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BROKN LEGENDs Social Media Initiative Proposal Social Media Initiative Proposal.

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1 BROKN LEGENDs Social Media Initiative Proposal Social Media Initiative Proposal

2 TWITT ER Replace current cover image with a more dynamic image that illustrates the campaign (The Great Escape). The mysterious man will attract more curiosity regarding what a BROKN LEGEND is and what he is escaping from. Create custom hashtags to gain interest and promote brand - #BRKNLegend #GreatEscape #AreYouBROKN #WhatMakesALegend - Blended with daily applicable top trending terms. Add a more in-depth bio - On the road of destiny, sometimes all you need is the perfect companion. 1.Escape from the mundane with BRKN Legend. 2.Some legends are forgotten. Some legends last forever. A chosen few are BROKN. 3.Escape. Redemption. Become a legend. Follow Twitter accounts of fashion bloggers and reviewers; mention these accounts on #FollowFridays. Create RT contest 1.Escape with @broknlegend to reveal your closest companion! Tweet us a photo of you and your BROKN LEGEND with the hashtag #AreYouBROKN 2.RT and Follow @broknlegend to escape with us and after 1,000 followers well randomly select a winner of a legendary gift.

3 FACEBOOK Replace FB Cover photo with image that will utilize the space more effectively and ties into the campaign theme. Fix all spelling errors and add BROKN LEGEND Motto to all social media to create cohesive message. Create image folders For the product, labeled: Discover BROKN Legend For the campaign, labeled: The Great Escape – 2013 / Behind the Scenes For Press, labeled: BROKN Legend Coverage Create tabs linked to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube

4 YOUTU BE Create YT channel, add custom background image and add avatar image. Add BROKN LEGEND Motto to bio with links to website, store and other social media. Upload The Great Escape video and Behind the scenes footage from Vimeo to YouTube. Add custom tags and descriptions to each video. Subscribe to other channels that have covered our brands as well fashion blogger channels and comment. Advertise videos on our social media sites as well as seeding onto other sites.

5 INSTAGR AM Create Repost contest or create contest where followers post images of travel for the Traveler, a road trip for Midpoint and local wildlife for Wildlife. Include hashtags : #BRKNLegend #TheGreatEscape #AreYouBROKN #WhatMakesALegend Create images with overlay of text of apparel names. Create candid content of staff members demonstrating apparel themes.

6 BROKN LEGEND Together these initiatives will help to raise BROKN Legends presence through social media interactions and creating a more united brand image. The brand will increase its presence, but unless more dynamic media content is created and provided, the interest may not be maintained. Product may benefit from a unique logo to help solidify the brand concept with the public (e.g. Emporio Armanis EA Eagle Logo). Creating a storyline for each of the pieces of apparel can add to the campaign and strengthen the concept of BROKN LEGEND as the consumers companion. (Per their ABOUT US page description). Because this item will be marketed as a premium item, there needs to be more focus on developing the lifestyle of a BROKN LEGEND. Suggestions for the product: 1.Add a strong logo to unite the brand and the product to create connection 2.Emphasize features of product and add a backstory that ties into The Great Escape campaign. 3.Tying into companion theme, perhaps add a feature such as silver lining to product (future production) to make product lining anti-bacterial. This will allow customer to keep product longer than other. Can use idea of silver lining as future marketing tool.

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