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National Engineering Month 2009 Engineering Idol Heat Recovery Ventilators Professional Engineers Ontario Etobicoke Chapter.

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1 National Engineering Month 2009 Engineering Idol Heat Recovery Ventilators Professional Engineers Ontario Etobicoke Chapter

2 Martingrove Collegiate Institute Etobicoke Collegiate Institute Michael Power / St. Joseph High School Richview Collegiate Institute Silverthorn Collegiate Institute Bishop Allen Academy Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy The Teams

3 Engineering Idol is not a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) building contest Engineering Idol is an opportunity for you to experience the Profession of Engineering

4 Concept Sketch Showing Industrial Unit Teams design/build this portion as they see fit Flanges Test Equipment includes Controls / Fans See for specifications (sizes, air flow, fan speed, control points) to be considered in joining your HRV to the test

5 Engineering involves creativity, technology and calculations BUT, Engineering is also about team work, selling yourself, dealing with difficult situations and behaving professionally at all times!

6 Engineering Idol challenges you to demonstrate to the judges that your school has the best Engineering Team

7 Your school is an international Engineering Firm competing for a contract Your Supervising Teacher or Volunteer is your manager Your team is made up of talented Engineers from several fields that develop proposals for Engineering Projects around the world The Challenge

8 Within your team should be individuals with various talents across several fields of engineering A group of shrewd investors wishes to build a new type of economically viable HRV to be installed in houses in Canada The investors have hired the 3 consultants (judges) to pick the team that will bring them the best success with this project The Challenge

9 Scientific thought Originality Skill in execution Team cohesiveness Written concept design report Oral presentation Judging Criteria

10 January 5 th, your list of team members should have been submitted February 6 th, your team will submit a Design Concept Report to Mr. Richard Weldon, P.Eng. February 28 th Competition Day – bring the following Notes to talk with the judges 4 – 5 minute oral presentation Design and materials for building and testing your HRV Receipts for materials (< $150) Deliverables

11 We have available to you a Mechanical Engineer who is an expert in the field of energy efficient design of building mechanical systems The Technical Expert will act as a consultant for your team From now until Competition Day, your team can send a total of 3 emails (maximum 100 words of questions per email) Consulting Time for You

12 The design and performance of your HRV is a small portion of the team evaluation You are required to cost effectively select and purchase the materials to build the HRV You should research a proposed HRV Design that you will create on Competition Day The written concept design report includes your proposed design, your list of materials and cost Designing and Building Your HRV

13 Your HRV You have been given 2 flanges as the interface between your HRV and the test equipment The test equipment houses all fans and mechanical equipment that will force air through the flanges into your HRV The technical specifications for the test equipment (e.g flow rates) are found on the website


15 Your design and material list, as submitted in the Design Concept Report, MUST first be approved before you can buy the materials (due February 6, 2009 to Richard Weldon) You Need Approval for Materials!

16 February 28, 2009 10 am at Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School, 28 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, Etobicoke Lunch will be provided Basic hand & power tools will be provided Let us know if you require special tools Photos will be taken Politicians will be coming Professional Engineers Ontario will be there Your friends and family may like to be there for the awards and HRV testing (after 2:00 PM) The Competition Day

17 Bring your notes – evidence to the judges that you have come prepared Bring your 4 – 5 minute presentation – you will present it to the judges and to the public audience Bring your HRV materials and design – we will spend the day building, tweaking and then testing the designs! The Competition Day

18 Only 1 rule – all team members need to participate Use the presentation to sell your team and design to the judges What engineering design elements will you discuss during your presentation? Presentations

19 The 7 HRVs will be tested in the afternoon The Supervising Teacher or Volunteer from each school will be expected to help ensure instructions from the Testing Engineer and safe work practices are observed Electrical equipment and rotating pieces of equipment are always treated with respect! Safety

20 Web links you should know The design details are kept on our website for you to download at Engineering Idol has a Facebook group: Engineering Idol


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