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1 2014 Sacramento Wheelmen Banquet. 2 Welcome Awards and Recognition Honoring 2013 Riders & Volunteers Members 525 Riders 270 Volunteers 1,188.

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1 1 2014 Sacramento Wheelmen Banquet

2 2 Welcome Awards and Recognition Honoring 2013 Riders & Volunteers Members 525 Riders 270 Volunteers 1,188

3 3 Overview- Volunteers 2013 Board of Directors 8 Ride Leaders & Top Riders721 Sierra Century Volunteers277 Club Leadership 39 Committees 96 Supported Outside Events112 total 1,253 Photo Contest Winners Annual Awards 2013 Board of Directors Sierra Century Update

4 4 Club Membership 525 Sacramento Wheelmen on the roads and bike paths in and around Sacramento and throughout the USA & beyond! 347 male members66% 160 female members31% 18 organizations3%

5 5 Door Prize

6 6 Presentation of 2013 Riding Awards Dan Anglim - Ride Director

7 Riding Statistics 2013 Total of 270 riders! Rode a total of 447,079 miles! During a total of 878 rides! Average rider rode 1,656 miles! An average of 50 miles per ride! 158 riders rode 500 miles or more!

8 2013 Highlights Commitment to on-line Ride Calendar Good Mix of Old and New Rides Plenty of Away Rides A Committed Team of Ride Leaders l A HEALTHY CLUB!

9 Special Recognition New Member Top Riders 10 -Debra Csore 713 9 -Tim Doda 906 8 - Kim Doda1013 7 - Lori Street1014 6 -Wanda Shiotsuk1123 5 -Carol Winter1144 4 - Mark Kim1561 3 -Earl Fontes1604 2 - Jonna Lanigan1646 1 -Stuart Hong2723

10 Iron Man Award Frank Yates 2966 miles

11 Past Winners YEARFEMALEMALETANDEMRIDE LEADER 2009Mary McPoilDick NussbaumRalph & Kristin LeMeur Tom Goodwin 2010Mary McPoilDick NussbaumRalph & Kristin LeMeur Tom Goodwin 2011Mary MooreDick NussbaumRalph & Kristin LeMeur Tom Goodwin 2012Sandra YarrowDick NussbaumJohn & Sally Cooper Tom Goodwin 2013????

12 Top Female Riders 10 – Jane Anglim2,579 9 - Sandra Rusconi2,810 8 - Karen Hyink3,052 7 - Mable Wong3,679 6 - Linda Zeiszler3,878 5 - Barbara Bravos4,423 4 - Susie Evans5,047 3 - Helen Hourigan 6,383 2 - Sandra Yarrow7,543

13 Top Female Rider Mary Moore 7,702 miles

14 Top Male Riders 10 - Nick Hourigan 6,729 9 - Tom Goodwin 6,900 8 - Richard Zeiszler 6,961 7 - Paul Gunkel 7,205 6 - Dave Clifton 7,245 5 - Ken Bell 8,303 4 - Dale Johnson 9,230 3 - Michael Dodson10,535 2 - Richard Nussbaum11,013

15 Top Male Rider Clayton Boudreau 17,222 miles

16 Top Tandem Riders Mike & Sandy Fox 1,757 Dan & Jane Anglim 2,521 And…

17 Top Tandem Riders Bob Storelli & Mabel Wong 3,679 miles together

18 Top 10 Ride Leaders Led over 75% of Club Rider Miles! LeaderRider Miles Led 10 – Richard Nussbaum12,116 9 – Robert Maben13,491 9 – Robert Maben13,491 8 – Dale Johnson14,560 8 – Dale Johnson14,560 7 – Joe McCormick16,103 7 – Joe McCormick16,103 6 – Gerald Rohlfes17,420 6 – Gerald Rohlfes17,420 5 – Dennis King25,428 5 – Dennis King25,428 4 – Sandra Yarrow26,157 4 – Sandra Yarrow26,157 3 – Mary Moore32,379 3 – Mary Moore32,379 2 - Dick Shultz89,172 2 - Dick Shultz89,172 YOU MAKE OUR CLUB! THANK YOU!

