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Presented by Brian Wallace President and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association |

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1 Presented by Brian Wallace President and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association |

2 The First Place Consumers Go for Local Business Info: 33% Search engines 23% Yellow pages [print] 22% Internet yellow pages 13% Local search sites 9% Mobile apps, social media outreach 77% of all users will research online before they'll walk through your door MARKETING HAS CHANGED



5 * Google is the largest search engine in the world and the 2 nd busiest website overall * 72% of all web searches happen through Google

6 Want to come up on the maps that accompany search results? Its FREE! Claim your business via Google: Optimize your listing and beat your competition. * Create your business profile. * The more information you list, the more likely youll be found. * Save it. * Copy/paste this profile information to Yelp, Merchant Circle and any other directory you can find.


8 82% of laundry owners dont have a website or dont advertise their website. 77% of all customers research online first!

9 * Full Domain Ownership/ Management Rights * Full Function Web Control Panel * Branded to match your LOGO or choose your own colors * Unlimited changes/photos & text * Google Map DLI builds and hosts a free laundry website for each of its members: * Full Page with Name, Address, Phone Number & Business Hours * Submit Your own logo & 3 additional images * Includes your own free web account * Listing of your services

10 Facebook boasts more than 600 million active users; 50% of whom use the page on a daily basis. Why should I market my business on Facebook? Your customers are here. Competitors might be already Easy to create your page. Easy to update your page. Share all types of info in almost any format. Helps with search engine placement. Influence of Facebook Friends Where do I Start? Create a Facebook page. Do NOT create a personal profile (one with address). Profiles = people. Pages = businesses. Check for existing Facebook Places page for your business. Claim that instead.


12 Heres an actual laundrys Facebook page: Milt & Edies Dry Cleaners: Shaffer Dry Cleaning & Laundry: Getting Fans to Like You Create table tents or flyers and post them in your store Encourage customers to check-in through FB Places. Run a contest to get more Likes and engagement. Likes get published to the users News Feed for all their friends to see. Give Them a REASON to Like You

13 * Every laundry must have a customer mailing list; preferably with addresses * Stay in touch with customers with offers and information in order to retain their business * Plot current customers on a map to help plan future advertising * Bribe customers for information through raffles, giveaways, and surveys Why should I run a contest? 1. Increase awareness 2. Network with customers (more personal = more loyal) 3. Create repeat customers 4. Build your customer database for use in direct or marketing

14 * Use addresses to update customers with a newsletter * Cheaper electronically than by print * Share coupons, store news, special events * Position your store as a garment care expert by sharing laundry tips * Use blog as extension of that sharing of information

15 Tips for your e-newsletters: * Keep it short and easy to scan * Design for the preview pane * Create a strong subject line * Select a reputable marketing service e.g. Constant Contact, MailChimp, AWeber


17 Use search advertising to find customers when they are ready to buy! * Keywords are matched with customer searches * Match local parameters with keywords – down to zipcode and radius search Cost-Per-Click * Cost effective * Pay only when your advertising works Google Adwords and how it works 1. You create your ads 2. Your ads appear on Google 3. Set your budget 4. Avoid guesswork 5. Pay only for results 6. Local and regional targeting 7. Local ads

18 A beginners guide to Google AdWords A great video tutorial on YouTube Search for laundries in your market and see what turns up!

19 * Create Your Campaign

20 How Your Customers Use Foursquare Customers check-in where theyre at This lets friends know where they are. How a Business Benefits from Foursquare Benefit from customers check-ins Attract new customers Reward loyal ones Offer Specials Mobile coupons Prizes or discounts Shown to users when checking in at or near you Foursquare allows users to check in via a smartphone app or SMS. Users share their location with the public while collecting points and virtual badges.

21 Big Exposure, bigger word of mouth Efficient, measurable marketing 91% of businesses report new customers from their promotion 9/10 customers spend more than the face value of the coupon 87% of business owners say they increased their brand awareness Set minimum sales to launch Set maximum sales to sell out Groupon is a deal of the day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local or national companies.

22 Answer the question, what are you doing now? Fastest growing social network with more than 200 million users What Good Would it do Me? Twitter is used for Customer service Sharing immediate info Gather real-time market feedback Lead generation Build relationships with customers Marketing Share coupons, discounts, special events

23 To find great tips for using Twitter to grow your business, visit: Heres a quick video on how to set-up your page: Here are some dry cleaners who are using Twitter:

24 Why is direct marketing successful? * Its Targeted Age, gender, income & demographic. * Its Personal Tailored to your recipients, providing relevant content and timely delivery. You can tell them about your website and social media too!

25 Direct Mail Products * Postcards * Table tents * Door hangers * Posters * Personalized brochures * Trifolds * Bifolds

26 Down, But Not Out! 23% of consumers still check the printed Yellow Pages YELLOW PAGES Spend about $31/month for a bold text listing instead of spending big bucks on display ads.

27 Increasingly, people are using the search functions of GPS to find local businesses; especially for those who are traveling. There are two main providers, Navteq and Teleatlas. GPS SERVICES To get set-up with TeleAtlas, follow this link: To register with Navteq, follow this link:

28 * In the next five years, the quality of your marketing may prove to be the most important factor in your success * Every dollar you add to the bottom-line through marketing comes back to you!

29 Coin Laundry AssociationPlanetLaundry Podcasts Coin Laundry AssociationPlanetLaundry


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