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“Solar Plan” "Solar Villa" at Lake Dian, Kunming

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1 “Solar Plan” "Solar Villa" at Lake Dian, Kunming
Proposal for the real estate project with cultural tourism concept Shun Tai Enterprises

2 FOREWORD The objective of the project are: On the southwest coast of Lake Dian we want to develop and construct an international and ethical project, "Solar Villa” , with a concept of cultural idea as it's theme , covering the arts , tourism, exhibition and pension industry. In line with the Western Development Strategy of China(WDSC) to promote South-West region to further deepen the reform and opening up , and to docking the wave of Internationalization, we are ready to set up the site of "China Forum on Lake Dian" in "Solar Villa” , which designed to attract more domestic and foreign merchants and individuals to join the WDSC and to promote healthy and harmonious development of the south-west region of China . We actively promote our culture and the arts industry as well as promote regional economic and employment growth. The project covers an area of 2.33 km2 of land, with a total investment of 2.6 billion, In three phases, 5-6 years to complete .

3 CATALOGUE Summary of Objectives Project Background Project Structure
Operation Project Operating Plan

4 OBJECTIVES Solar International Villa
On the southwest coast of Lake Dian we want to develop and construct an international and ethical project, "Solar Villa” with a concept of cultural idea as it's theme, covering the arts , tourism , exhibition and to enjoy a life in retirement. China International Forum on Lake Dian Set up the site of "China Forum on Lake Dian" in "Solar Villa” to attract domestic and foreign business people and celebrities. To create a “Training Center for International Business" and a club for the development of private enterprises in the south-west. Initiative to create and set up a "Solar Venture Capital" Foundation. The theme of the art integrated Villa Construction of the Solar International Sculpture Exposition Garden, the artistic creation of national industrial center Establish a "Business Exhibition Park" for the international and national art. Restoration of "National Art Institute" cultural sites , and preparations for the Solar University of the Arts. Solar International Villa develop 1.67 square kilometer of land, and built a small Villa with the southwest national conditions and customs on it. Build a Solar Eco-art Village and a Solar International sanatorium. To build a place for producting, learning, researching, commercial, tourism, exhibition and retirement dwelling. the complex real estate of tourism and culture

5 CATALOGUE Summary of Objectives Project Background Project Structure
Operation Project Operating Plan

6 Background 1.Project Location Project Location
It’s located in the south bank of Lake Dian , which is famous scenic tourist area of Kunming City in Yunnan Province——Jinning County Jinning County is the birthplace of Dian Culture. Navigator Zheng He's native place. One of the world's leading phosphorus -producing city. It's located in the south bank of Lake Dian , which is the central of Yunnan. It has an area of 1391 sq km, and a population of 280,000. Kun-Luo Road, Kun-Yu highway and Yu-Kun Railway are all run through the County. On the wharf of Kunyang, you can reach every port of Lake Dian by boat. There are monuments like Meishucunian Precambrian-cambrian system boundary stratotype section , Dinosaur fossils and footprints in the Xiyang Villaship, a former site of the Lake Dian County during the Han Dynasty, the Guanyin frescoes, stone inscription about General Shi,Panlong temple,and so on。 Jinning County is called "Flower City in the Highlands" . The production, the value of output and the total planting area of cut flowers are the 1st place of China. The project is located in the south bank of Lake Dian . Lake Dian is on it's north side, and Yu-kun highway is on it's south side , the distance to the center of Kunming city is just about 40 km.

7 The project site location is in the northwest of Jinning county
Background 1.Project Location North Project Location The project site location is in the northwest of Jinning county

