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Welcome To Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) The Atlantium Advantage Aquaculture 2007.

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1 Welcome To Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) The Atlantium Advantage Aquaculture 2007

2 2 Who Are We? We are the leading provider of Next Generation Water Disinfection Solutions We bring a revolutionary disinfection technology Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD): n Environmentally friendly n Simple to use and maintain n At a low cost of ownership n Really does the job…

3 3 What is the big news about HOD? n Great solutions are simple solutions n Conceptual change in conventional thinking… Light inside the Water Water inside the Light

4 4 Conventional UV Microbial Escape Routes Many Lamps; Non-Uniform Light Distribution

5 5 Same principle as in optical fibers: Total Internal Reflection No microbial escape routes No lamp fouling due to scale from heat No mechanical cleaners to jam & maintain No mercury in the water from broken lamps HOD Technology Principle The liquid wave guide

6 6 Technology Principle n The Liquid Wave Guide Same Total Internal Reflection principle as in optical fibers

7 7 HODs Out-of-the-Box Design Light beams represent how the fiber optic Total Internal Reflection principle works 1 1 2 3 3 4 Out-of-the-water light sources 1 Air cooled dry chamber 2 Dual sensor configuration for accurate monitoring 3 Central quartz chamber traps light photons 4

8 8 Operation Principles HOD System Cross Section Quartz Window Lamp Status Monitoring Sensor Dose Control Transmission Sensor AIR WATER * Medium Pressure High Intensity Air Cooling Quartz Tube Air Block MPHI* UV Light Source Reflector

9 9 The Atlantium Total Kill Solution HOD vs. Sea Water Algae; NO Recovery 9 Dark Chamber Natural Environment 28 Days Incubation A - InletB - Outlet

10 10 The HOD Advantage I: Performance and Reliability HOD System WATER Conventional UV Heat generates sleeve deposits; Requires frequent maintenance Uniform dose distribution Non-uniform dose distribution

11 11 HOD System WATER 5 Minutes Replacement No System Downtime Cumbersome lamp & sleeve replacements; System down Risk of glass and mercury droplets into the water The HOD Advantage II: Simple Maintenance Conventional UV

12 12 WATER Conventional UV Measuring UV light through water (light, sleeve fouling, and water) Direct measurement of UV source Additional detector for water clarity The HOD Advantage III: Monitoring and Control HOD System

13 13 The HOD Advantage III: Monitoring and Control State-of-the-art set up, control & monitoring

14 14 The HOD Advantage III: Monitoring and Control Configurable Delivered Dose Rate Configurable Delivered Dose Rate

15 15 The HOD Advantage III: Monitoring and Control Automated Report Generation Tools Automated Report Generation Tools

16 16 HOD: Operational Advantages… n Provides comprehensive protection against harmful pathogens Prevents disease outbreak Minimizes medication, chemicals and antibiotic usage n Improve fish welfare: Growth rate Fish density (Kg fish/m3) Survival rates Morbidity & mortality rates Food Conversion Rate (FCR) n Guarantees stable production-plan implementation n Improves Increases yields n Environmentally-friendly disinfection solution n Complies with new regulatory requirements n True Return On Investment (ROI) – Less Than 18 Months

17 17 Variety of fish species and installations Sea Bass Sea Bream Cod Koi Ornamental Tropical Fish Shrimps Salmon Halibut

18 18 Chile: Salmons USA Halibut Norway: Salmons, Cod Cyprus, Turkey: Sea Bass, Sea Bream Israel: Sea Bass, Sea bream, Tilapia, Koi, Tropical ornamental Fish Thailand: Shrimp Atlantium Solution World-Wide Applications & Distribution

19 19 Where can the Atlantium system bring value to the aquaculture industry? Flow Through Re-circulation Effluent

20 20 Inactivation of Aquatic Pathogens The Importance of DELIVERED UV Dose n Pathogens require varying UV dose rates for inactivation n Collimated Beam Apparatus (CBA) determines pathogens dose ID n HOD technology: Delivers required dose according to customer need Contributes to effective energy consumption Delivered Dose Confidence

