, restoration of normal range of motions 18. acute cholecystitisAnti-inflammatory action 19. Acute pancreatitisShortening of the treatment period, positive influence on the condition of immune system

71 Gastroenterology 20. Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer disease, including complicated with bleeding and perforation or penetration Shortening of epithelization period of ulcer effect, decrease in the amount of recurrences 21. Incompetence of bile-excreting tractsFaster and more effective pain and dyspepsia syndromes reduction, decrease in signs of thickening and crystallization of bile, normalization of gallbladder contractile function 22. Chronic gastroduodenitis, including the one with presence of Helicobacter pilori infection Faster and more effective pain and dyspepsia syndromes reduction 23. Chronic pancreatitisEffective pain reduction, restoration of pancreas functions

72 Gynecology 24. Chronic uterine appendages inflammation, including the ones with reproduction function disorder Analgetic action, softening of commissural structures, reproductive function rehabilitation

73 Dermatology 25. PsoriasisAnti-inflammatory, analgetic, regenerative effect, infiltrate resorption, shortening of treatment period, decrease in the number of recurrences 26. Trophic ulcerAnti-inflammatory, analgetic, regenerative effect, infiltrate resorption, shortening of treatment period, epithelization of ulcer defects 27. Atopic dermatitisAnti-allergenic effect, itch termination 28. Microbial eczemaFaster recovery 29. AcneFaster recovery 30. NeurodermatitisSkin itch decrease

74 Infectious and Parasitic diseases 31. Chronic opisthorchiasisImprovement of contractile function characteristics and gallbladder volume characteristics, disappearance of opisthorhid eggs in bile 32. Pulmonary tuberculosis, including chlamidia and mycoplasmal infections Stabilization during pulmonary tuberculosis, decrease in occurrence of postsurgical complications

75 Infectious and Parasitic diseases 33. Tick-borne encephalitis and tick- borreliosis Motion activity increase, decrease in intensity of headaches and arthralgia, sleep normalization, decrease in fever period, weakness and sweating, increase of antibody titer to antigens of tick-borne encephalitis and tick-borreliosis 34. Viral hepatitisFaster recovery 35. Acute respiratory virus infections – prevention and treatment Morbidity reduction in 2 times, disease behavior in a lighter form, decrease in the morbidity period, absence of complications of acute respiratory virus infections

76 Cardiology 36. Ischemic heart disease: exertional angina, instable angina, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia Evident antianginal effect, decrease in the number of episodes of painless myocardial ischemia, improvement of diastolic function of left ventricle, decrease in the number of stenocardia attacks, decrease of arrhythmia episodes, decrease in the dose of nitroglycerin, normalization of activity level of antithrombin III and erythrocyte deformability 37. Alternative hypertension, including hypertonic crisises Hypertensive effect, decrease in resistance of peripheric vessels, improvement of arterial brain circulation indicators, decrease or disappearance of passive congestion signs, catecholamines excretion normalization

77 Pulmonology 38. PneumoniaEffectiveness increase and shortening of treatment periods, prevention of lingering illness process 39. Bronchial asthmaDecrease in cough and dyspnea, decrease in the need of inhalation bronchial spasmolytic, improvement in bronchial secretion discharge, decrease in the number of rales, external respiration function normalization, immunomodulative effect 40. Chronic neobstructive bronchitisAnti-inflammatory effect 41. Chronic obstructive bronchitisReduction of bronchoobstruction syndrome

78 Stomatology 42. Adentia and dental prosthesis application Evident anti-inflammatory effect 43. ParadontitisEvident anti-inflammatory effect, regeneration stimulation, local blood circulation normalization in paradonta 44. GingivitisEvident anti-inflammatory effect

79 Oncology 45. Malignant neoplasms (cancer of large and rectum intestine, skin melanoma, stomach cancer, mammary tumor, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and others) Decrease in the number and intensity of polychemotherapy complications, decrease in the number of recurrences and metastases, pain relief effect 46. Benign tumors of mammary glandsPrevention of malignant degeneration, anti-inflammatory effect 47. Benign tumors of ovarianNormalization of secretion of sex hormones and immune status 48. Uterus fibromyomaDecease in node size

80 Endocrinology 49. Diffuse toxic goiterDecrease in the size of thyroid gland, change in its consistency 50. Nodular goiterDisappearance or rapid decrease of solitary noduls 51. Diabetes and its complications (micro- and macro- anginophathy, hepatosis, cataract, nephropathy, cardiopathy) Regression of complications, diabetes course stabilization, decrease in insulin dosage

81 Andrology 52. Andropausal disordersIncrease in sexual desire, sexual function improvement 53. Benign hyperplasia of prostate glandIncrease in sexual desire, sexual function improvement 54. Chronic prostatitisReduction of pain and dysuric syndromes, sexual function improvement 55. Secretio-toxic sterilitySpermatogenesis stimulation

82 Eye diseases 56. Diabetic retinopathyImprovement of electrocullogram indicators, disappearance of unpleasant feeling in the eye 57. Eye inflammation diseases, including allergenic genesis Itch termination, anti-allergenic effect

83 Liver diseases 58. CirrhosisNormalization of biochemical indicators, size and structure of liver 59. Chronic hepatitisNormalization of biochemical indicators, size and structure of liver 60. HepatosisNormalization of biochemical indicators, size and structure of liver 61. Toxic affection of liverNormalization of biochemical indicators, size and structure of liver

