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The winner with the Microphone By Lily Juhasz Amy practices singing for her talent show this evening Oh say can you see… Amy, do you have the microphon.

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2 The winner with the Microphone By Lily Juhasz

3 Amy practices singing for her talent show this evening Oh say can you see… Amy, do you have the microphon e on high again? yes. Sorry! You know how much this contest means to me Yes, I do. But you will do fine. Yikes! Pack your bag and lets go! Thank-… LOOK AT THE TIME. I need to go to school!

4 Good luck Amy! Im going to make your favorite dinner for my little winner Grandma and grandpa were in the kitchen, getting ready to cheer on Amy again.

5 Umm… Who knows if I will win? For all I know, I could come in last place. Amy, dont be negative! Fine, Im sorry. Hey, dont feel sorry for me, you should feel sorry for you. Wait, what? Why? Because YOU ARE 15 MINUTES LATE FOR SCHOOL!!!! Poop! LETS GO!!!

6 They got moving and rushed to school. Mr. Wilson is going to kill me. Literally!

7 It was about 10 minutes till Amy found herself in the school unpacking her bag. But to her luck, she also found herself face to face with her older opponent for the talent show. So, I heard you were competing in the contest. Yes, I am competing. I am going to sing- Wait, your going to sing? Well, I guess I found my opponent. I dont feel so bad anymore because I know from the 2 of us, who is going to win. Oh, just get to class Victoria. I dont need you getting in my way. I am already late. Well, its not just me… Just give it up Amy. You are never going to win. Yeah. I cant even believed you signed up for the talent show. Well why not? Because it includes talent. Yeah *snickers* Loser. What are you gonna do this time? Cry for mommy? *sniffles* Just leave alone! *sniffles* Amy decides to just walk away and not force an argument. Bad idea.

8 Just a reminder, no homework in honor of the talent show. Remember to study for the test on Monday! And have a great weekend! Class dismissed! Amys here! And is late. VERY LATE. See me after class! Which is approximately right now! When Amy got to class, she perceived that her friend Hannah was looking for her.

9 Amy, do I really have to incessantly put you on my late list? Sorry Mr. Wilson. I got a late start on my morning. I was practicing for the contest and I got lost in time. I really want to win it and… Oh Amy, I had enough of your excuses. Detention after school! But, I have the talent show and… and I … No more excuses. The talent show is at 8pm tonight so that leaves you a hours to practice. But- I… OK fine.

10 While Amy was in detention, she saw a kid crying. Hey, are you alright? Yeah. Those evil 8 th graders took my report from me and used it for their self. I just told the teacher that I left it at home and she sent me to detention. I hate those 8 th grade girls so much! By the way, my name is Tommy. Oh. I know them. I am not fond of them either. They made me late for school and started picking on me in the hall and…

11 While Amy and Tommy were in detention talking, the 3 girls formed an alliance. VictoriaAriannaLauren Wait, Arianna, dont you have the Adele 21 album At you house? Yeah why? And Lauren, your evil 7 th grade brother is in the tech crew right? Yeah, he was in it in the school play too. Wait, I thought he hates lights and sound and all that. Yea, but his friends bribed him to do it. My brother is very easy to bribe. Perfect!

12 Plan: 1. get Adele 21 album 2. bribe Laurens brother $20 to play Rolling in the deep 3. Victoria: Lip sings the whole song

13 Well… Um… see you at the talent show! Um… yeah! Good luck! Thanks bye!

14 My brother is back stage setting up the sound system. The CD is in my jacket. Great! Im totally gonna win.

15 Lauren! Go away! We are taking a picture! No, Im good. We need you to do a favor for us. Cheese! And why would you think I would help you? Because I have $20 dollars in my pocket that I am ready to spend for a good cause. OK, Im in. Meet me at my computer desk. Great! See you there! Told you guys he is easy to bribe.

16 Now, do exactly what we told you. Here is the CD. If you break it- Ok ok. Too many directions! Cant a kid have SOME respect? Can you stop being such a drama queen and just work. Yeah, the $20 also includes the payment for doing what we want without bugging us about it. Hey! Dont be mean to my brother! Well, why not? Lauren, get over here! NOW!

17 Lauren, what was that about? Its called sticking up for my family and if you cant accept that, then we might as well not hang out. Wow, you are not the person I thought you would be. If you keep acting like that, then you might as well leave. You know what, fine. I never liked you guys anyway!

18 Hey, um… sorry about that. Yeah, its OK. So, do I still need to do what she said? Of course not. And dont let your friends… …do it either.. OK. Do you still need the $20 and the CD? Keep the $20. I have the perfect place to put the CD

19 Bye Bye Arianna's autographed Adele CD!

20 You did what to my CD? LAUREN! OMG! I am so gonna kill you for this! Hey wait, Arianna. Is everybody seriously leaving me?

21 Hey, are you alright? What do you want? Well, I want to cheer you up. The talent show is in 2 hours and you shouldn't be sad at this time. Im not sad. Just leave me alone. You are not making me feel any better. Hey, I dont want you to feel worse. Then just go away. Listen, I know thats not going to make you happy. Fine, I am upset. You probably wont help at all because youre all happy and existed and all that. Hey, Im upset too. I just realized that the song that I am performing is for a duet. One soprano and one alto. Im a soprano. *Looks up* Really? Im alto. We should perform together, instead of against each other. We still have an hour and 45 minutes left. PERFECT! That gives us an abundance of time to practice.


23 Welcome everyone to hour annual talent show. A big thanks to the tech crew and all the other volunteers that made this happen. As you know, the talent show is divided by each division. There are 3 divisions this year; dancing, juggling and yo- yo, and singing. Each division will be judged separately and the top 3 of each division will compete to be the winner. But without further ado, I present you the dancing division





28 And our last act until finals, the singing. WAIT! ME AND VICORIA ARE PERFORMING TOGETHER. Rather than to compete Then how are we supposed to calculate the 3 finalists from each division? If you did that, then you would automatically be in the finals. The school board agreed to not have a division with only one competitor performing because it is not fair. Yeah. But, please. We really need this. We practiced hours. Please. Who says we will win? STOP! The school board had decided to let the girls perform for the singing division. Principal Johnson, by doing this, you are making it unfair for them. This is why very few people could do the talent show this year because their choices were limited. Now I honestly think thats unfair. Um… Ok. Well, I present you with the duet of Amy and Victoria.

29 Oh say can you see… By the dawn early light. Was so proudly we held Was so proudly we held.


31 And once again, congratulations girls! Victoria, you did awesome! Thanks for singing with me. I would be a fail without you. Thank you so much. No, thank you. Thanks for not getting mad at me for bullying you. Thanks for cheering me up. And thanks for singing with me. You did not deserve to be bullied I am so sorry. Its ok. Lets not talk about now. We should be happy and existed. But please, thank you so much! For making me a much better person than before. Hey, you turned yourself into a good person. So thank you. Yeah, I guess so. Haha! Haha!


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