21 21 Flow-Through System Experience Pinar: Sea Bass & Sea Bream Hatchery n Pinar is among the top ten aquaculture investment projects in Europe n Disease outbreaks mostly due to presence of systemic bacterial infections (vibriosis, myxobacteriosis & Pasteurellosis) n External protozoan infections (cryptobia spp. & ameba species) n Old disinfection system: 200 m 3 /hr sea water 20 and 5 microns filters 75 UV system with 1 LP lamp each n Maintenance required one full time worker n No production stability

22 22 Sea Water 200 m3/hr Pinar Installation of HOD system Sand Filters 30 µ Cartridge Filters 1 µ HOD Atlantium System Heat Exchange Unit Cartridge Filters 5 µ Larvea Units Live Food Weaning Brodstock Sea Water 200 m3/hr

23 23 Pinar Success of HOD unit leads to a second installation n Increase in survival rates: Sea Bream: 100% Sea Bass: 50% n Reduce antibiotic use by 90% n Reassigned full time maintenance person n ROI in less than 4 months n Estimated annual increase in revenue 480K n Customer ordered 2nd unit

24 24 Price / fingerlingCost / fingerling Sea Bass:0.210.1 Sea Bream:0.16 0.1 Sea Bass (18 – 15) * (0.21 – 0.1) = 3M * 0.11 = 330K Sea Bream (7 – 4) * (0.16 – 0.1) = 3M * 0.05 = 150K Estimated annual revenue increase ~480K Pinars Return On Investment 480K Annual Revenue Gain UV SystemAtlantium HOD Yield (fingerlings) Survival rate (%) Yield (fingerlings) Survival rate (%) Sea Bass15M30%18M45% Sea Bream4M10%7M20%

25 25 Pinar HOD Technology Provides Documented Results Pinar HOD Technology Provides Documented Results

26 26 Recirculation Systems Koi Fish Farm HOD Technology vs. Conventional UV System

27 27 HOD Technology Yields Superior Performance n Growth rates increase by more than 20% n Higher total weight per container n More fries reach larger sizes n Significantly higher survival in the 0.1 gr batch n Lower mortality n Better Food Conversion Rate

28 28 KOI Nursery Results n Higher Survival Rate Total count of dead fish down by 50% - 100% in the Atlantium tank depending on stage of growth and fish condition n Shorter Time To Market Faster growth rate = Higher Total Weight of the larger fish group n Effective KHV inactivation: 6 log reduction at 50 mJ/cm 2

29 29 Shrimp Hatchery Chlorine Replacement Moving toward effective & environmentally friendly disinfection HOD technology vs. Chlorination

30 30 Shrimp Hatchery Improved Performance: Key Parameters n Higher survival sate n Improved Development Index (DI – defined by customer) n Faster growth rate (measured by length) n Lower water exchange rates n Constant microbial load in larvae tanks & process lines n Constant chemical parameters & temperature

31 31 Shrimp Hatchery HOD Technology = Higher Yields % Survival rate of shrimp after only 10 days in 10 L tank (Density is 200 pcs/L)

32 32 Advanced Oxidation Super-Charging HOD Technology n Super-Charging HOD Technology Creation of radicals-saturated zone All water are exposed to radicals-saturated zone Continuous generation of radicals Utilization of entire HOD reactors chamber for chemical reaction n Reduces BOD Loading n Breaks-Down Long Chain Organic Molecules n Cost Effective: ~5ppm Oxidizing Agent Reduces O&M costs

33 33 AOP / HOD Case Study Site Installation, Dresden – Germany AOP / HOD vs. PAC… No Contest!

34 34 HOD Technology Summary n Leader in innovative water disinfection solutions: Introducing Hydro-Optic Disinfection (HOD) technology A Revolutionary primary disinfection method n Dozens of successful industrial installations n Comprehensive Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio Seasoned management, academic and R&D staff Registered and pending patents worldwide n Operations in Europe, US and Asia – over 20 countries worldwide n Partnering with Reps / Distributors and water companies for sales, installation, support, distribution and R&D projects


36 36 Most important … The Factor Sleep Well At Night (SWAN)

37 Norm Sendler Atlantium Technologies, Ltd. 888.846.2464 THANK YOU!

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