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2011 NSAA SOFTBALL Umpires & Coaches Rules Interpretation Meeting.

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1 2011 NSAA SOFTBALL Umpires & Coaches Rules Interpretation Meeting

2 Start of Practice – August 8 (Mon-Week 6) Officials Open Book Test – August 12 First Contest – August 18 Officials Supervised Test – Sept. 7 & 12 Districts – October 6 & 7 State Tournament – October 12-13-14 (All Classes). Softball – Dates

3 Season Begins - First Day of Practice. Athletes CANNOT participate on other teams (including tryouts) until the end of the NSAA Championships. Athletes can attend Camps/Clinics, but cannot physically participate. Softball – Reminder

4 Schedule = 17 dates during regular season, 5 tournament limit (not including districts and state) Single Games & Doubleheaders Double-Dual - four schools playing two pre-determined contests or two of the other schools in one day Triangular - three schools playing two pre-determined contests in one day. Tournament – 4 or more teams where winners continue to advance or compete until a champion is determined (straight bracket or pool play with championship criteria). Permissible Contests

5 Regular Season Suspended Game Time Limit - Permitted for Varsity Tournament Play and any Sub-Varsity Play NO Time Limit – Varsity Single Game, Doubleheader, Triangular, Double-Dual Tie-Breaker – 8 th inning or When Time Limit Expires in Varsity Tournaments NSAA Game Procedures

6 Regular Season Run Rules 12-Run Rule after 2 ½ or 3 innings 10-Run Rule after 3 ½ or 4 innings 8-Run Rule after 4 ½ or 5 innings Game Ending Procedures

7 DistrictsState 12-Run Rule after 2 ½ or 3 in; 10-Run Rule after 3 ½ or 4 in; 8-Run Rule after 4 ½ or 5 in 12-Run Rule after 2 ½ or 3 in; 10-Run Rule after 3 ½ or 4 in; 8-Run Rule after 4 ½ or 5 in Tie-Breaker Double First Base (Required) Suspended Game No Time Limit Postseason Procedures

8 Schools must call in all scores. Omaha World-Herald: 1-800-284-6397 or 402-444-1000. Lincoln Journal Star: 1-800-742-7315 or 402-473-7431. E-mail to District Seeding Release – Sept. 29; All games through Tuesday, Sept. 27 count. Reporting Scores

9 NFHS Softball 2011 Rules Changes

10 Lineup Card Inaccuracies (3-1-3 Penalty) New penalty established for changes made to a verified lineup card First offense = Team warning Second offense = Head coach restricted to dugout/bench for remainder of game Applies to changes made to name and number of a player – not defensive position


12 Concussion Procedure Revised (3-3-9; 10-2-3k) Removed references to unconscious or apparently unconscious. New procedure requires an athlete exhibiting signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion to be removed from the contest.

13 Concussion Procedure (3-3-9; 10-2-3k) See Appendix A on Page 86 of the 2011 NFHS Softball Rules Book


15 Concussion Recognition and Management (3-3-9; 10-2-3k) The umpires are not responsible for the evaluation or management of the athlete after she is removed from play. If an appropriate health-care professional (Certified Athletic Trainer or Medical Professional trained in Brain Trauma) determines that the athlete HAS NOT suffered a concussion, the athlete may return to play.

16 Suggested Concussion Management Written authorization is no longer required with on-site medical staff. If there is no appropriate health-care professional available to evaluate the athlete, the athlete SHOULD NOT be permitted by the coach to return to play.

17 Suggested Concussion Management 1.No athlete should return to play (RTP) or practice on the same day of a concussion. 2.Any athlete suspected of having a concussion should be evaluated by an appropriate health-care professional that day. 3.Any athlete with a concussion should be medically cleared by an appropriate healthcare professional prior to resuming participation in any practice or competition.

18 Suggested Concussion Management 4.After medical clearance, return to play should follow a step-by-step protocol with provisions for a delayed return based upon the re-occurrance of any signs or symptoms.


20 Scored/Retired Runner Interference (8-6-18) Intent no longer the determining factor in ruling interference by a runner who has scored/been retired Rule now consistent with definition of interference Rule easier to enforce, enhancing more consistent application

21 Scored/Retired Runner Interference (8-6-18) The new rule states that after being declared out or after scoring, a runner interferes with a defensive players opportunity to make a play on another runner… The Ball is dead The runner closest to home is called out Other runners return to the base occupied at the time of the interference.


23 NFHS Softball 2011 Major Editorial Changes


25 Force Play Reinstatement (2-24-4) Clarifies the force-play reinstatement rule ART. 4... If a forced runner, after touching the next base, except home, retreats for any reason towards the base she had first occupied, the force play is reinstated and she may again be put out if the defense tags the base to which she is forced.

26 Force Play Reinstatement (2-24-4) The home exception was necessary to be consistent with Rule 2-49 and Case Book play 2.49 B Once a runner legally scores, she cannot be put out – BUT, she could be guilty of interference (which results in the runner closest to home declared out)


28 New products are being manufactured that dry the hands, but leave no residue on the ball or glove Any material that DOES leave a residue on the ball is prohibited – i.e. rock resin

29 Ball-Rotation (6-5 New) The pitcher has a choice of balls at the start of each half inning unless both balls do not get put into play. In the bottom of the first, the pitcher must throw the unused ball. Thereafter, the ball in play should be returned to the 16-foot circle after every half inning.

30 Ball-Rotation (6-5 New) The pitcher may request the other ball before throwing a warm-up pitch by giving the ball in her possession to the plate umpire, the pitcher has now made a choice and must pitch that ball until such time as the ball goes out of play or becomes blocked.

31 NFHS Softball 2011 Points of Emphasis

32 Sportsmanship Any form of behavior intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule or demean others is unacceptable Public Address (PA) systems have been utilized to intimidate/taunt visiting teams by playing negative sound effects or playing motivational music only for the home team


34 Team and Player Equipment NFHS rules require umpires to check most equipment (10-2-3a) prior to the contest. The following are of specific concern/interest: –Bats – Helmets


36 Bats Broken, altered or bats that deface the ball are also illegal A knick or paint chip in the bat from a player knocking their metal cleats against the bat to loosen debris should not render a bat illegal

37 Bats Materials inside the bat or treatments/devices used to alter the bat specifications and/or enhance performance (i.e. bat warmers) are prohibited.


39 Foul lines to the pole Catchers Box 3-FT Running Lane Coaches Boxes


41 Game Management There are several game- management areas that will assist in a smooth-running contest. The following are of particular concern: –Lineup Cards –Field Areas –Pace of Game

42 Lineup Cards Lineup cards must be verified by the head coach as correct – with name and uniform number and all substitutes listed – at the pregame conference New rule provides a penalty for a coach who fails to submit an accurate lineup card Umpires can assist with managing this situation by reminding coaches of the new rule and giving them ample opportunity to verify the lineup card before final submission

43 Field Areas Designated warm-up areas should be located in an area adjacent to the field and be in view of the umpires During the contest, players must warm up within the confines of the field or in the adjacent warm up area Coaches must remain in their designated dugout/bench.


45 Have a Great Season! Questions or comments should be directed to Jim Angele. E-mail him at

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