8 Background 2. Policy Context Macropolicy
On the 17th National Congress of the Communist Party of China , they determined the important goal to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects are “continuing to enhance the capacity of sustainable development, improving the ecological environment, increasing the efficiency of resource use significantly , promoting harmony between man and nature , adhere to the development of production, affluent life and sound ecological environment for the whole society ”. The notification about 《A number of developing the western regions of policies and measures》by the State Council are pointed out:” For some time to come , the key tasks for carry out the movement of strategic exploration in the west are : To speed up infrastructure construction ; Strengthen the protection and construction for the ecological environment, to promote the development of the unique western tourism , to promote the development of the educational technology and culture-public health undertakings. ” And put forward a series of preferential policies on tax revenue and land, and so on.   In the list of《Implementing the Catalogue of Priority Industries for Foreign Investment in the Central-Western Region》, the project is to encourage investment in 13 categories (tourism) of Yunnan-related industries.   Commissioned by the State Council, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, made the " Eleventh Five-Year Plan on the grand western development program research" the report are pointed out : Implementing the grand western development program , the existence of the problem is: 1. Uncoordinated investment environment, reform of the lag; 2. Domestic and foreign private capital investment in small, inadequate follow-up to the transfer of the western region; 3. The lack of the supportness by the sustainable development of local industries;So , in the future , these issues must be improved and solved by policy support.

9 Background 2. Policy Context industrial policy
The 《 Outline of Culture Development during "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Period 》 are pointed out that: “At the present stage , the objectives and the process of China's cultural development and the level of well-off society are also incompatible, cultural institutions and mechanisms to improve the socialist market economic system , further expand the opening to the outside world are also incompatible, the quantity, quality, variety of cultural products and services, and the people's growing spiritual and cultural needs are also incompatible, the international competitiveness of cultural products is still weak. Facing the new situation, we have to strengthen the sense of urgency , responsibility and mission, grasp the important strategic opportunities about the development of our culture, to promote the cultural innovation and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. " The 《Outline》clearly states that:" During "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Period , the average annual growth rate of cultural industries was significantly higher than the economic in the same period , and it has increased the proportion of gross domestic product.“ The 《Outline》emphasize that:"Adhere to inherit and carry forward the fine traditional culture, absorb and learn from the world of outstanding cultural achievements, the cultural innovation is always the strategic basis of cultural development and is always our driving motive actively promote the culture and economy, science and technology integration development, to improve the capability of independent innovation of China's culture positively. Taking care of the 'going out' major projects and programes of culture , making full use of international and domestic markets and resources, participating in international cooperation and competition actively, strengthenning cultural exchanges with foreign countries, expanding international cultural trade and the space of cultural development,......" The 《Outline》are also clearly states that , increasing the investment of the central-western culture, cultivate talents , and a series of related initiatives.

10 Background 2. Policy Context local policy
Yunnan People's Congress was throughed by local legislation,《The Promotion of Foreign Investment Regulations》, on March 31, 2006 , to determine : Encourage foreign investors to invest in the following areas: One,......tourism industry; Three , high-tech industry, information industry;Four , cultural industries;Five, education and health undertakings ; And enjoy a serials preferential policies, such as land, taxes. In 《Yunnan Pillar Industry Plan ( )》, which published by Yunnan Development and Reform Commission , tobacco, non-ferrous metallurgy, biological resources, tourism, cultural industries, hydropower Industry, medicine are all the pillar industries of Yunnan , and have some encouragement and preferential policies for the investment. According to the 《Yunnan Tourism Master Plan( )》 , 《Double Tourism Development Plan( )》,which approved by the Yunnan provincial government , put forward the suggestion of strategic planning about building the "six major tourism product base" as the center of " Grand Central Yunnan Kunming International Tourism Zone ", and put forward policy initiatives "Focused and Concentrate on the Development and Construction ".

11 Background 2. Policy Context Local Initiatives
  《 The "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" about Tourism Development in Kunming》are pointed out that: The development of the tourism industry has new opportunities because of the upgrading of the world tourism products.” With the improvement of living standards , culture-oriented travel , vacation tour and Eco-tourism will be the three major tourism trends.” We need to develop the compound tourism products of Kunming in the future. We must promote the tourism products from a single type of tourism to the compound type of tourism, leisure, vacation, health, exhibition and business. We must promote to change the government tourism investment to the diversification of tourism investment. We must make new breakthroughs in show the cultural connotation and develop the cultural characteristics. 《Plan》 are emphasized that : culture is the soul of tourism , we must promote to combine the tourism and cultural.” At present, we are seeking the support of culture for the tourism industry . In the development and construction of “ tourism area around the Lake Dian ” , 《Plan》 are emphasized that : We must seize the opportunity of the construction of a modern Kunming , to build the tourism area around the Lake Dian to an International Holiday Resort for Southeast Asia. And we must invent realestate tourism products, construct a Tourism-Vacation Area with historical and cultural experience in Jincheng and Xinjie.   The key points about Urban Planning and Development in Kunming(latest) : We will adopt a new model of urban development, around the Lake Dian we will building new Villas in Chenggong(on the east coast of Lake Dian) , Jincheng and Xinjie(on the south coast) , Kunyang and Haikou(on the west coast).

