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YOUR STOREFRONT ON AMAZON.COM. Your Companys Storefront on

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2 Your Companys Storefront on

3 Amazon Reaches More Than 1/3 of the U.S. Online Population Over 57 million unique users per month RankPublisherUnique Audience/Month (000) Active Reach (%) 1Google127,65675.4 2Yahoo!117,65669.5 3MSN/Windows Live104,09061.5 4AOL Media Network86,30851.0 5YouTube81,88248.4 6Fox Interactive Media69,83841.2 7Amazon.com57,68234.1 8eBay55,43832.7 9Facebook47,54328.1 10Ask Search Network47,49428.0 Source: Nielsen Online, NetView, November2008; Includes only ad-supported sites. Information contained in these materials is confidential and proprietary to Adzinia and shall not be disclosed without Adzinias prior written consent.

4 About Amazon is the #1 online retail destination worldwide (Internet Retailer, May 2008) $14.8B in 2007 Net Sales, up 39% from 2006 ~$19B guidance for 2008, up 30% YoY Active Customer accounts up 19% YoY Amazon was a major player of the holiday online landscape 70 percent of the active online universe visited a retail site in Dec 2007 Amazon accounted for 51 percent of this audience

5 About So maybe you can grow in a recession. (AMZN) posted Q4 revenue of $6.7 billion and profit of 52 cents a share, beating the Street consensus of $6.44 billion and 39 cents.

6 About In December, said it was having its best ever holiday season... The company posted strong earnings in a brutal climate that has punished nearly every other retailer, online and offline.

7 Access the Audience Engage with an affluent, savvy and passionate audience. More than 86 million active customer accounts Over 48 million unique monthly visitors 51% have a household income of $75K+ 74% are online daily; 93% have been online for 5+ years Amazon Kindle cake – one of more than 60 customer images uploaded for this product alone. *OCLC, Inc., "Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World," conducted by Harris Interactive, October 1, 2007; Other sources: Q3 2008 Amazon Quarterly Financial Results, Nielsen Online, @Plan Winter 2008. In 2007, was voted #1 favorite commercial site among US Internet users.*

8 Internet users choose Amazon as a destination for a multitude of reasons Authoritative editorial content such as product reviews and feature stores such as Amazon Cosmotopia and High-Def 101 Community features like customer reviews, customer images, blogs and customer tags Exclusive content including celebrity interviews, film footage, music videos and products such as the Amazon Kindle Shopping enhancements and subscription content that encourages repeat interaction and a favorable customer experience. This includes Gold Box offers, Podcasts, Movie Showtimes and product emails, gift registries, gift central, and wish lists Exclusive competitions and contests such as the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and the Beedle the Bard Ballad Writing Contest Rich Editorial Content & User Features Engage Customers * Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group (IBSG), "E-Commerce Survey," May 2008 Amazon ranks #1 throughout N.A. and Europe in Foundational and Emerging Capabilities, 2008.*

9 Discovering Amazon: A Branded Storefront Your Company will manage the merchandising on the storefront and control its branding

10 How It Works Continued… Your Companys Responsibilities Merchandise, promote, and advertise Your Companys merchandise Handle customer service related to merchandise, order fulfillment, returns, and exchanges Provide tax calculation & collection services, process orders & payments Bear fulfillment and losses risk for delivery theft or product defects Amazons Responsibilities Upload merchandise images, descriptions, prices, and availability Handle customer service related to order and payment processing and the website Set pricing and policies for merchandise, shipping, refunds, and other sale terms Fulfill orders and handle returns and exchanges, initiate through Amazon customer refunds Bear credit card fraud and bad debt risk as well as credit card processing fees (w/o FBA)

11 Amazon.comTargeted Merchandising Gateway Placements

12 Product Ads by Amazon? Cost-per-click product advertising Reach millions of customers on Helps drive traffic and acquire new customers You control the brand and buying experience * Source: Nielsen/NetRatings @Plan, Summer 2007 Get in front of millions of customers Over 85% of Amazon.coms 44 million monthly visitors are likely to have made an online purchase in the last 30 days*

13 Placements

14 Amazon Payments Checkout by Amazon Provide your customers with the same secure and trusted checkout experience available on Amazon Simple Pay Customers use information from their account (and payment information already on file at Amazon) as a payment method Amazon Flexible Payments Service Offered by Amazon Web Services, this set of APIs allows the movement of money between any two entities, humans or computers, using Amazon PaymentsAmazon Web Services To learn more, go to:

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