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Journalism 2300: News Photography Week Thirteen April 26, 2010.

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1 Journalism 2300: News Photography Week Thirteen April 26, 2010

2 Announcements Announcements –Summer internships Check with Marty Sozansky in Writing Studies Check with Marty Sozansky in Writing Studies

3 To be a better photographer…

4 …you need to take a lot of photos!

5 The week in pictures MSNBC: MSNBC: –

6 Class Weblog

7 Show Off Photographs! Excellent job! – –Amazing work – –You HAVE LEARNED so much this semester… Good variety of subjects, some new All could be published!

8 Ryan Smith throws a frisbee golf disc on April 12 at UMD. Photo by Mike Biebl.

9 Duluth community member Steve Asp greets Tim and Doris Saarberg's Brown Newfoundland named Sophie at the 2010 Cutest Puppy Contest on Jan. 30, which was located at the Fitger's Inn and Brewery Complex in Duluth. This competition is presented annually by the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon for puppies between the ages of 4 to 9 months. Photograph by Julie Krienke.

10 A daring UMD student leaps off the dock into the icy waters of Lake Superior during the Duluth Polar Bear Plunge on Feb. 20 in Canal Park. The event raised money for the Special Olympics. Photo By: Samantha Lefebvre

11 Minnesota wakeboarder and UMD senior Chase Mastel poses for a shot in front of the winch pool at the Wakeboard Expo at the Minneapolis Convention Center on January 22nd. Photograph by Kate Butler

12 Medics stood by as people from all over the Two Harbors area leaped into frigid Lake Superior on Feb. 20 for the Polar Plunge. The Plunge is a traveling event that helps raise money for the Special Olympics. Photograph by Callie Good.

13 Families enjoyed outdoor activities such as dog sled rides, cross-country skiing and horse drawn sleigh rides at the Mush for Kids! on Feb. 27 at Marshall School in Duluth, Minn. Photograph by Elizabeth Strawn

14 Kids were able to recreate their own dog sled rides at the Mush for Kids! on Feb. 27 at Marshall School in Duluth, Minn. Other outdoor activities families enjoyed were dog sled rides, cross-country skiing and horse drawn sleigh rides Photograph by Elizabeth Strawn

15 Kyle Packard tees off at Lake Superior College disc golf course, during a match on April 22. Photo by Ben Torgerson.

16 A bulldog peeks his head out of the back door on 1942 Lawn Street on April 2nd. The owner, Jeff Luczak says that "Dozer" loves to watch the college students walk by. Photograph by Emma Fromberg

17 A father checks his fishing pole to see if he caught a fish, while his son takes shelter against the cold inside a garbage can. Photograph by Lauren Lundeen

18 Two hosts inform customers of the 45 minute wait at Duluth's newest Mexican restaurant, Mexico Lindo, on Superior Street at Wednesday night's soft opening. The actual opening night was the next day, Thursday, April 22. Photograph by Jodi Ryan.

19 Onlookers watched as people took turns taking the plunge into Lake Superior at Canal Park on Feb. 20, for the Duluth Polar Bear Plunge. The event raised money for the Special Olympics. Photograph by Megan Hayes

20 Duluth citizens enjoyed horse sleigh rides at the Mush for Kids event on Feb. 27 at Marshall middle school in Duluth. This was the eight year of the event and offered many different winter activities for people to try out. Photograph by Dane Hanson

21 Bjorn Erickson visits Lake Superior on March 16 to take in the unseasonably warm weather. Photograph by Abigail Schoenecker

22 The cap on this employee's head feels right at home amongst its brethren at Lids, a store at the Miller Hill Mall in Duluth. Lids specializes in hats of all kinds, but especially baseball caps! (March 11.) PHOTO BY CHRIS KOPP.