12 Framework : Item composing
Solar International Eco-Village International Sculpture Exposition Park Art Creation Center Solar International Sanatorium Solar Villa cover an area of : 1.67 km2 building area :700 thousand m2 landscaping ratio :≥40% "National Art Institute" District The open structure of the group of small Villa with national characteristics. Lake Dian Forum Enterprise Training Center

13 CATALOGUE Summary of Objectives Project Background Project Structure
Operation Project Operating Plan

14 Framework : 1. International Sculpture
Exposition Park The Exposition Park will be an area of 0.67 km2, a world-class sculpture park in the world, and the largest open sculpture park in southwest of china , and also as a world-class sculpture display base. Set up the Arts Council of the International Sculpture Biennale, call for Sculpture Creation Programs and works from the world ; Held an international sculpture exhibition every two years in Kunming as a standing item on Cultural Festival; The winning entries will be permanently displayed in the Sculpture Park. The Exposition Park will be built at the center of Solar Villa, and it will be the new tourist attraction of Lake Dian as a tourism zone. The international art forum and commercial exhibition will be held in the park. The goal of design and construction for Exposition Park is integrate it with Solar International Eco-Village , Solar Art Creation Center and Enterprise Training Center , integrated operations of culture, tourism, business integration.

15 Sculpture Exposition Park
Framework : 1. International Sculpture Exposition Park Exhibit Area Indoor Display Art Creation Center Supporting Business District Sculpture Exposition Park Cover an Area of: 0.67 km2 Building Area : 160,000 m2 1 mu = m2 Items Exhibit Area Indoor Display Area Art Creation Center Supporting Business District Cover an Area of: mus 500 100 300 Building Area : 10,000 ㎡ 5 8 3

16 A B C D Framework : 1. International Sculpture Exposition Park
Functional planning of the Indoor Exhibition Hall -- Services and Facilities in Lake Dian's International Forums and Regional Investment Reflecting the experience of the reform and opening up in Southwestern Region , and the focus of the reflection is the party and government leaders(from Comrade Hu Yaobang to now) take the greatest care of the Southwestern Region's economic development and preferential policies. Displaying and demonstrating modern Chinese nation and the international sculpture and other arts and crafts works and the introduction of Designing Works in the room Displaying the graphic, audio-visual , on behalf of the works , and some pictures about the introduction of folk culture and historical evolution in Southwestern Region of China As the permanent meeting place and assembly hall for International Forums in Lake Dian(including International Art Forum and South-East Asia Regional Economic Cooperation Forum) A Displaying the Development of Southwest Social Displaying the International Forum Hall of Lake Dian Displaying Sculpture Works of Art B C Displaying Yunnan Folk Culture D

17 The features of the residential area in Solar Villa
Framework : 2. Solar International Eco-Village Solar International Eco-Village (residential zone) The Planning and Design for Eco-Village Area of km2 Green ecological residential area with Art and the National Customs. The total floor area : 0.4 km2 Average household size: 200 ㎡ Lots of sculptures and trees The features of the residential area in Solar Villa High-end garden residential community for entrepreneurs and artists Solar International Business Training Center and Southwest entrepreneurs Sharon's Club property management centre(office)