19 Top Ride Leader Tom Goodwin 90,692 miles


21 Kudos To Our Ride Leaders Offering Day Rides, Tours, or Series Back-up Dan Anglim David Clifton Tom Gardner Dale Johnson Glenn Moore Dave Storm Linda Zeiszler Shelly Barrette Clayton Boudreau Bill Floyd Tom Goodwin Dennis King Mary Moore Mike Snyder Richard Zeiszler Joni Bauer Ron Brown Mike Fox Nick Hourigan Joe McCormick Robert Samms Sandra Yarrow

22 Kudos to Our Ride Leaders Offering Tours, Day Rides, & Series Back-up Jerry Adams Mike Dodson Helen Hourigan Jeanne Leland Dick Nussbaum Bill Poulton Richard Rusconi Dick Shultz Ken Bell Jeannie Ennis Stan Leff Robert Maben Scott Pierce Francisco Prieto Casey Sacamoto Lori Street Ed Delano Paul Gunkel Bud Leland George Neill Lesli Pletcher Jerry Rohlfes Ed Scanlan Deborah Walburg


24 24 Door Prize

25 25 Door Prize Donations Patriot Bicycles, ? Why address and not others 7441 Madison Ave, Citrus Heights, Scott & Shelly Barrette Trailhead Coffee & Cycling Lounge, Taylor & English Colony, Jerry & Dana Beyond Napa Wine Merchants, why a slogan Sacramentos Favorite Wine Shop, Rod Farley Joseph (Jody) McComas, Therapeutic Therapist, did massages at the Sierra Century

26 26 Volunteer Recognition There are many people who volunteer quietly behind the scenes to make the Wheelmen a great club.

27 27 Sierra Century Captains Steve Anderson Ken Bell Ron & Suzie Brown Peter Bustabade Art & Carol Choate Bill & Marilyn Floyd Steve Forsberg Tom Gardner Tom Goodwin Michael Goble John Hockenbury Nick Hourigan 27 Rousted a total of 277 volunteers

28 Additional Ride Captains Dale Johnson Larry Matz Mary & Glenn Moore Carl Northeimer Scott Pierce Ed Scanlan Dennis King & Marie Schnelling Dick Shultz Pat Tracey Dale Tudor Sandy Yarrow 28

29 Banquet Committee 2014 Chair: Bob and Suzie Evans Photos: Marilyn Floyd Decorations: Nancy Shultz, Susie Brown, Susie Evans and Mary Moore. Merchandising: Dan and Jan Anglim, Sandy Yarrow, Richard and Linda Ziezsler. Door Prize Collection: Glenn Moore, Bob Evans Mileage Shirts: Sandy Yarrow, Mary Moore Registration: Sally & John Cooper, Marie Schelling, Dennis King, Annemarie & Michael Goble. Jim and Polly Dodds 29

30 30 Club Leadership Club Tour CoordinatorTim Koch Mileage RecorderMike Synder Membership CoordinatorDave Storm Merchandise CoordinatorNick & Helen Hourigan Storage Locker CoordinatorCarl Northeimer WheelNews EditorsJeanne & Bud Leland Advertising CoordinatorEric Saur Insurance CoordinatorDick Shultz Marketing CoordinatorSandy Yarrow Club Apparel DesignerSandy Yarrow

31 31 Club Leadership continued Special Events CoordinatorSandy Yarrow Club Picnic CoordinatorSandy Yarrow Budget CoordinatorDale Johnson Government LiaisonDennis King Community Affairs CoordinatorDennis King Donations CoordinatorJohn Abe e-Mail List AdministratorRich Percival Sunshine CoordinatorSusie Brown Photography ContestMarilyn Floyd

