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SPS 200 MHz RF Upgrade Eric Montesinos LIU-SPS coordination meeting 23 rd May 2014.

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1 SPS 200 MHz RF Upgrade Eric Montesinos LIU-SPS coordination meeting 23 rd May 2014

2 Amplifiers Drivers (SSA): MS completed : 17 companies selected IT completed : selected company under qualification FC March 2014 Finals (SSA or Tetrodes): MS completed : 7 9 companies selected TS to be send out June 2014 FC December 2014 Combiners (3 dB above 100 kW) In house TTE fellow Transmission lines (coaxial, 345 mm outer) During Winter shutdowns th May 20142LIU SPS RF Tetrode vs Diacrode (still SSPA, Klystron, IOT)

3 April 2014 amplifiers Schedule 23th May 20143LIU SPS RF October IT sent March FC Order placed IT : Invitation to Tenders FC : CERN Finance Committee FAT : Factory Acceptance Tests CERN AT : CERN Acceptance Tests LD Tests : Long duration tests : Long Technical Stop, No beams March First Series FAT June Pre-series FAT December CERN approval for Series Production (after LD tests) August Pre-series CERN AT December Last Series CERN AT Drivers September 2015 First RF tests May IT sent December FC Order placed September First Series FAT March CERN approval for Series Production (after Pre-series LD tests) June Pre-series FAT March 2017 CERN full RF tests 2019 December 2014 Decision for technology June Ready for operation LSS3 upgrade & connection of amplifiers Finals

4 April th May 20144LIU SPS RF Studies Tendering Construction Installation Commissioning Start up 2019 Studies HBW (kicker and Pickup) New power couplers Cavities pickups vacuumCV, EL Studies Authorizations Construction Studies Full Power Spare sections LLRF Design and proto LLRF Tests LLRF Series BAF3 RF Building LSS3 Tunnel Integration New RF Power Amplifiers and LLRF 9 months cavities re-arrangement 4 months RF Power conditioning 5 months LLRF commissioning Coaxial Lines 2018 ServicesTests 1/4 of full power

5 LIU-SPS RF upgrade Working Group Members 23th May 20145LIU SPS RF Dep-GroupPersons BE-RF Eric Montesinos, Charles Julie, Simon Rains, SPS power team, Thomas Bohl, Wolfgang Höfle, Urs Wehrle, Elena Shaposhnikova, Philippe Baudrenghien BE-ABPGhislain Roy (BE space manager), Patrick Bestmann, Yannis Papaphilippou BE-ASRMarc Tavlet, Christelle Gaignant, Axelle Deleu BE-BIChristian Boccard, Patrick Odier DGS-SEEGuillaume Fontana, Cécile Pinto DGS-RPNadine Conan, Christophe Tromel EN-CVMauro Nonis, Michele Battistin, Aurelio Berjillos Barranco, Alexandre Broche EN-ELGuillaume Gros, Jean-Pierre Sferruzza, Christophe Crombez, Denis Ribiollet EN-HE Caterina Bertone, Pascal Brunero, Serge Pelletier, Yann Seraphin, Patrick Vallet, Gilles Roche, Helder Lorenco EN-MEFFrédéric Galleazzi, Yvon Muttoni, David McFarlane, Antoine Kosmicki, Emmanuel Paulat GS-SELuz-Anastasia Lopez-Hernandez, Laurent Faisandel, Christophe Biot TE-EPCGilles LeGodec, Christophe Coupat TE-MSCJérémie Bauche TE-VSCPaolo Chiggiato, Antonio Mongelluzzo, Jose Antonio Ferreira Samoza


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