18 Framework : 3. Solar International
Arts Center We will adopt the Chinese and foreign classical and national architectural style to make the personalized design Property will open business by the form of combining the sales and rental. Each studio covers an area of m2 , deciding the space composition according to needs. Functional Concept Planning Design Property Form A group of Traditional National Crafts and Artwork Making Workshops for display. The Agglomeration of SOHO Studio for various types of modern artists. The integration of creation, production and sales for artworks. In the region of International Sculpture Garden and of the complex around the square. The total area is 0.2 km2, and it will be integrated with the service of cultural tourism One part of these buildings is used for housing , one part is used for shops , and one part is used for SOHO. We will turning it into an Art Market and Production Field in Southwest of China

19 Framework : 4. Solar International
Sanatorium   The Reasons of the Construction Our society is entering the aging population, the aging population has reached 11% of total population. To 2020, the country's aging population will reach 240 million, accounting for 16% of the total population. A considerable part of the first generation of private entrepreneurs in China are gradually enter the stage of aging. As the social elites who have the experience of hardships , they need good nursing-home to spend their twilight years. Lake Dian in Kunming has a comfortable environment , beautiful scenery , feel the Spring Warmth all year round , is the best nursing-home for Aged People in China. The main customers of Solar Villa are entrepreneurs and artists , the local environment , the project's development and construction , is not only to create a good international high-end nursing-home , but also provide the efficient platform for the entrepreneurs and artists mutual exchange and attract foreign capital by Entrepreneur Training Base and Lake Dian Forum. The nursing-home project has a very convenient procedure in the aspects of approval , go through land formalities and preferential policy. This will ensure that we can minimizing the risk to the land of employing and biding after the combination of the project and Solar Villa.

20 Framework : 4. Solar International
Sanatorium Purport : To create a harmonious community for Aged People to work and life. Vision : To create an international top-level community for Aged People in the South West of China and won the favor of the overseas people living in Southeast Asia. 1 2 3 An international top-level community for Aged To meet the Health Care Needs for the Aged We should establish a home-based elder people supporting pattern for development and operating. Community Orientation Covers an area of 0.2km2, the average is m2 per house The main design style is Chinese style of courtyard The property can be sold , rented , repurchased Product Positioning The main customers are entrepreneurs and artists The investment clients and other customers service and support. Target Customer

21 Framework : 5. Restoration Project for
Cultural Remains "National Art Institute" Summary In 1937, when the Anti-Japan war which was triggered by Lu Gou Qiao broke out. The National Hangzhou Art Academy got an order to resign to Kunming, and during this process it re-united with Peking Art Academy to form a new University as National Art Academy. In 1939, it arrived at Kun Ming and located in Jing Ning County, Xin Jie Xiang, An Jiang village (The former An Jiang Village of Cheng Gong County.) Later it had been force to Bi Shan, Chong Qin because of the coming war. In 1945, the anti-Japan war ended. And the University moved back to Hang Zhou until today. Now it is known as “China Art Academy”. The original National Art College took advantage of five ancient temples such as Yuhuang Temple et al., and hired some villagers’ houses as classrooms and dormitories. Five departments including Chinese Painting, Western Painting (Oil Painting), Music and so on were set up. And there were more than one hundred teachers and students. Teachers of every department were famous experts and scholars of country, including Chinese painters such as Tianshou Pan, Fuzhi Wu, Zhenduo Zhang, Yun Pan, Fei Chai, Guiyuan Lei et al.; Western painters such as Ganmin Fang, Shuhong Chang, Liang Guan; and musician Xueyong Tang et al.. Many students in those years of Anjiang Village Art College had been famous artists and professors home and abroad, such as international famous Chinese painter Guanzhong Wu; oil painting《Founding Ceremony》painter Xiwen Dong; well-known painter and professors Guanhua Gao, Jike Li, Fuhui Liu; well-known art historian Pu Ruan, and the first generation high sound singer of our country Quan Zhang and so on. Yuliang Guan, a famous international artist, who had conscience and history responsibility as an artist, deeply realized important significance of National Art College to Chinese art history. He firstly suggested that it was necessary to protect and modify the site of "National Art Institute" , and made primary programming and design. It will reserve such part in programming planning, and make it as a part of new founding Solar International Art University to carry out.

