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Collège la Cerisaie Charenton-le-Pont - France Presentation Valencia, TILA, January 2013.

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1 Collège la Cerisaie Charenton-le-Pont - France Presentation Valencia, TILA, January 2013

2 Location Paris Charenton-le-Pont

3 Charenton is located at the confluence of the Seine and the Marne. Its close to Paris and the Bois de Vincennes…

4 Le Collège La Cerisaie

5 A town full of history….

6 … yet modern and dynamic


8 School system in France Ecole maternelle : nursery school ………….. Pupils aged 2 ½ to 6 Ecole primaire : primary school ……………. Pupils aged 6 to 11 Collège : secondary school ……………………. Pupils aged 11 to 15 Lycée : secondary school ……………………….. Students aged 15 to 18 University


10 Headmaster : Mr Froidefond Deputy head mistress : Mrs Thésée 52 Teachers 697 pupils 334 girls – 363 boys 6 ème (aged 11to 12) 7 forms 5 ème (aged 12 to 13) 7 forms 4 ème (aged 13 to 14) 6 forms 3 ème (aged 14 to 15) 7 forms Group class : from 23 to 30 pupils per class

11 In 6 ème : pupils start learning one foreign language usually English (4 hours per week) At La Cerisaie 6 forms learn English Since 2008 : one bilingual section pupils start learning 2 foreign languages German/English (3 hours per week for each language) In 5 ème : pupils can choose to learn Latin, too In 4 ème : Those who started English in 6 ème must choose a second foreign language (3 hours a week) At La Cerisaie, its either German, Spanish or Italian in 4 ème and 3 ème « European » section in English, German & Italian (2 hours a week)

12 2 Partnerschools in Europe with regular exchanges: in Germany (Gustav Heinemann Schule-Berlin/Templehof) in Italy (Borgo Val di Taro)

13 TILA German teacher : Ms Catherine Felce English teacher : Ms Brigitte Pitteloud Spanish teacher : Ms Ana Carvalho Maths teacher : Mr Stephane Herrero Technology teacher : Mr Louis Weiss Physics teacher : Mr Christophe Musset History – Geography : Ms Catherine Darley and Nathalie Baron Physical education : Mr Sylvain Perrier Teachers involved in the project :

14 TILA some thoughts for collaborative projects Create a European city -Opportunity to share cultural contents (specific buildings, institutions, means of transportation,...) -Discussions / debates about the organisation of the city (a main street, different quarters, open spaces, important/essential equipments …) -Bring the learners to think about the life of the citizens in a city

15 A survey (on the characteristics of a country, for example) is written by one school et sent to the pupils/students of a partner school. The answers are filmed and sent back with their translation and/or subtitles. Create a video School A School B School C School D Questions Answers Build a complex object together

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