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Examples of good information and consultation in practice : The Alcatel Lucent European Works Council Isabelle GUILLEMOT NEUBAUER FGMM-CFDT Secretary of.

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1 Examples of good information and consultation in practice : The Alcatel Lucent European Works Council Isabelle GUILLEMOT NEUBAUER FGMM-CFDT Secretary of Alcatel-Lucent EWC

2 1 - Alcatel-Lucent in short 2 - EWC Agreement 3 - EWC Composition and Meeting 4 - EWC practice and works 5 - EWC Social dialogue what else FYI- History-milestones-happenings

3 1- ALU picture R&D PROFILE Budget: approx 2,3 billion Active Patents Held more than 29,000 so with Patents in progress ~45,000 total 7 Nobel Prizes Won WORDWILDE Presence 600 sites more than 110 countries (130 en 2009) Employees 77 in 2009) Michel COMBES Chief Executive Officer PARIS Global Headquarter Annual REVENUES 14.45 billion (2012) ~ 16 billion (2009) Debt CS & GS 2,2 billions

4 2- ALU EWC = ECID EWC named European Committee for Information and Dialogue Created in 1996 under EU directive 94/95/CE(article 13) Based on french law. To introduce consultation as new EU directive 2009/38/CE agreement is under renegotiation 60 k yearly budget Freedom for working groups, training and communication tools entrusted to the Secretary elected for 2 years among Coordination Committee members. De facto belongs to largest union in largest country (CFDT France, since 1996) Accounting and economic expert assisted by French WC Confidentiality obligation sensitive issues

5 3- ECID members Base end 2012%HC201320112009 Austria1,7406111 Belgium6,61582222 Bulgaria9,12171330 France36,68723777 Germany14,13368334 Ireland0,51240 0 1 Italy8,11938222 Netherlands1,8438111 Poland3,4820222 Portugal0,7170111 Romania5,61333222 Slovakia0,8196111 Spain3,7878222 Switzerland0,8200112 UK5,51303222 ECID Perimeter 23 countries 23 866 employees 14 countries represented 30 members 30 Substitute members possibilities Renewal based on headcount of end even year (2008, 10, 12, 14...) And it takes place at the following autumn meeting ( 2011,13, 15...) 7 Working languages BG, DU, EN, FR, GE, IT, SP

6 3- ECID and unions Most ECID members belong to an union but ECID is not a union Designation of delegates is made as per national rules. No union: Ireland, Slovakia, UK 1 union: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland Several unions: France (4), Bulgaria (3), Italy (3), Belgium (2), Spain (2) All types of Union actions Petitions, demonstrations, strikes Expertise the plans, counter-plan Involve political level, media buzz Help to create union where doesnt existed Works council negotiations

7 3- ECID meetings 2 plenary meetings per year 1 day preparatory + big ½ day plenary with management+ ½ debriefing Spring and Autumn + extraordinary meetings Training session 1 three days per term (2 years) Coordination Committee 5 people elected by EWC In charge of closer contact with Management & making ECID work (regular exchanges) From largest subsidiaries in Europe Today France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Romania 2 meetings per year to prepare plenary meeting 1 day but 2hours with Management Winter, Summer + extraordinary meetings

8 4- ECID practices Strong relationship with IndustriAll Attendance to ICT group and IndustriAll EWC related meetings. IndustriAll expert attends to all official EWC meetings and assists the secretary in all not official discussions with he Management : Union related questions Inter-union relationship EWC agreement evolution Mediator between employee representatives and management in case of conflict. EMF role still unofficial: clarify in the updated EWC agreement. Communication Website on the Alcatel-Lucent intranet: Meeting reports, declarations, presentation, trade-unions information. No calls for actions! New ALU social tool "Engage" start to be used

9 4- ECID works Semi-official thematic meetings based on needs - some example 2005: visit to China; 2010: factory meeting in Stuttgart; 2011: Eastern Europe meeting in Sofia; 2012: R&D in Strasbourg 2013 : Managed Services Internal thematic working groups Skills Management -> hope transnational agreement Functioning -> to improve exchanges Employment -> resourcing contractors Stress & Wasted money -> contest financial layoffs Campaign Low cost is expensive -> stop out sourcing Lobbying for TIC -> always in progress CRS -> against power

10 4- ECID improvement Good coordination inter unions Good exchange of information between delegates Always European lobbying for telecom industry with IndustriAll and with other EWCs So more contacts and exchanges with other EWCs Still to improve the interest and involvement from general staff!

11 Social dialog in spite of all is neither heavens, nor hell! Management unaware of European social practices unions are the witnesses of enterprises history Mock dialogue false concessions forecasted from start ? Enterprises take care of their image efficiency and boost morale Staff may exploit some fault lines, use legal obligations, including UEs Necessary to get results; dignity and fight stress 5- Social Dialog Difficulties Positive aspects

12 FYI- History –milestones - happenings EWC agreement 1996 Alcatel-Alsthom EWC agreement, based on Article 13 (UE directive 94/95/EC). Anticipation agreement 1996 Signature by trade union representatives (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, UK, Austria, Sweden) 1996 Directive 94/95/EC transposed 2005 Lucent EWC agreement, based on Article 6 (UE directives 94/45/EC and 97/74/EC) 2006 Discussions about improving the agreement start (process not yet finished in 2011!!) 2006 Alcatel-Lucent merger. Lucent absorbed by Alcatel, its EWC ceases to exist and Alcatels prevails 2011 (expected) Directive 2009/38/EC transposed Against the company 1996 First European demonstration to support negotiations for the EWC agreement 2002, 2007 Lawsuits against Alcatel and Alcatel-Lucent on information / consultation 2008 petition contest the golden parachute 2001, 2002, 2007, 2008, 2009European Action days joint demonstrations and other actions against lay-offs 1999, 2009 Demonstrations in front of shareholders meeting in Paris 2010 petition for the womens rights in the company 2012 Declaration of ALU Union at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders Others 1996-2011 Visits to support the future of the factories (Illkirsch, Vimercate, Concorezzo, Rieti, Geel, Bydgoszcz…) 2009-2011 Visits to support employee representatives in Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland)

13 FYI - History –milestones - happenings In collaboration with the company 2004 Participation in the Social charter of Alcatel. 2006 Telework framework agreement in Alcatel. 2011 Participation in commissions (workforce management) Europe and the ICT sector 2005 Alcatel Space and Alenia Space merger (working with EMF, EU DG competition and EU DG social affairs) 2007 Meeting at European parliament with MEPs (Strasbourg) 2010 Petition to European parliament on the competitiveness of Telecom in Europe 2013 Petition to Management and European authorities to defend European R&D and a fair telecom market in Europe Internal affairs 2005 Training trip to China. 2006 First ECID website launched. 2006 Meeting with CWA (USA trade union) 2009 First Elewijt seminar 2011 Start of cross invitations between members to attend each others national meetings.

14 Good practices? Thank You!

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