22 Framework : 5. Restoration Project for
Cultural Remains "National Art Institute" District in Anjiang Village , Xinjie Township , Jinning County , Kunming City Establish the monument of the "National Art Institute" It was carried out in the line with the Mr. Guan Yuliang's scenario , the principle is conservation and restoration of the original cultural relics ; As far as possible to retain the original construction, the reinforcement of the endangered building ; Regulation the pond, planting lotus, reeds and other ornamental plants in it. The removal of civil houses and built the monument . As a historical heritage , patriotism education exhibition room and cultural tourism projects detailed-planning design by the local government and relevant experts and scholars. The Preparatory Office of " Solar International Art University ” Reconstruction the Solar International Art University on the basis of National Art Institute by attracting private and international capital. The post-oriented education will be the main education of Solar International Art University , it will offering Chinese and Western art , Sculpture , Mural , Pottery, Garden art , Animation production design , Music , Dance , Television and other courses. In accordance with the law of the international art education for School Running , With the cooperation of Chinese and foreign brand-name schools , advertise for the international teachers and students . In order to create a first-rate University of the Arts. The establishment of schools, construction-related investment and planning will be described by other draft.

23 Framework : 6. Forum and Training Center
Establish the Lake Dian International Economic Forum and Enterprise Training Center in Solar Villa   Enterprise Training Center Establish the Enterprise Training Center in Solar Villa Training Curriculum : Modem Enterprise Management Curriculum The purpose is to improve the quality of management for private enterprises Hire domestic and foreign experts and excellent entrepreneurs , theory unifying practicality Private Entrepreneurs in Southwest Club Lake Dian Forum Establish the Lake Dian Forum Separately setting up South-East Asia Economic Cooperation Forum Separately setting up Lake Dian International Arts Forum In the Solar Villa with Training Center Private Entrepreneurs in Southwest Club The purpose is to promote the healthy development of private enterprises in the south-west The site area is 66,667m2 , including classroom , conference room and resort hotel rooms. The Program for Enterprise Training Center and International Economic Forum The creation of Solar Risk Investment Fund Based on the norms of venture capital to launch the establishment of venture funds The key objects are Venture Enterprises in South West Manage these enterprises in accordance with rule-based venture capital enterprise Implement the promotion action in South West.

24 Framework :Diagram of the Project Team
"National Art Institute" District International Sculpture Exposition Garden Solar Sanatorium 0.2 km2 Eco-Art Village 0.8 km2 (Training Center) Arts for the Production Center Sculpture Garden Court Exhibition Hall 033 km2 Sculpture Square 0.33 km2

25 Framework : 7. Structural Parameter
Expectant Guideline of the Overall Plan about the Concept of Solar Villa Project Site Area Property Form Land Character Building Area Remarks Total 2500mu Integrated low-density Culture +House Integration 700,000㎡ Reference data 1. Eco-Village 1200mu Houses Residential Land 400,000㎡ Volume :0.5 Including :Training Center 100mu Meeting Room /Guest Room Education Land 50,000㎡ Volume:0.75 2. Sculpture Garden 1000mu Square +Building Tourism Land 160,000㎡ Volume:0.25 Including :Lawn Square 500mu Green Grassland Art Gallery Exhibition hall Arts Center 300mu Shop /Workshop 80,000㎡ Business support Shop 30,000㎡ Volume:0.5 3. Sanatorium Welfare Land 140,000㎡ Volume:0.7 1 mu = m2

26 Expectant Guideline of the Product of Solar Villa Project
Framework :  8. .Product parameters Expectant Guideline of the Product of Solar Villa Project Salable Property Distribution State Saleable Area Sales Price Expected Earning ¥ 1Art Village Housing Forward Delivery Housing 350,000㎡ 5000/㎡ 1.75billion 2 Sanatorium Sales or Hire of the complete apartment 140,000㎡ 4500/㎡ 0.63billion 3 The Studio of Arts Center Tailor-made/Hire 80,000㎡ 0.4billion 4 Stores 30,000㎡ 0.15billion Total: 600,000㎡ 2.93billion Unsalable Property Use Site Area Floor Area Capital Appropriation 5Square of the Sculpture Garden Cultural Commonweal Tourism 500mu 6Exhibition Hall of the Sculpture Garden Holding Rental 100mu 50,000㎡ 0.12billion 7Enterprise Training Center 8National Art Institute Commonweal Exhibition Hall 50mu 10,000㎡ 0.01billion 750mu 110,000㎡ 0.43billion 1 mu = m2

