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Riverwood Middle School Announcements

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1 Riverwood Middle School Announcements
Thursday, February 24, 2011

2 The Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge allegiance to the flag Of the United States of America And to the republic, for which it stands One nation, under God Indivisible, with liberty and justice for All.

3 Pledge to the Texas Flag
Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, One state under God, one and indivisible.

4 Moment of Silence

5 Please congratulate these students.
Over the weekend, the RMS Science Olympiad Team traveled to Galveston to compete in the Galveston Regional Science Olympiad. The RMS Team Won 1st Place with 18 medals in 18 events! Next, our team will travel to the State Science Olympiad competition at Texas A&M University in May. Please congratulate these students. Ruby Liliedahl Justin Lin Garrett Gruss Ben Hiatt Chris Derks Mark Korompay Hayes Beathard McKenzie Chen Susan Xu Mark Merola Shane Davitt Abby Walters Cayley Kent Kenan Nerad Ethan Stinson Howie Evans

6 8th Grade Reminder! The Fish Dance T-Shirt Design Contest ends TODAY! All designs must be submitted by the end of the day to the front office! PRE-SALES of the Fish Dance T-shirt will continue today and go through this Friday during your lunch. You must submit a student/parent agreement form in order for the T-shirt order form to be accepted.

7 For all Science Olympiad Students
For all Science Olympiad Students There will be a short mandatory meeting today at 4:05 in Rm. 307!!

8 Cheer Tryout Packets RMS Cheerleader Tryout Packets are due to Mrs. Verellen in the front office by NOON TOMORROW. Please make sure you turn them in on time. KHS Tryout Packets are due Thursday, March 3rd at 4 p.m. to Mrs. Anderson in Room 602. K-Park Cheer Tryout Packets are due Friday, March 4th at 3 p.m. to Mrs. Anderson in Room 602.

9 Orange Bracelet Schedule!
Friday: Listen to iPod’s during lunch and dance in the gym for 15 minutes after dismissal from cafeteria.

10 It’s a GREAT Day To Be a Longhorn!!!

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