32 32 Committees Website: Dan Anglim 8 Nominations: Sandy Yarrow, Hal Baker, Marilyn Floyd, George Neil 3 Awards Banquet: Bob & Susie Evans20 Brochure: Marilyn Floyd, Jeanne Leland, Sandy Yarrow 3 WheelNews Mail & Distribution: Doug Lent12 WheelNews Bike Shops42 Sandys Worker Bees 8

33 33 Website Committee Dan Anglim, Chair Bob Evans Michael Goble Jeanne Leland George Neill Dave Storm Helen Tsuchida Sandy Yarrow

34 WheelNews Volunteers John Abbe David Bailey Jim Dodds Mike Goble Doug Lent John Marinko Sharyn Miller Dick Rusconi Doug Souvignier Doug & Laura Wainwright Bob Woodward And they had no dog bites on their rounds. Thanks to this distribution team 34

35 WheelNews Bike Shops American River Bikes Auburn Bike Works B & L Bike Shop Beyond Napa Wines Bicycle Business Bicycle Emporium Bicycle Kitchen Bicycle Planet Bicycle Plus Bobs Cycle Center Body Concepts Carmichael Cyles City Bike Downtown College Cyclery Davis Wheelworks East Sac Bike Elk Grove Cyclery Folsom Bike Freewheeler Bike Gold Country Cyclery Golden Spokes Bikes Greenhaven Bike Shop Hub Bicycles Ikon Cycles Kinetic Cycles Laguna Racquet Club 35

36 WheelNews Bike Shops Mikes Bikes Mountain Bike Shop Natomas Bike Shop Patriot Bicycles Peak Bike Shop Performance Roseville Performance Fair Oaks Performance Sac Physical Therapy Placerville Bike Rex Cycles REI Sacramento REI Roseville REI Folsom Rio Del Oro Racquet Sharp Bicycles Sports Authority Elk G Trailhead Coffee Victory Velo Bike Shop 36

37 37 Sandys Worker Bees Club Picnic Mike Dodson, Tom Goodwin, Pam Sakamoto, Mary Moore, Linda Zeiszler Plus other cooks and helpers Marketing & Special Events Marilyn Floyd, Jeanne Leland, Bud Leland,Tom Goodwin and Barbara Bravos

38 MARKETING SPEC EVENTS Sandy Yarrow Marilyn Floyd Jeannie Leland Bud Leland Tom Goodwin Barbara Bavos 38

39 39 Wheelmen Supported These Events Eppies Great Race, Bud Leland44 Families First Bike Assembly, Dick Nussbaum25 Foster Santa Party, Dick Nussbaum 6 50 Bikes for 50 Kids, Dennis King10 Mustard Seed Spin, Linda Zeiszler10 Florin Bike Rodeo, Mary Moore11 Support Parkway (Rex Ride), Dennis King11 Run to Feed Hungry, Dennis King19 Bike to Work Month, Sandy Yarrow 9 Total Volunteers 145

40 40 Eppies Volunteers Dan Anglim Jane Anglim Jennie Babich David Bailey Coleen Beahan Barbara Bravos Dave Clifton Marcy Clifton Charlie Deschwanden Jim Dodds Don Dupage Bob Evans Rod Farley Marilyn Floyd Earl Fontes Ken Fuller Tom Gardner Michael Goble Quin Goble Ron Hamblin Stuart Hong Mike Kersten 40

41 Eppies Volunteers George Koch Bud Leland Jeanne Leland Dan Magaw Bob Mandelson Glenn Moore Mary Moore George Neill Bruce Nixon Scott Pierce Stanley Pochop John Rodrigo Pam Samms Robert Samms Gregg Shroeder Sherrill Shroeder Doran Simmons Mike Snyder Carol Winter Sandy Yarrow Frank Yates Linda Zeiszler 41

42 42 Families First Jerry Adams Harold Alves Hal Baker Pete Becker Clayton Boudreau Dave Clifton Dick Clothier Mike Dodson Rod Eseth Tom Gardner Mike Goble Dale Johnson Dennis King Doug Lent Glenn Moore George Neil Carl Northeimers Richard Nussbaum Jeff Ross Greg Schroeder & Grandson Dick Schultz Dave Storm Pat Tracey Frank Yates Many other unknown helpers

