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Presidents Assembly Monthly Webinar February 17, 2010.

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1 Presidents Assembly Monthly Webinar February 17, 2010

2 During the Webinar – Just Ask! Please use this question area to communicate with us throughout the webinar. Have a question…type it!!

3 What Chapter do you represent? Please use your GoToWebinar Question box to type in the name of your Chapter…

4 Update Your Chapter Leadership Roster! Log into to update your chapter leadership roster – we need to know your current officers and board members Receive appropriate communications Receive rebate reports Receive membership reports Contact to get your password or be authorized administrator to update

5 Molly GimmelRachael Bender Greater DC ChapterFort Lauderdale Chapter Chair Chair-Elect Molly GimmelRachael Bender Greater DC ChapterFort Lauderdale Chapter Chair Chair-Elect Presidents Assembly Leadership

6 2010-2011 Presidents Assembly Steering Committee Anne Freedman NAWBO Miami PASC Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Region Lola Kakes NAWBO Tucson PASC Western Region Linda Cooper NAWBO Central Oklahoma PASC Southern Region Angelika Coghlan NAWBO Chicago PASC Midwest Region

7 NAWBO REGIONAL BREAKDOWNS Northeast & Atlantic Region Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, District of Columbia, Virginia, W. Virginia Midwest Region Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri Southern Region North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana Western Region Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii

8 Steering Committee Roles & Responsibilities Presidents Assembly Steering Committee is responsible for: Serving as voice of the chapters on the National Board and facilitating communications between National and the chapters Facilitating chapter collaboration/information sharing via webinars & meetings at national conferences Creating a community of chapter leaders Helping chapter leaders with strategic planning, problem resolution, etc.

9 Webinar Schedule Mark Your Calendar NOW! Webinars will be held on the third Thursday of every month at noon Eastern time. Upcoming Webinars: Mar 17 – Programming & Events Apr 21 – Public Policy (national) May 19 – Strategic Alliances June 16 – TBD

10 PA Facebook Page Use to share news and information; exchange best practices; ask for help; etc. All chapter leaders are welcome to join. Please do not use to market your business.

11 News from National Molly Gimmel PASC Chair

12 SPRING MEMBERSHIP DRIVE New membership application form must be used if member is not applying online. Download form from Chapter Resource Center. Spring Membership Drive – March & April $25 discount off National dues Chapters may offer discount off chapter dues – notify Chapter Services so online application can be updated Contest – Chapter in each size category (small, medium, large) with most new members during drive win free WBC registration & Southwest airlines voucher

13 REGIONAL LEADERSHIP SUMMITS The curriculum of the Leadership Summits is being revamped to focus more on leadership and board training. UPCOMING SUMMITS Midwest Regional Leadership Summit May 18 in Kansas City, MO Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Summit October/November in Washington, DC All chapter leaders are encouraged to attend. This includes officers, directors, board members, committee chairs, etc.

14 NEW! ACCELERATED GROWTH SERIES The NAWBO Institute for Entrepreneurial Development (our 501c3 arm) is launching this educational program focused on helping WBOs grow their businesses Two Workshops to be held in San Francisco: Assessing Your Organizational Capacity (April 25-26) Developing a Strategic Plan for Growth (June 16-17) Cost: $325 for one workshop, $600 for both (NAWBO members) Application deadline is March 25 th Chapters get rebate of $100 for each member who attends

15 FUTURALLIA 2011 NAWBO is a Network Partner for this annual international conference for small & medium sized business enterprises Will be held in Kansas City on May 18-20, 2011 Expecting over 1,000 attendees Each registrant selects other attendees from catalog that they are interested in meeting, forum sets up 16 30-minute one-on-one sessions Exhibit hall plus plenty of networking time Ideal for companies interested in doing business internationally or looking for partnerships If interested in attending or getting more info, contact Molly Gimmel at

16 NAWBO WOMENS BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2011 Save the Date: August 31 – September 1 (Wed & Thurs before Labor Day weekend) High-powered content/speakers to be focused on topics related to accelerating business growth Will be held at Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego Hotel is extending special room rate thru Labor Day weekend if attendees want to stay Early bird registration opens March 1 Chapter contest: Three chapters with most attendees will win one free registration & Southwest Airlines voucher Incentive: For every 10 members registered, chapter will receive one additional free registration Ambassador program: Members who bring at least 5 first-time attendees receive free exhibit package