27 CATALOGUE Summary of Objectives Project Background Project Structure
Operation Project Operating Plan

28 Operation 1. Operational Stage
Overall Planning   Unified Operation   The Easier Part First   Implemented in Phases   Rolling Operation   Complete and acceptance of the project/Customer Check-in/Business started to run/Amendment to adjust the project/Start building the latter part of the design group/Other follow-up activities The Fourth Phase The Third Phase The Second Phase The First Phase Construction and Operation of Project Development and Construction of Project It takes three to five years: Municipal Conveyance/Contract Land Procedures/Certificate for land rights/Project design/Project construction/Merchants selling It takes one year: Adjustment and Approval the Control Regulation/Audit of Land Development Program/Approval Land development procedures/Merchants/Land Acquisition Procedures Primary Land Development It takes one year: Investigation and Demonstration of Project/Project-Establishment/For Approval and Processing/Initial Investment Research and Approval of Project

29 Short-term sales-up potential
Operation 2. Pre-Operation Process The First Phase of " Solar Plan " is the Primary Land Development Planning-Approval- Cleanup-Construction Project Site Selection Investigation and Ascertain the Right Long-term prospect Current sales of public products account for 38% of The Total Level Planning and Design Approval the Sign of Planning Clear the Project Land and Transact the Procedures for land Facilities design submitted for approval Supporting the construction of water circuit Meeting , Consultations and Signing with the Landowners and Government Departments Project selling only Purely import Doesn’t take Submit the Research report and Preliminary scheme High unit price High profit margin Project Establishment and Investigation Short-term sales-up potential Strong Swiss brand with original import concept Submitted and Approval the Project Report Merchants Selling into the Second Phase

30 Coordinate Relationship on the Prior Period
Operation 3. Coordinate Relationship on the Prior Period Target customers: Domestic and foreign Investment and Selling Target Government: Development and Reform Department in Jinning County , and Tourism Management Department in Kunming Functional Department : Urban Development Departments/ Environmental Protection Department/ Transportation Department/ Garden Departments Project site : Local Land Management Agencies Prophase Operation Provincial Government Management organization Involved in Special Projects : Cultural Departments/Cultural Relics Departments/Civil Administration Department and so on Planning and Design Department/Architectural Design Department

31 Operation 4. Operational Model
2 3 1 Combined operations of the Program by Guoguang Company 、Shuntai Company and Hexie Company The project is very large and it has complicated procedures , huge investment and long period of investment Need for all parties Integration of resources , in close collaboration with each other / coordinate the relationship between various departments / especially in the examination and approval of land Co-operation with the local government to completed the first phase The approval process relating to government is very complex , convenient to speed up progress The key to the success of the project is to control the land price and the convenient approval procedures Conducive to coordination with the village Mr. Guan Yu-liang responsible for the sculpture park project Mr. Guan Yu-liang design and operation of the Project Mr. Guan Yu-liang has a very high reputation and Relationship Resource in the business sector. 1: The relevant local government departments should be pre-arranged the work of the business. 2: The three companies responsible for Merchants , Demonstration Project Planning and Coordination of the higher-governmental organizations.