84 Vessel diseases 62. Obliterating atherosclerosis of arteries of lower limbs Elimination of pain syndrome, decrease of intermittent claudication 63. Obliterating endarteritisElimination of pain syndrome, decrease of intermittent claudication 64. Raynauds diseaseNormalization of peripheral circulation and microcirculation 65. Post-thrombophlebitic syndromeElimination of pain syndrome, faster healing of trophic ulcer

85 Narcology 66. Chronic alcoholismDecrease in internal stress, anxiety, alcohol desire 67. ToxicomaniaPositive impact on psycho, emotional, and somatic spheres

86 Mechanisms of EHF Action After analyzing information from literary sources, we can list the following mechanisms of EHF action on human body:

87 Normalization of immune system functioning (increased number of T- and decreased number of B-lymphocytes and immunoglobulins (Ig) A and M (Bakaliuk et al., 1998), increased number of T-lymphocytes in comparison with baseline (Kuzmenko, 1998), the concentration of circulating immune complexes, B- lymphocytes and immunoglobulin G decreased and the number of T-lymphocytes and IgA increased (Shliapak et al., 1996), the decrease of CD8+ positive T- lymphocytes (Jin Z, Lin M, Xia J, Zhuang J, Yang R, Li X, et al., 2001), normalization of prior existing dismunnoglobulinea and normalization of functional activity of neutrophiles (Briskin B.C. and et al, 2003), rehabilitation of functional activity of B-lymphocytes and phagocytic activity of neutrophiles (Bukatko B.N., 2003)

88 Increase of nonspecific body resistance (Tumanyac E.E., Termuryanc N.A., 1997); Normalization of lipidic metabolism indicators (increased concentration of high-density lipoproteins, decrease of triglycerides (Kuzmenko, 1998));

89 Normalization of the bioelectric brain activity (stabilization of α-rhythm) and disappearance of the pathologically slow δ-waves monitored by means of electroencephalography (Tyshkevich et al., 1998), increase in spectral facility of electroencephalogram α-rhyme (Gubarec M.Y., 1989), and rehabilitation of initially disturbed interzonal and interhemispheric interrelations of basic electroencephalogram rhymes (Stolbikov A. E. and et al, 1991)

90 Activation of hemopoesis in red bone marrow (Lebedeva N.N., Kotrovskaya T.I., 2002); Normalization of rheological blood properties (lowering of blood viscosity, increase of erythrocytes deformation (Parshina S.S. and et al, 2003)); Normalization of coagulant and anticoagulative factors balance (normalization of antithrombin III level (Lopatina N.A. and et al, 2003), normalization of fibrinolitic activity and thrombocyte hemostasis (Bukatko V. N., 2003))

91 Normalization of vessel tone and microcirculation activation (normalization of endothelium vessel reactivity (Parshina S.S. and et al, 2003), normalization of rheogram indicators (Dikke G.B., 1999; Afanaseva T.N., Petrova V.D., 1995) and rheoencephalogramm indicators (Tcarev A.A., Kudinova M.A., 1997)); Normalization of vegetative regulation, stabilization of sympathetic and parasympathetic parts ratio of vegetative nervous system (Dikke G.B., 1999)

92 Normalization of pro- and anti-oxidant systems ratio (Tumanyac E.E., Temuryanc N.A., 1997); Activation of cell regeneration (increase in proliferation of fibroblasts (Polyakova A.G. et al., 1999))

93 Normalization of kateholomin and sexual hormones secretion (Tcarev A.A., Kudinova M.A., 1997; Zaporozhan V.N. et al., 1997); Influence on endogenous opioid system (Radzievsky et al., 2001), activation of antinociceptive system (Kirova B.N., 2000); Antistress action – suppression of excessive activity of symphato-adrenal system and activation of stress- limiting systems (Chuyan E.N., Temuryanc N.A., 2005)

94 Suppression of influenza virus reproduction inside the cells and viricidic effect (Podchernyaeva R.Y. et al., 2004); Rehabilitation of mononuclear ability to secret γ- interferon, which enables the decrease in possibility of cancer development for risk group patients (Sitko S.P. et al., 1993); Cytoprotective action towards red marrow cells and liver during polychemotherapy (Karaeva N.P. et al., 2006)

95 Change in structure-dynamic characteristics of cell membranes (Semina I.G. et al., 2007); Anti-inflammatory effect, based on stimulation of mast cell degrannulation and measurement of phagocytes functional activity in the center of inflammation (Gapeev A.B, Chemeris N.K., 2007); Inhibition of skin, liver, and brain aging processes (Rodshtat I.V., 2007)


97 Before therapy: hypothermia at sternum area is the immunodeficiency sign After CEM-Tech device therapy

98 Before therapy After CEM-Tech device therapy

99 CEM influence on human serum albumine structure: Сontrol after 45 min of CEM influence after 45 min oxidative stress of oxidative stress

100 Lung of the control mouse in 1 month after infection with MBT (micobacterium of tuberculosis). Total specific pneumonia. Absence of air pulmonary tissue. Hematoxylin and eosin stain. Enlargement х170.

101 Lung of the mouse in 3 months after infection with MBT, preliminary vaccinated with BCG. Lymphoid-macrophage foci in subpleural zone of the lung. Absence of typical tubercular lesions. Hematoxylin and eosin stain. Enlargement х170.

102 Lung of the mouse in 3 months after infection with MBT, with preliminary treating according to CEM Technology. Sites of lymphoid- macrophage infiltration on the background of emphysema. Absence of typical tubercular foci. Hematoxylin and eosin stain. Enlargement х170.

103 CEM inhibiton of fungus growth control CEM effect

104 All CEM ® science news see THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION!

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