23 The steeple that sits 180 feet above street level makes it noticeable. Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church occupied this building that sits on the corner of 24th Avenue West and Fifth Street from 1901 to 1997. Great Lakes Gospel Church used this building for 13 years and now it has became the home of Rock Hill Community Church the Easter of 2010. - Photographed by Jon Mason

24 Photographs by Ashley Scheiller

25 Matt Coy of Wright's Tree Service carefully got out of the way on a falling tree on Superior Street that was taken down for some spring clean up on April 16. Photograph by Abbie Kranz

26 Two girls enjoy a snowball fight while waiting to ride a snow sleigh, at the Mush for Kids, at Marshall School. Photographed by Stephen Vosberg

27 The lighthouse in Canal Park casts a reflection in the melting snow on Feb. 18. The early Spring caused sloppy conditions for the people of Duluth at a time when Winter was still expected. Photograph by Trevor Privratsky

28 Photograph by Aaron Haugen

29 University of Minnesota Fine Arts student Amanda Resse practices her recital piece during her vocal masters class March 25. Photograph by Sarah Rosten.

30 Cloey Walsh, a DJ for KUMD Duluth Public Radio, pre-records her show in called "Finding the Groove" in Studio D. It airs every Friday from 9p.m to 11p.m at 103.3 FM. Photograph by Liz Pedersen

31 How to control exposure Put camera in manual mode Take an aperture/shutter speed reading off of something grey in the main area where your subject will be – –If want to stop action, use largest f-stop and find corresponding fastest shutter speed Set your camera to that setting Can use auto focus, or manual focus Have subject wear bright color clothing!

32 How to shoot light trails

33 Words matter!

34 Major Assignment VI: Photo Story Developing a photo story on a specific theme: – –Editorial essay portraying a particular point of view – –OR – –A documentary that neutrally captures a lifestyle, place or issue Five photographs due April 30 Make sure to arrange photographs in order

35 David Cowardin Audioshow nmoVQE nmoVQE nmoVQE nmoVQE

36 Picture story has a theme Not a collection of pictures on a topic Test theme with a headline: – –No theme if these headlines work: All you ever want to know about… A day in the life... Aspects of … Scenes from… – –Examples from book: Every Day is Fathers Day: page 132 Generations under the influence: pages 208-11 Final Salute: pages 58-59 – –Find a newspeg

37 The real secret to great photographs photos/

38 Chapter 14: Illustration Editorial photojournalism – –Blending advertising techniques and photojournalism More interpretation of the news

39 Types of photo illustrations Product photos – –Typically food, fashion Editorial concept illustrations – –Actors, models used to create fantasy images – –Latchkey images: p. 351 – –Digital cameras: p. 337 Docudrama: Avoid! – –Tough for readers to see photo illustration tagline

40 Producing editorial illustrations Need to work together with photographer, copy editor, photo editor Creative team approach: Similar to advertising Brainstorm concepts Write a headline Translate words into images Lets look at book!

41 Chapter 16: Law Where photojournalists can take pictures – –Most public places, variety of publicly owned property Chart on p. 393 College campuses: – –Need permission while class in session – –Dorm restrictions: privacy issues – –Dining center unclear: Is it a public eating venue? – –Need to announce that you are a photojournalist

42 Government Buildings Public, but under special rules – –Limited access Hospitals – –Admissions public, but need permission to photograph patients Courtrooms – –Are cameras allowed in Minnesota? – – spx?id=21238 spx?id=21238

43 News photos in private places May photograph yard, porch, inside of house from the street Need permission to go onto private property, even if asked by authorities

44 Ron Galella: Paparazzo Specialized in photographing Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Began tracking her in 1967 Onassis sued, won restrictions – –Eventually 25 feet – –News photographs OK; not for advertising

45 Beware! No hidden cameras Using someones image to sell a product or a service Unfairly causing someone to look bad – –Be careful when using a file photo Truthful but embarrassing photos Public but embarrassing

46 Copyright: Who owns the picture? Employer owns images Freelancer loses rights if agree to work- for-hire Own copyright to your images Can register images with U.S. Copyright Office Respect the copyrights of others Lets look in book

47 Final Portfolio/Web site Due Friday, May 7 Build a Web site through Google Sites Share your best work! Google Sites: Lets practice! Note: Can also develop own Web site using different platform Time to dazzle me/family/friends/yourself by sharing your best work on the Internet

48 Lets continue: Go to: Sign in to your Google account Click on Create New Site This is where the fun begins! Fill out the form, and try different looks for your new Web site. Follow instructions at the bottom of the page, and click on Create site. Build your Home page. Be creative! Lets look at Julies site!

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