32 CATALOGUE Summary of Objectives Project Background Project Structure
Operation Project Operating Plan

33 Main Points - Objective
Plan 1. Land Development Process (Four) Work Item And Contents Main Points - Objective Focus Operating Division Six. Infrastructure -Road Construction Match the Merchants Selling Progress 1. Infrastructure Design Design Project (Road) Comprehensive Cost Control Design Department 2. Infrastructure Construction Plans Submitted for Approval Coordinate Relevant Departments Time Control Functional Department 3. Bid inviting And Commissioned works Sign Contract With The Contractor Construction Supplier Selection Construction Commission 4. Apply for a Construction Permit Coordination Relevant Departments Period of validity 5. Construction Stage …… Construction Management …(Described in a Separate Case) …… Seven. Invite Investment And Advance Sale The period is sought from the beginning of Planning Approval… 1. . Development Of Marketing Programs The Decision Of The Compromise -Modes Of Sale Campaign Target 2. Preparatory Work For Sale Advertising Planning -Sales Organization 3. Expand sales…… (Described in a Separate Case) Note: The plan including pre-work arrangement -- in accordance with a description of the development process of land

34 Main Points - Objective
Plan 1. Land Development Process (One) Work Item And Contents Main Points - Objective Focus Operating Division 一. Investigation Of the Project Duration :40d 1. Investigation of the address selection To Form the Proposal Reports -Identifying Targets A. Understanding of the Status of Land and Planning To Acquire the Planning Proposal Map-Intentional Discussion Something about Plan And Matching Functional Department B. Investigation Of The Land Ownership and Nature The Possibility of the Land Transfers -Conditions of Sale The Program of Transfer Mode C. Geological landscape vegetation for Study Field Work -The Departmental Investigation The Landscape of the Town Construction Engaged with Landlord D. Geology Meteorological, Hydrological Survey The Problem of the Town Water System Planning Water Quality and Source 2 Definition Of Relevant Preferential Policies To Search the Way for Enjoying Preferential Policies Preferential Education Project Local Government 3The road. Hydropower and Other Supporting Field Work And Departmental Query Select tourist Resorts Address 4 To Form the Reports of the Research Recommendation Word Reporter-Suggestion for Evaluation Confirmation of Target Land 二. Project establishment Duration 60Days(Alternating with the Above) 1. Signed with the Land-Related General Target of the Lot Clear the Responsibility for Their Own Landlord and Government

35 Plan 3. The Development of the
Financial Budget Related Indicators Site Area Cost Price/mu Floor Area Increment Value Total Cost of the Land 1Eco-Art Village 1200mu Land Granting Fee of Qitong is 150,000 yuan/㎡ 400,000㎡ 300,000/mu District Court with All the Support ¥0.360billion 2Sculpture Garden 1000mu The Allocation of Land 160,000㎡ 150,000/mu ¥0.150billion 3Solar Sanatorium 300mu Land Granting Fee of Qitong is 100,000 yuan/㎡ 140,000㎡ 250,000/mu ¥0.075billion Total: 2500mu 700,000㎡ ¥0.585billion The Financial Cash Budget of the Total Investment of Secondary Development(Does not Including the Rental Income and the Value of the Assets for Sale in the Future) Land Cost Other Costs Total Investment Expected Sales Total Expected Profit 0.33billion 1。05billion 1。380billion 1。75billion ¥0.37billion 2Solar Sanatorium 0.075billion 0.42billion 0.48billion 0.63billion ¥0.15billion 3Arts Center 0.03billion 0.2billion 0.26billion 0.4billion ¥0.14billion 4Shop of the Sculpture Garden 0.02billion 0.09billion 0.11billion 0.15billion ¥0.04billion 5Sculpture Square 0.035billion -0.11billion 6Sculpture Garden Hall 0.10billion 0.12billion -0.12billion 7Training Center 0.13billion -0.16billion 8National Art Institute 0.002billion 0.008billion 0.01billion -0.001billion    Total: 0.587billion 2.033billion 2。62billion 2。93billion ¥0.310billion 1 mu = m2

36 Main Points - Objective
Plan 1. Land Development Process (Two) Work Item And Contents Main Points - Objective Focus Operating Division 2. Formal Feasibility Study The Text and Report for Submitted Sale and Invite Investment 3. Submitting Report to Relevant Department Coordinated with Centralized Government Departments Full Use of Preferential Policies The Development and Reform Commission at all levels Three. The Establishment of Organizational Structure Duration :30Days 1. The Establishment of Company's Organization Registered Project Company The Registration of Information Commerce Department etc 2. The Organization of Company's Organization The formation of Team work, the Staff Organizations Definite Person liable Four. Planning And Design Duration :200Days 1. Market Survey The survey about Target Customer . The Survey about Same Trade Customer Requirements Correlated Mechanisms 2. Analysis of the Geographical Location Analysis of the Conditions of the Target Site Verification To Determine the Value of the Land 3. Confirmed that Elements of the Overall Project Submit a Written Report Outline of Planning Guidance 4. Planning Commission , Conceptual Design Planning Scheme , Detailed Regulation Control The Choice about Designer Planning Research Institute

