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Balanced for LIFE: Brought to you by What Is It and What Can It DO for you?

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2 Balanced for LIFE: Brought to you by What Is It and What Can It DO for you?

3 Health Care Costs 70% of the entire burden of illness and associated costs in the United States is related to preventable illnesses Lifestyle factors play a large role in disease prevention Aldana. S. (200). The Cultprit and the Cure, Maple Mountain Press: Mapleton, UT.

4 The Link: Nutrition & Health Care Costs Four out of the eight most expensive diseases to treat are directly linked to nutrition Cardiovascular disease Cancer (certain types) Hypertension Diabetes (type 1 & type 2) Van Dusen, Allison. Forbes. Americas Most Expensive Medical Conditions. 6 February 2008.

5 The Situation: The focus on health and wellness is here to stay: More companies are working to promote employee health A recent study conducted in part by CIGNA found 40% of companies in North America are offering wellness programs One of the fastest growing components of those programs is healthier vending

6 Finding a Vending Partner Perfect Choice Vending is committed to: Assist our customer in promoting and implementing wellness and healthier snacking at work sites and schools throughout South Florida Provide information Share the Balanced for Life tools available

7 Balanced for Life Toolbox Campaign brochure Explains tools for everyone Better for You product list 35-10-35, more on the way Machine clings For students and adults

8 Balanced for Life Toolbox, continued Posters - can be purchased or download at web site BFL Video – to explain campaign Be A Smart Snacker Stickers

9 Balanced for Life Toolbox, continued Student Be A Smart Snacker brochures Adult Snack Smart Brochures

10 Vending Operator Toolbox The Get Healthy and Fit Kit helps worksites and schools to create a customized wellness program New Workplace clings for machines

11 Vending Operator Toolbox, continued Trivia Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt Game educates students about a balanced diet and being physically active

12 Vending Operator Toolbox, continued Better for You Game Students collect the UPC codes from the designated better for you products to win prizes All game materials downloaded from BFL site

13 Web Site: Pages for Kids Games and advice for kids Tips on eating healthy and getting active Campaign ambassadors

14 New in the Toolbox New Basket of BFL Tools 35-10-35: Less than 35% calories from fat, less than 10% calories from saturated fat, less than 35% total weight in sugar Nuts & Seeds excluded Alliance guidelines 35-10-35 plus caps on calories and sodium

15 NEW BFL Baskets: New Basket of BFL Tools Product Stickers Machine Clings Coin Slot Stickers Round Stickers

16 The Program Works! In 2007, four state agencies piloted a healthy vending program called Fit Pick, developed by the National Automatic Merchandising Association. These agencies found that it is possible to have a successful, profitable healthier vending program – and keep their colleagues happy! Washington State Wellness Resource Center

17 Other Tools: Walk Your Way to Wellness Contest Participants walk routes across the country Pedometers track progress; turned in for a prize

18 PERFECT CHOICE VENDING, INC Miami-Dade 305-VENDING (836-3464) Toll-Free 1-866-483-6346 (4-VENDING) Fax 305-884-3930 Location 11007 NW 122nd Street Suite 18 Medley, FL 33178 Email make it the perfect choice for your location!

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