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Awards Academy: Fall Training Conference Awards and More! PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE.

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1 Awards Academy: Fall Training Conference Awards and More! PRESENTED BY THE 2013-2014 DISTRICT AWARDS COMMITTEE

2 PRESENTERS! IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Stephanie Yu District Awards Chair Lucia Gasca Sunset Representative Catherine Liou Metro Representative

3 PRESENTERS! IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Filip Hess Paradise Representative Melanie Wong Capital Representative Truong Pham Executive Assistant

4 PRESENTERS! IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE Jonny Paguio Foothill Representative Annie Nguyen Magic Kingdom Representative Jennifer Que Desert Oasis Representative

5 PRESENTERS AND BEHIND THE SCENES! Jonathan Cao-Nguyen Executive Assistant Tiffany Wong Golden Gate Representative Erin Szelagowski Central Coast Representative

6 Who? There is literally an award for EVERYONE What? Word or Excel Awards documents Judged by Kiwanians Win certificates, patches, & district-wide recognition! When? Fall Training Conference Awards due Nov. 2, on-site at FTC at 9 am and presented at FTC Patches will not be given until District Convention Most District Convention Awards due February 28 and presented at DCON Some DCON Awards due on-site (Traditional and Non-Traditional Scrapbook) and presented at DCON Where? Awards Website: T-Pond: Why? Recognition, District Unity, Evaluation of Progress, Publicity, Legacy BACK TO BASICS

7 There are three different ways to submit awards. HOW TO SUBMIT AWARDS 1) Mailing Most District Convention awards are required to be mailed in. The address they should be mailed to is: Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Office 8360 Red Oak Street, Suite 201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 2) E-mail Awards that are required to be submitted through e- mail should be emailed to both the District Awards Chair and the District Governor. The Mei Po Wong Award Outstanding Website Award Email to: District Awards Chair: District Governor: 3) On-Site There are various awards that are submitted on-site for both FTC and DCON On-site FTC Awards Outstanding Club Video Award Outstanding Club T-shirt Award Convention Spirit Award. On-site DCON Awards Oratorical Contest Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook Award Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award

8 Only include events or programs that take place from March 1 st 2013 to February 28 th 2014. Anything before March 1st 2013 and after February 28th 2014 should not be counted! List only what the application asks for We love that your club held 40 family socials, but if the application only asks for 2 examples, then only give 2 examples. KEY RULES TO KNOW

9 If you do not have space to complete an essay, then attach it as a word document. Dont forget about the Endorsements page! Cover page that precedes District Convention Awards packet Make sure you know what counts as service! Service hours include hours spent planning, executing, and traveling for service projects. Hours at a fundraiser may be counted for service hours if and only if 100% of the proceeds go to a charitable entity. KEY RULES TO KNOW (CONT…)

10 1) START EARLY & BE EFFICIENT Recommended time: no later than 1 month before due date Set personal due dates for drafts to save revision time Take into consideration: Do you need outside assistance (i.e. letter of rec)? Can you fill in the info as you go along? Split work among board members For all Distinguished Officer/persons awards, start NOW and fill in events as the year goes along! 2) READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY Different due dates for different awards Missing instructions could disqualify you! TIPS & TRICKS Only include info verifiable verified through official documentation (i.e. MRFs)

11 3) BE SMART & THOROUGH Answer every question for a chance at partial credit Be thorough, but dont include extraneous information unrelated to judging criteria 4) USE YOUR RESOURCES! MRFs CERFs MRP Info Committee Minutes The checklist on the front page of every award TIPS & TRICKS (CONTINUED)

12 A useful tool! EVENT FILTER DEMO

13 Everything you need to know about applying to FTC Awards! PART II: FALL TRAINING CONFERENCE AWARDS

14 DUE ON-SITE AT FTC BY 9:00 A.M., NOVEMBER 2 nd REQUIREMENTS Production costs cannot exceed $200. Maximum length is 3 minutes. Must be submitted on CD, DVD, or thumb drive in a common video format (wmv, mpeg, mpg, or avi ONLY). The following info must be on top of the disc: Name of Circle K club & Division Length of Video The following info must be submitted with each entry: Name of Circle K club and Division. Contact name / info of the CKI club member responsible for submission. List of all items and costs associated with the production of the video, including the cost of the CD or DVD. This award is presented to the top three clubs that create a high quality, creative, and original video promoting Circle K International. OUTSTANDING CLUB VIDEO AWARD