37 Main Points - Objective
Plan 1. Land Development Process (Three) Work Item And Contents Main Points - Objective Focus Operating Division 5. Submitted to the Planning Program The Validation Opinion about Control Plan Indicators of Commercial and Residential Town Planning Commission Management Committee 6. Project Planning and Design Preliminary Design -- Town and Farm Programs Core Region Of The Town Design Department 7. The total program-approval Planning Submissions 8. Construction Design ( Described in a Separate Case )…… Five. Procedures for Land Duration 120d(Alternating with the Above) 1. The Research of Land Access Program Confirmed that a Comprehensive Options Cost -Time 2. The negotiation of land transfer Land Sale (or Lease) Agreement Something about Reassignment Landlord -Land Office 3. Land Surveying and Pile Set PictureS of Pile Set and geological map Geological Data Survey and Mapping Department 4. Go Through the Formalities of the Land Land certificate -The Procedure of Land Tender, Auction and Listing (Commercial and Living) methods of payment Land Department Project of Land Use Clearing Completing Pile and set on the Border Fence Closure and isolation

38 Plan 2. Plan Arrangement Operational plan for the project about
Lake Dian's "Solar Villa" of Kunming(Gantt Chart ) Items/Time (month): 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 1. Location Studies 2. Approve and initiate a project 3. The establishment of institutions 4. Planning & Design 5. Registration of land 6. Merchants Selling 7. Base Constructions

39 Grasp the opportunity to
Conclusions and Recommendations : The Benefit Estimation of Investment Enterprises in the Project :  1. Attract Investment :0.5 billion (yuan)  2. Investment Income :A billion (yuan) Cash Earnings   B- The formation of the replacement cost value of property assets 0.4 billion (yuan) The Benefit Estimation of Local Society in the Project : 1. The direct increase in taxes and fees (Business Tax of property sales )0.17-0.18 billion (yuan)  2. The benefit estimation of land increment income about 0.1 billion (yuan)    3. Other indirect taxes and fees :    about 0.2 billion (yuan)   The local government can aquire the income tax from the tourism and training after the completion of the project . Project can help the local economic development in other respects : Directly increase employment opportunities for local government ; Lake Dian International Forum and Solar Club will be created rare opportunities and conditions for a large number of domestic and foreign businessmen and entrepreneurs . It will bring more business opportunities for the region and enlargement local popularity. With the completion and operation of International Sculpture Garden , not only produced a new concept of tourism , but also Arts Center will promote the production and promotion of local art trading market. The construction of Solar Villa will greatly improve the local environment and the quality of life . In a word : Solar Villa Project , finance is expected to target , viable operation , with high enterprise and social benefit , is a reasonable and feasible programs and investment plan . Grasp the opportunity to go beyond yourself

40 Appendix : Similar Project Investment Information in Kunming, Yunnan 3
Ye Yahu Tourist Town Section : Shuanglong Village , Panlong Area , Kunming Site Area : 5 km2 Theme : Business and Tourism Property :Tourism, leisure resort The Initiator :Ye Yahu Tourism Services 2 Tuanjie Cultural Tourism Town section :Tuanjie Town , Xishan Area , Kunming Site Area : 7.5 km2 Theme : City tourism Property :Sightseeing- type Agriculture The Initiator :Provincial Culture and Reform Office 1 Butterfly Valley Health Park Section : Huanglongqing in Kunming Site area : 6.67 km2 of mountain land Theme : Butterfly Culture Property : Leisure Vacation Sightseeing and Popular Science Education Health Preserving Park The Initiator :Provincial Culture and Reform Office

41 Thank You ! Draft for Discussion

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