43 43 Foster Santa Party Don DuPage Steve Forsberg Nick Hourigan Glen & Mary Moore Richard Nussbaum

44 44 50 Bikes for 50 Kids Ron Burzese Clayton Boudreau Michael Goble Dennis King Glenn Moore Mary Moore Dick Nussbaum Frank Yates Ed Scanlon Greg Schroeder

45 Mustard Seed Spin Barbara Bravos Mike Dodson Tom Gardner Mike Goble Tom Goodwin Dennis King Mary Moore Carl Northeimer Frank Yates Linda Zeiszler 45

46 Florin Bike Rodeo Volunteers 46 Harold Alves Hal Baker Mike Dodson Marilyn Floyd Mike Goble Harry Jones Jeanne & Bud Leland Bob Mendalson Glenn & Mary Moore Bob Maben Frank Yates Carol Jones

47 Support The Parkway Allen Davenport Earl Fontes Dennis King Jim Kirstein Mack Martinez Gino Masuda Eric Milstein Leyne Milstein Dwight Oda Peter Sauceman Marie Schelling 47

48 48 Run To Feed the Hungry Dave Clifton Marcy Clifton Tom Gardner Mike Goble Tom Goodwin Nick Horrigan Quinn Jackson Mike Kersten Dennis King Eric Milstein Leyne Milstein Glenn Moore Mary Moore Bruce Nixon Dwight Oda Eric Saur Greg Schroeder Lorri Street Fred Turner

49 Bike to Work Barbara Bravos Mike Dodson Marilyn Floyd Tom Goodwin Bud & Jeanne Leland Mary Moore Pam Sakamoto Linda Zeiszler 49

50 50 Volunteer Summary 2013 Board of Directors 8 Ride Leaders721 Sierra Century Volunteers212 Staff Positions 39 Committees 96 Supported Outside Events112 1,188

51 51 Photo Contest Marilyn Floyd, Chair

52 52 1998-Ray McAfee 1999-Ed Scanlan 2000-John Hockenbury 2001-Sandy Yarrow 2002-Cindy Hayashi 2003-Rich Percival 2004-Ralph & Kris LeMeur 2005-Michael Dodson 2006-Neal Bos 2007-Dale & Jan Tudor 2008-Dick Shultz 2009-Dick Nussbaum 2010-Dave Storm 2011-Bud & Jeanne Leland 2012-Tim Koch Hugh Anglin Memorial Award Sacramento Wheelmen Volunteer Of the Year Award


54 54 1998-Tim Koch 1999-Neal Bos 2000-James Regan 2001-John Abbe 2002-Jim & Karen Kromer 2003-Tom Goodwin 2004-Sandy Yarrow 2005-Ernie Isaacs 2006-Dale & Jan Tudor 2007-Cindy Hayashi 2008-Scott & Jennifer Pierce 2010-Curt & Ginny Taylor 2011-Dan Anglim 2012- Glenn & Mary Moore Jim Gilman Memorial Award Sacramento Wheelmen of the Year Outstanding Contribution to the Club

55 55 Jim Gilman Memorial Award 2013 Dale Johnson

56 56 Looking Ahead Introduction of 2014 Board of Directors Sierra Century Update

57 2014 Board of Directors Jim DoddsPresident Steve ForsbergVice President Laura ChoateSecretary Dale JohnsonTreasurer Dan AnglimRide Director Mike and Elisabeth KerstenSierra Century Mike KerstenPast President 57

58 58 Sierra Century Update Mike & Elisabeth Kersten, Directors Saturday, May 31, 2014 Visit website

59 59 Sierra Century Volunteers Volunteer wristbands Contact us at

60 60 Wheelmen Banquet 2014 Thank you for attending! Have great rides in 2014!

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