15 DUE ON-SITE AT FTC BY 9:00 am NOVEMBER 2 nd (MUST BE WITH THE T- SHIRT) Basic Criteria: CKI Emblem Cal-Nev-Ha Logo School Name Three Tenets Incentives for Wearing it Use of Graphics Club Theme Overall creativity Fashion Show Choose a member who will be attending FTC to wear shirt and provide a short description IMPORTANT: Submit an online image to District Awards Chair by October 26th (will be projected on screens at FTC) Shirts will not be returned unless requested by the club. This award is presented to the top three clubs who made a creative and innovative club t- shirt promoting Circle K International. OUTSTANDING CLUB T-SHIRT AWARD

16 RULES Each club will have 1 vote. Voting will occur at a predetermined time on-site at FTC (likely during the dance) Voting announcement will be made by the Awards Committee during general session This award is presented to the club whose t- shirt earns the most tallied votes from clubs in attendance at FTC. Clubs will be voting for the most appealing t-shirt through individual club judgment. CLUBS CHOICE CLUB T-SHIRT AWARD

17 DUE ON-SITE AT FTC BY 9 am, NOVEMBER 2nd SUBMISSION FORM INFO Spirit attire must be distinguishable (shirt, items, club/FTC theme) Cheers must be distinguishable as well (2) Regular club cheers Appreciation cheers Kiwanians use this information to identify each club in order to judge them The Conference Spirit Award is presented to only one club that shows the most spirit, creativity, and sportsmanship during the entire weekend at Fall Training Conference. This year, it requires the submission of an application solely for the judges to be able to identify which clubs wish to participate. The submission form will be included in the Fall Training Conference registration materials. CONFERENCE SPIRIT AWARD SUBMISSION FORM

18 Distinguished Appointed Officer Award* Distinguished Club Improvement Award* Distinguished Divisional Excellence Award* Distinguished Kiwanis Club Award* Distinguished Kiwanis Family Relations Award* Distinguished Membership, Development & Education Award* Distinguished President Award* Distinguished Vice President Award* Distinguished Secretary Award* Distinguished Treasurer Award* Faculty Advisor of the Year Award* Hall of Fame Award Kiwanian of the Year Award Mei Po Wong Overall Service Award* Oratorical Contest Outstanding Club Newsletter Award Outstanding Club Website Award (pre-submitted, but presented at DCON) Outstanding General Member of the Year Award* Outstanding Interclubbing Award* Outstanding Traditional Scrapbook Award Outstanding Non-Traditional Scrapbook Award Outstanding Single Service Project Outstanding Total Achievement Award* LIST OF DISTRICT CONVENTION AWARDS *NOTE: AWARDS THAT HAVE BEEN CONVERTED TO EXCEL MAY NOT WORK ON ALL MACS. IF LAYOUT IS STRANGE, TRY CLICKING ENABLE EDITING. IF THAT STILL DOES NOT WORK, YOU MAY HAVE TO DOWNLOAD FROM A DIFFERENT COMPUTER


20 Enter only activities from beginning of Fall 2013 term to February 28, 2014. Max of 2 nominees per club This award honors one general member in each of the following divisions for a total of TWO winners: New Member Any new member in first year of Circle K who never held a position in any Circle K club, district, or international board Returning General Member Any member in second year of Circle K or higher who has never held a position in any Circle K club, district, or international board This award is presented to two general members of Circle K International in the California- Nevada-Hawaii District who, through their contributions and achievements, have demonstrated outstanding dedication to the principles and ideals of Circle K. OUTSTANDING GENERAL MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD

21 A Kiwanis club may be nominated by a Circle K club or by an individual Circle K member. The nominating club and/or individual can fill out award in collaboration with the nominated Kiwanis club. The nominated Kiwanis club must sponsor at least one Circle K club. Kiwanis Family Relations Award must be submitted in order to qualify! This award is presented to Kiwanis clubs that exemplify the spirit of fellowship within the Kiwanis Family.. DISTINGUISHED KIWANIS CLUB Serving the Children of the World

22 Interactive Awards Website: 2013-2014 District Awards Manual: 2013-2014 Official Awards Awards Event Filter and Event Filter Tutorial July Awards Proposal RESOURCES


24 Any Questions? Q&A

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