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Dev Team: Ryan Terry Bob. Pandoras box released its contents within this abandoned foundation.

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1 Dev Team: Ryan Terry Bob

2 Pandoras box released its contents within this abandoned foundation.

3 An abandoned Tuberculosis Sanatorium Platform/Horror Third-person perspective An alternate realm (housed within Pandoras orb)


5 *Conceptual Aid *Realistic Rendering Main Character Short Bio: Occupation: Package Delivery Company name: Zippies Character Name: Carl Promet Objects on person at start of game: Box cutter, company computer tablet The entities in this game (structures, characters, creatures, world objects, unknown objects, and some other units) will consist of a realistic effect and be seen from a third person point of view. Characters in the game mostly consist of; zombies, unknown creatures, and humanistic life forms. The characters within the story constantly draw the presence of trying to frighten the player.

6 Retrieve orb-like item dropped by your character (out of professional obligation) Successfully navigate your way out while encountering unknown evils. Venture through an alternate dimension to find the dormant hope within Pandoras Orb. Retrieve hope, escape the unleashed contents of Pandoras Box, and restore the sanatorium and the orb to their previous states.

7 A designated "look over your shoulder button will provide a quick glance to see what is lurking behind you. Pandoras Orb can be used as an impermanent melee weapon, decaying the enemy in the matter of a moment. Stacking Effect for use Transferable from enemy A to nearby enemy B Adds combo system element to combat Different enemy types require different methods of attack (weapons and/or tactics).

8 Delivery companys signature tablet/GPS can be used as a pop up interface - but not as a pause button. Sounds/movements can be implemented in the blurred background while the player is flipping through the devices options, keeping the player on edge. Alternate world has an oddly more repaired look than the real world, as if the player has gone back in time, though blood is splattered on the walls, biohazard signs all over, broken syringes spilling out of needle boxes. Bodies lay everywhere, some missing chest cavities leaving their lungs and intestines to dangle as they lay across counter tops and gurneys. Features in Level Design The deeper the player progresses into the game, the greater the sense of something ancient having influence or being placed into the world (walls beginning to turn from tile to stone, glyphs/runes on the walls, torches instead of light fixtures, etc). Real world is filled with a sense of being stalked. Old stuffed animals in the children's ward and the patients for unconventional treatments remain. Condemned signs lay about. Light shining in through the newly stirred up dust from the player walking around, shadows flicker every now and then to keep the sense of someone stalking the player.

9 A platform/horror game such as Project : PYXIS is an assured recipe for an overwhelming amount of adrenaline. Creepiness heightened by what cant be seen on screen. Ex: a scene to climb to the top of the rooms interior to get to an exit point – look over shoulder button allows you to see a creature is stalking you. Thoughts of, Is it right behind me, is it right behind me?" will make for a challenging & frightful obstacle.

10 Ryan Project Manager – Game schedule/monitors progress/status report Lead Designer – Presentation/spec framework/oversees design spec Gameplay Designer Terry Artist Character Designer – Designs/documents game characters/entities Bob Look & Feel Designer Level Designer – Game levels/special features Each group member will act as editor – Ryan will assemble the design document & share it with Terry & Bob, who will provide additional, last revision.

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