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About Women Wont Wait Women Wont Wait is an international coalition of organizations and networks from the.

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2 About Women Wont Wait Women Wont Wait is an international coalition of organizations and networks from the global South and North committed to promote, women's health and human rights in the struggle to comprehensively address HIV and AIDS and end all forms of violence against women and girls.

3 Deadly Connection between Violence Against Women and Girls and HIV&AIDS Violence against women and girls and HIV&AIDS are interconnected in ways that few policymakers and programme implementers address. For the purpose this campaign, we understand Violence Against Women and Girls (VAW/G) to include any physical, sexual, or psychological violence perpetuated against a woman or girl. Women and girls are exposed to violence as the result of conflict, war, and social unrest and in the work place or other public spheres. Additionally, VAW/G is inextricably linked to social, economic, and legal inequity as a consequence of gender. Most basically, VAW/G increases a woman or girls risk of HIV infection or re- infection; An HIV positive status, known or perceived, can increase a woman or girls risk of violence.

4 Strategy and Focus Women Wont Wait seeks to accelerate effective responses to the linkages of violence against all women and girls and the spread of HIV by tracking and, where necessary, calling for changes in the policies, programming and funding streams of national governments and international multilateral and bilateral donor and technical agencies. Women Wont Wait have focused on accountability of big public donors and institutions through acquiring information, reviewing the information, advocating for changes to address the shortcomings and finally monitoring implementation of recommendations and commitments. The two research reports by the campaign therefore monitor promises of big public donors and their progress. Women Wont Wait focuses on seeing VAW integrated in policy, programming, and funding streams; not just in policy rhetoric. Women Wont Wait focuses more on HIV agencies rather than VAW agencies because HIV agencies and portfolios have more resources and clout Women Wont Wait adopts a feminist lens to this work; and don't want to instrumentalise VAW. e.g. we always say VAW in and of itself and when it intersects with HIV

5 Objectives: To formulate and improve policies, programmes, advocacy and services that: –better integrate HIV&AIDS and VAW/G and guarantee that womens and girls human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled; –reduce womens and girls vulnerability to HIV&AIDS with an emphasis on building gender equality and womens empowerment, –address violence against women infected and affected by HIV&AIDS, and –bring greater public attention and political will to address gender-based violence.

6 Objectives cont. To increase the level of resources committed by governments, donors, multilateral institutions and civil society (including NGOs) to addressing violence against women and girls, in and of itself and as part of the HIV&AIDS response To improve the legal framework to better address, prevent and combat/contest/challenge violence against women and girls and allocate requisite resources and services to support womens and girls empowerment. To build mutual accountability among womens rights, sexual and reproductive health/rights, human rights and HIV groups to each other.

7 Target of the Campaign Multilateral donors/institutions –United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS (UNAIDS) –The World Bank –The World Health Organisation –The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM) Bilateral donors –US Government (PEPFAR) –UK Government (DFID) National governments, and Civil society –NGOs and Movements

8 Principles All Members and Allies of the Women Wont Wait are organisations that have a proven track record and commitment to uphold and promote: –All womens human rights (including women in sex work, lesbian, transgender and bisexual women, women living with HIV, etc); –Sexual and reproductive rights; –Womens agency and autonomy over their own bodies and sexuality; –Womens right to be free of violence; –Basic human rights principles of accountability, transparency and participation.

9 International Members (Steering Group) ActionAid International African Womens Development and Communications Network (FEMNET) Association for Womens Rights in Development (AWID) Centre for Womens Global Leadership (CWGL) Centre for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM) GESTOS-Soropositividade, Comunicação & Gênero International Community of Women Living with HIV&AIDS (ICW- Southern Africa) International Womens Health Coalition (IWHC) Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) Latin American and Caribbean Womens Health Network Akina Mama wa Afrika Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) Program on international Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health SANGRAM VAMP

10 National Level Campaigns Africa –Sierra Leone –Kenya –Malawi –Nigeria –Uganda Asia –Nepal –Thailand Latin America and Carribean –Regional Campaign – LAC –Guatemala –Haiti –Nicaragua

11 Membership Categories International Members and Steering Group: Comprises the 16 founding members of the WWW campaign; Campaign Allies: Include organisations that agree to the principles of the Campaign and collaborate over WWW campaigning activities. Allies are recruited by application only. Email Campaign supporters: Includes a wide range of civil society organizations who show support and solidarity at critical campaigning moments. Campaign supporters will be recruited through the WWW website. Email:

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