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Agenda History Customers Products Challenges Organization Releases.

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1 Agenda History Customers Products Challenges Organization Releases

2 Progress!!!!! Success!!!!! Number of Clinics

3 Progress!!!!! Success!!!!! Patient Registrations/Intakes (Four largest clinics now running their own servers)

4 In-Country Server Locations (June 07)

5 Message from Ricardo: Since Wednesday June 13th 2007 Bethel use the EMR real time on local server the care people and the administration like the system at now we have 60 patients chart fully and 100 partially integrated on the EMR. The system works well except for the ldap services we have to restart sometimes. Due to the conversion from the Aids reliefs forms to that on the EMR the time for finish the backlog will be higher than Cayes or Jeremie and the commitment is to have all the patients chart on the EMR before August. Nevertheless to be sure the EMR will be successfully integrated to Bethel we have to provide fast 1)A backup generator because there is no public electricity company at fond des negres 2)A more reliable internet connection for troubleshooting the system 3)Computer for care people using the system

6 Progress!!!!! Success!!!!! Transactions/Day

7 Customers PEPFAR Clinics (Grace, Les Cayes, etc.) 3rd Parties (Nastad, MESI, CRS, etc.) I-TECH (Nancy, Rachel, Rogès) CDC (Solon, Nicasky, Ricardo, etc.) Bill

8 Products

9 Challenges: Forms Backlog Point of Care (POC) Lab Information System (LIM) Maintenance/enhancement

10 Challenges: Reports Patient Profile Report (PPR) Pediatric reporting Report definitions Reporting code Jasper Schema changes

11 Challenges: Infrastructure Improved communications In-country site support Replication Data interfaces (NASTAD/MESI) Platform (WAMP, KISS release) Schema changes LDAP (move/copy authentication)

12 Organization Matrix FormsChristinaCecilia, Jessica Claire, Jim, Jun, Steve ReportsJimSteve, Jun, Claire, Ken InfrastructureSteveEric, Jim, Svend, Jun

13 Proposed Major Releases October 1, 2007: –Community Building /Communication –Backlog Management –Reporting and Data Transfer Interfaces –System Architecture January 1, 2007: –Provider Electronic Medical Record April 1, 2008: –Laboratory Information System (LIS) and Interface to EMR Other/Miscellaneous (will be added to the above releases whenever possible or appropriate): –Forms Changes –Data Entry/Manipulation Tools & Utilities –Pharmacy Data Interface

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