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Gymnasium and Lyceum in the Avlona Prison for Minors and Young Offenders (A.P.M.Y.) Attica, Greece School Presentation.

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1 Gymnasium and Lyceum in the Avlona Prison for Minors and Young Offenders (A.P.M.Y.) Attica, Greece School Presentation

2 Education provided National Educational System Primary School Secondary School a. Gymnasium b. Lyceum Short term educational Programs by other Institutions regarding vocational or other Studies

3 The History of our School How the vision became reality Nov. 1994The idea of a voluntary effort is formatting Jan. 1995A team of volunteers begins teaching in a single Correctional Facility in Athens Sep. 1996 The action of this team is expanding to several correctional facilities

4 Sep. 1997The first contact with the Juvenile Prison of Avlona (APMY). We are trying to help a single juvenile for the National Exams in order to enter a University Sep. 1998The team of volunteers is now teaching (tutorial lessons) 11 High school juveniles in APMY. Sep. 1999 The number of juveniles attending lessons has grown to 23. The idea of founding a School is being formed.

5 Sep. 2000 The first High School in a prison is now a fact. This School functions under the supervision of the Greek Ministry of Education. The teachers were: Damianos P. (Mathematics), Papadimitriou J. (Physics), both from the team of volunteers and Vlachou M. (Literature) Makri P. (Literature) Sep. 2001 The number of pupils has doubled. The School supports Lyceum students by giving tutoring lessons apart from the School programme as a branch of the Avlona Lyceum classes. The School begins several cultural activities.

6 Sep. 2002 The number of the student population is still increasing, the school continues its cultural activities winning theatrical school contest prizes at National level Sep. 2003The school is re-founded as: 2 nd Gymnasium with Lyceum Classes of Avlona The schools curricula provide all the courses of the three Gymnasium classes as well as the full Lyceum school programme (1st,2nd,3rd class of Lyceum vocational branch) From Sep. 2004 until today The school is now functioning as a full time establishment and expands even more its extra-curriculum activities

7 Statistics

8 Educational Difficulties Multicultural population of students Poor attendance of some students due to: –Drug use before imprisonment –Long term absence from school –Psychological instability before and after a trial –Psychological instability before and after a few-day leave Low self – esteem

9 School achievements Successful student scores in exams – national level Web site development School newspaper Theatrical activities Cultural activities Communication – cooperation with other schools Sports activities Representation of Hellas in the E.P.E.A. Creation of EPEA – Hellas branch of the Association

10 Cultural activity schedule Our school provides formal education – 3 years Gymnasium and 3 years Lyceum. The curriculum consists of approximately 35 educational hours per student on a weekly base. To this schedule are added 30 cultural activity hours – 15 programs (not mandatory) on a weekly base. Every student is able to choose up to 3 programs he wishes to attend. Printed booklets or power point presentations are some of the activities outcomes, from which every student can benefit. Moreover, posters are made to sponsor every program. At the end of each school year this material is presented in our school, as well as in a regional level (Educational Region of Attica).

11 The need of cultural activities Our experience in implementation of educational approaches has shown that Prison Education should include a rich variety of cultural activities, therefore a lot of our energy is spent on them. From our schools first steps, the need of several extra – curriculum projects was more than obvious. We realized that the students participation in these projects enabled them not only to adapt to the schools environment and cooperate with each other, but also helped them in both, psychological and educational aspect.

12 Each activity is carried out through the school year. During its materialization, our students use various sources to gather material, such as the school library and the internet. The students, using modern technologies, produce a booklet for each art project that presents their outcomes. In addition, a poster is made to promote the project inside and outside the Prison. Power point presentations are uploaded to our web – site regarding various cultural and art activities. ICTs help a great deal not only to the materialization of each art project, but also to the dissemination of its outcomes.

13 Arts Theatre Wall painting Mosaic construction Dance Music Online Magazine presentation Handcrafts Solar clock construction Collage Painting – drawing

14 Web site Our schools web site: http://gym-par- e-mail: mail@gym-

15 The 5 th and 6 th issue of our school newspaper: «Trying for tomorrow» Various articles are published in our newspaper. Many of them are referring to literature, poetry, artistic activities. Each issue is uploaded on our web – site: http://gym-par-

16 The 7 th and 8 th issue of our school newspaper: «Trying for tomorrow»

17 The 9 th issue Special award in the National school newspaper contest 2010ΤΑ ΝΕΑ newspaper

18 10 th issue dedicated to the wall painting project in collaboration with the Athens University School of Fine Arts


20 Theatrical activities The Theatrical Play that was written and performed by our students was awarded: 1 st special prize in the PanHellenic School Theater Contest, in the Educational Region of Attica. 2 nd prize in the PanHellenic School Theater Contest.

21 Theater



24 Cultural Activities Participation in Poetry Contest (2 nd Prize) Participation in School Drawing Contest Theater – Poetry – music School Presentations in the A.P.M.Y. Participation in the cultural activities of the Ministry of Education. Lectures concerning Art (Renaissance, Modern Art) in the facilities of A.P.M.Y. Byzantine Music concert in the facilities of A.P.M.Y.

25 Cooperation with other schools The 49 th Lyceum of Athens visited our school and the students exchanged views and opinions on issues concerning Children and the Hellenic Society (Narcotics, Human Relationshiops, etc.) Co-Organization of the school celebration for the national anniversary of 25 th March, with the 2 nd High School of Aegio, including music, poetry and traditional dances. Co- organization of the school celebration for the national anniversary of 25 March, with the Cultural Special school of Pallini, Treatrical performance base on the ancient myth of Antigoni and Kreon

26 Athletics Activities Inter-School Games (football, basket, skills etc.) Preparation of school teams (football, basketball, handball) in order to compete with other schools.

27 Paintings - Drawings

28 Wall painting

29 Wall painting – solar clock

30 Mosaic construction

31 Photography

32 Dance


34 Music – strings

35 Cinema – creation of a documentary

36 linoleum prints

37 metal constructions

38 Environmental project Birdwatching – nest construction in collaboration with the Hellenic Ornithological Society

39 first aid project

40 pottery

41 origami paper folding art

42 model construction

43 collage

44 masks

45 European projects Grundtvig 1 PIPELINE Grundtvig 1 - PIPELINE Partnerships In Prison Education: Learning In Networked Environments Participating Countries: Norway, Denmark, Germany, UK, Slovenia, Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden. This project aims to deliver a secure way, all safety issues concerned, so that prisoners can be allowed to have access to the internet. Grundtvig 2 Grundtvig 2 - ISDIPE Improved Service Delivery in Prison Education Participating Countries: Bulgaria, Norway, Greece, Czech Republic. Exchanging experience and good practice between participating countries

46 European projects Grundtvig 4Prison Art Network Grundtvig 4 – PAN European: Prison Art Network The project aims to create a European Network on Prison Arts. Art activities will be shared and each participant will contribute and benefit by using ICT. Grundtvig GMP Grundtvig GMP –VEPS Virtual European Prison School 133878-Lifelong Learning Programme-2007-GRUNDTVIG-GMP Ireland – Hellas subgroup Making of a 150 page book for the Instructor «Πριν την Αποφυλάκιση» Preparing prisoners for their release.

47 European projects Promoting music & dance in adult prison education across Europe Life Long Learning Programme: Grundtvig 1

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