17 OBJECTIVES To increase and expand chapter support by providing tools to support our local chapters with improvements and updates on ongoing basis The all-new Online Chapter Resource Center provides chapters: Visual Resources and Instructional Presentations Bylaws and Policies Forms and Templates Chapter Best Practices Library Chapter Operations Manual National Strategic Plan Overview and Strategic Plan Templates All Chapter Board Members and Chapter Admin Staff have access to Online CRC. Please update your Chapter Board Roster. CHAPTER RESOURCE CENTER

18 Poll Do you have a special spring new member recruitment event?

19 Why Should a Woman Business Owner Join NAWBO? Angelika Coghlan PASC Steering Committee

20 NAWBO Value Proposition Over 70 Chapters Nationwide Over 7000 members NAWBO Members are dedicated to helping you!

21 NAWBO Value Proposition Organization of Decision Makers Peer to Peer Mentoring Across the Country Networking Across the Country Oldest and Most Respected Womens Business Organization

22 Poll What is your biggest membership challenge?


24 February 17 2011 Cindy Martin – President Susan DePue – President Elect Christy Robinson – Membership | (615) 948-0544

25 Click to enter Header Nashville Membership December 2009 Membership had declined to an all time low February 2011 Membership has increased 124%

26 The I in Membership Identify the Issue Identify the target market Identify factors effecting membership attrition Improve program content Increase awareness Improve sponsorship participation

27 The I in Membership: Identify the driving issues Membership Sponsorship Programs Must address all three at one time!!!

28 The I in Membership Identify the target market In the past, we attracted New Business Owners Dont stay in business Have very limited resources Currently we attract the business owner of 2 – 5 years Still young enough to profit from membership In business long enough to have addressable issues As their business grows they become a supporter of NAWBO

29 The I in Membership Identify factors effecting membership attrition Go out of business Did not meet their expectations Manage expectations: More than just getting business Manage expectations: Build support team Manage expectations: Give more opportunity to build friendships and earn trust

30 The I in Membership Improve Programs Targeted local authors Allow time in each program for members to be heard Host additional events each month Lunch and Learn OR After Business Hours Social Events

31 The I in Membership Increase Awareness Distribution list to1000 Notices via email go to audience that includes non-biz owners Each board member took ownership of growing the chapter Each board member asked to bring 2 new members All board members are focused on target market

32 The I in Membership Improve Sponsorship participation Made sponsorship affordable Started with our members Expanded the benefits Implemented Learned lessons from President Assembly

33 Membership Events Monthly Membership Luncheons Last Thursday of each month- January through October Lunch & Learn Events-minimum 5 times/ year After Business Hours Social Events-minimum 5 times/ year Athena Nominee Reception Holiday Party

34 Poll How do you feel your membership will change in the next 6 months?

35 Best Practices from Western Regional Summit Lola Kakes PASC Steering Committee

36 Member Recruitment Separate programs for different size businesses Community alliances – happy hours with members of other groups Make board members phone blitz their contacts to join and/or attend events

37 Member Recruitment Membership drives – –BBQ casual & fun with families & CPs Welcome meeting for new members Presidents coffee – coffee with small group for pres to meet new members Mixers (NAWBOtini) Satellite groups for chapters with wide geographic dispersion NAWBO cents – members get discount

38 Member Recruitment Member referral competition Change in dues structure Groupon offering to attend meeting/event During membership drive, wine event with wine expert Membership drive (March & April) offer special deals, contests, discounts Members reimbursed for guests if they join

39 Poll Do you follow up with every guest who comes to a meeting by phone?

40 Questions?

41 Thank you for participating in NAWBO Presidents Assembly Webinar! We look forward to talking to you next month. The webinar will be on March 17th at noon Eastern on Programming & Events. To share this information with your chapters leadership, visit NAWBO Presidents Assembly Community for the slides or the Facebook Presidents Assembly Page for the link to the recording.

42 CONTACT NAWBO Member Services: Chapter Services: Presidents Assembly: News/Article Submissions: Website/Technical Support:

43 Your Feedback is Welcome! Please send feedback to

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